Fighting Break out in Chuuk after the election.

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Rumors are traveling so fast. If you have any information please share. We do not believe that such will happen. We heard that the fight occured the night after the final counting of the ballosts. Please share what you have.


  • Rumors have it that the fight was niwit related, not election related matter.

  • Friends fought over whiskey. One drank more than the other. Other decided to run away with bottle. One did not like other running away with bottle. Other ran after. One and other fought and both got hurt.

    Rumors do travel faster than you can imagine. 

  • Rumors have it that the fight was niwit related, not election related matter.

    NIWIT????????????????? what the heck is a niwit!
  • Niwit is a dessert served at the classy restuarants in Chuuk. If you are planning to have a niwit for dessert you might want to have your credit card with you. Expensive. That's why people fight over it. 
  • Niwit is pussy, just so you know. 
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    Niwit can also be used as an urban slang for the female genitalia. Like the excellent dessert, everyone wants em. That's how the word niwit came to be a slang. 
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  • So,Atepas and 50NGAW, you confirm that there was fight but not election related. 
  • Ecuses,

    you hve your own source, you need to confirm things from the same. no comments here on your fight. I was referring to  another quarel not fight, not stabbing, no open wounds as yu alleged. this is not your one knows about your fight.

  • Atepas,

    It is confirmed that the victim is still hospitalized with stabs and cuts. Please help the Chuukese to know the truth about what's going on in our community. They are far away from home but they still love, you, the people and the islands. Thanks. I rest my case. 
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  • Excuses,

    Fighting and stabbing are not unique to chuuk. People are killed everywhere by  stabbings or by fighting.

  • I thought stabbing could be fighting...but again, me no fighting pro. 
  • no cuz you juz nike sittin and chew betenuts and watsh the show,juz nike me.
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    You forgot the change the b to p for betelnuts. It's petenuts. Anyways yeah I only watch the show. 
  • you guys are the pest!!! :))

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    That is why this behavior and characters of those Asian hardcore decentant whom they drifted out from the mainland China end up in chuuk. The middle of Mao dynasty people scatter because of war and famine.

    no wonder their body feature look alike, round face and short.
  • info are you serious? Chuukese are not short! In general Chuukese are taller than PNIans and those with Asian features are Japanese descends not Chinese. Come to Pohnpei mainly Kitti if you want to see short people.

    Thank you but I already have all of the confirmed information about the fights. The victim for the first fight in Tol was at the hospital, hospitalized, with cut and wounds. The fight was election related fight.There were three other attempted fight at the tabulation site, but luckily other people stop them. The last fight was in Kuku Fefan. Police officers were called over the v6ak radio station to rush to the site to assist the local leaders to stop the fight. Isn't that a same for election officials that they escalate the problems by doing anything possible to support their favored candidates?

    So, Atepas pwipwi, thanks for your advice. I truly got what I want.
  • So who were the fighters? what camp did they represent?
  • Atepas

    I'm glad that Niwit's relatives settled the fight. otherwise, there will be a lot of mopping to do later. =)) just sayin
  • timeras,

    I appreciate your post here and that you confirm the fight were true. Lots of comments were short of delayed that there were fight after the elections. The truth is always reviles. Thanks anyway.
  • There was also fights breaking out in guam just the night of counting of the ballots.
    Very sad, but sumtimes yhu just dnt like to see yhur sides gettin in fights, i mean who does ?? Not me !! Sumtimes the election is also the result of family feud nd break ups or division just because some family members decided to vote for someone'els.
    The gym was locked down nd people in the gym were nowhere to go outside nd people outside were nowhere of comming into the gym.
  • Fights break out everywhere. If there was an election today or yesterday, people would have said the fight this morning was election related.
  • There was also a big fight in Honolulu where a guy from Iras was hospitalized and is also an election related. What happen to all the bags of rice and the many cases of turkey tails used to influence one's mind set and a legitimate outlook in life. ajojo chok!
  • Niwit causes throat cancer too guys, careful with


  • Niwit has done no wrong. she is beautiful and powerful. I date for the niwit. l0l


  • all the males that degraded the female genitale, just remember u came out from one. Anyways., fightings by adults are just embarrassing I hope ppl grow up and mature...
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