Any Micro at Ft. Wainwright?

I am PCSing to FT. Wainwright in the nearer future and would like to know if any Microislander is stationed up there.

Thank you.

Incoming Soldier.


  • I was in ft. wainwright. Im not sure if there are still any micros there on base,, but there is sure a lot of them living off base as civilians. Every Holiday the micros celebrate it in on base. One of the micros is working at the airport, meet up with him there and he'll let you know where the rest are.
  • I'm in Springfield KY..not the KY they use for something else, talking about the state. LOL
  • I know of atleast three ksans that are stationed there. I'm not sure if that's who ur looking to meet up with, just throwing it out there. Now that I think about it, there are ksans on almost every Army Base. For a state with the fewest population in the FSM, we sure are everywhere, as far as the Army is concerned. Isn't that strange? oh well, good luck on ur next PCS.
  • I ran into a Kosraean in Iraq that station at Wainwright, but that was a year ago...not sure if he is still up there. Thank you all for your inputs.
  • Yes, I know several micronesian at Fortwainwright and Eielson AFB.
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