can the prostitution of POHNPEI stop?



  • You guys are joking right? Is this thing real?
  • ice-coffeech

    "The Micronesian princes deserve to beloved, and not to be used."
    I agree with your comments, and I believe the official should consider the consequences verses development. We agree to develop in order to gain prosperity. But some means of control need to be establish to preserve the good culture og Micronesia. The Chinese are pretty awesome in dealing with any officials. Money is always the tool to gain for their benefit.
  • Should universities start a search on ways to develop allergies for the green bills? Perhaps it would benefit preserving our cultures? 
  • Should universities start a search on ways to develop allergies for the green bills? Perhaps it would benefit preserving our cultures? 

    Hey that should be interesting. Can you elaborate on it?
  • If I am the FSM President, and FSM
    Congress, I will issue out an Executive Order to closing down such

    business's that violating the cultures,
    and promoting prostitution and making sure children and under ages
    are not victimize, too, especially to those foreign business are
    operating on FSM soils, and pay huge fine!
  • I totally agree with you aengichy, you know I've heard there are " PARENTS"  who send their daughters to the ships all in the name of $$$... I heard about it, I don't know if its true, but if it true then what a shame, what kind of parents are those who defiled their daughters just so they can collect cash...I'm feeling sorry for those dudes who are dating a girl that they don't even a clue is a uht and been visiting the ships..some very innocent but deep inside a fckn slut..
  • Nobody is perfect on Chuuk, or on
    Phonpei as quotes “slut.” However, parent they sold their
    children for cash they are disgusted filthy animals. I'm sure going
    beyond what our society in Chuuk and FSM are doing to our young
    generation is failure for neglecting education, sport, art, music and
    job opportunity to making sure our young FSM need to investing their
    talent and energy into. I only have one child/male and I worried
    about him everyday for the kind of influences he made for his life
    and his future, ( from friends and strangers...) too. Sometimes, our
    innocent children can be fallen victimizes from those they led life
    as vicious criminals preying on the weak, and the vulnerable into
    drugs and prostitution and others leading crimes happening in FSM
    now.  Yet, I can't get over how difficult it is to always be good
    parent how to set goals, set standards ( parenting is a 24 hour a day
    job) and set expectations. No matter how difficult to set those
    expectations to protecting your children from the dark side of
    society, the criminals will always winning. The criminals are like
    the devils, they feed among the innocent, they raped them, they
    molesting them, they drug them, they selling them on whatever types
    of criminal activity the criminals can get profit out of
    them/children. It is a very dirty business dealing out-there
    arriving and destroy our way and simple life in FSM. If FSM fails to
    protecting our people now, we won't have no future, and have no
    country at all, but a country where power has been seized by a
    corrupt and criminal operation.

  • If you can't beat them, join them. How could anybody compete with the best business in the World? As we all understand business, on all merchandises a businessman must add certain % so that returns can be realized so that more can be acquired. When things don't go as planned, the business would eventually went belly up broke. Well, with this type of business (Prostitution) someone had said that it is the best business in the world, because you can sell the merchandise, feel good while the sale is progressing yet you still have the same merchandise which could be sold again, and again. That' why it is known as the best business in the world. No matter what people said, it's been in the World, long before we even know it existed. The bible had documented that even then, it existed long before the savior was born. Pohnpei can never get rid of it, the possibility of getting rid of it would never compare to the possibillity of having it grow out of proportions. It grows with developments. Like i said, no one can compete with it.
  • can't complained,,its been happening since whalers/foreigners first step on our small island tits,,i mean,,islands..
  • Prostitution is everywhere!....what I believe the talk here is the selling of sex...that is a form of prostitution and it is everywhere..Technically speaking,...well, I shouldn't go there...but selling yourself in the form of labor for pay is another form of how selling your time as service for a pocket full of change not similar to the sale of sex?...."will you do my laundry for a few bucks?" is a sale of, just a thought

  • The next world atlas should state prostitution as an income source for the FSM. 
  • It's a disgrace.. money  is the root of evil..
  • One solution to increase revenue for the local on FSM capital is to initiate a seamens center at the pire on Pohnpe or any states in FSM that is into the fishing industry.. in that seamens center, there should be all kind of outlets to serve the fishermen things like bar, resturant, shopping cenetr, post offices, bank, internet cenetr, motels, movie theater, a small police station, even a immigration office, or anything that wiil accomedate the needs for the fishermen.. that place need to be regulated and be ristriced for business and employees only.. there is money there to make, so do make money anf have a good operation going on..just something to think about..
  • go, go, go...go prostitution!'s just a, you guys are full of shit...sorry!!!!! :-q
  • If the serpein has no complain with the undertaking and gets rewarded in term of money and fun, why not. Pohpei is a free country. Let the serpeins earn leaving with such activity. I think this is much better than years back when the words "wanted" becomes the talk on the main street. Good luck serpein wei cha cha!
  • This discussion is like the issue here can't stop or not going to stop unless we just ended it because it is a waiste of time because we all know it is not that simple to clean out this virus.
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    Women (prostitutes) in PNI has no respect for themselves! If I was the governor I would totally ban this.
  • Believe it or not this kind of problem did occured in the Marshall Islands in the late 90's and early 2000's.But the RMI government and Majuro local government did inforced their laws to stop the prostitude on majuro..There were a lot of complain and dispute with the communities about this kind of activities and so the National and local governments took action. There's a song sang by one of the Marshall Islands legendary Band called Chaninway Band and the title of the song is " Juon in kain business emman nana" which means " one of kind business which impact are both good and bad. One of the phrase of the song saying in Majol " emman eo money eo ak nana eo naninmij" which means that "the good thing is the money but the bad is the disease and sickness." That's how they came out with the song and it was one of the popular song during those days and I think till today it is..
  • You men forget that we're still on a world full of all kinds of behaviour or acts. All we can do is to go step by step which I strongly encourage that it begin within a family hold teaching children while growing how to live a decent life and discourage them from going into that path. The saying goes, you can't kill a snake by the tail but the head. The head represent the parenting which is where if it does not do its job right then when it becomes major there is no way to kill it unless it uprooted (enforce) and trained well and enough by the parents. It is true that government should do something about it but who will go into every doors and check who is doing it for money?
  • You dont have to go home to home to check, you just need to secure your port of entry like your piers,your airports to make rules that prohibite such activities..thats all
  • Kon jab riab, kon aj mej lang...............................
  • lol . koj mol, ak ijab riab..lukun lale bwe en emmanlok im ejelok kokan.
  • Juon in kain business komman Nana. Hey if money is to made then my bad but its business not personal.
  • It cannot be stopped!!...because they are loving their lives now. Making money for living. Not exactly our kind but now i believe we cannot stop them from doing what they are doing......

    what we can do is....Have them pay for tax.....their source of income is higher than some of us working for the pohnpei state government... :)
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