How can one knows that a prophet is a true prophet or prophetess of God?



  • Daniel was saved from dead, when the Lord shut the lions mouths.  Any true prophet could prophesy about God's future plans as Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc., did.  That's why they call them prophets.

    Catholics and Protestants do not have any prophets besides the ones mentioned in the Bible.  So any sect or church group tell you they have prophets besides the one in the Bible, 
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    My friends I think today it'll be very hard to detected a prophet cause everyone are getting smarter and mostly acting smart. Even though we do may have a prophet today but still many ignorance and oppositions will occurred.

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    I kinda agree with Pek. Almost any hollywood actor/actress could pretend to be a prophet. It makes it terrible as those who pretend get mixed up with the authentic prophets. A lot of confusion. Our intellegence is back friring on us? lol. Maybe not, but seriously, the world today is so full of bs. You can almost never tell the difference between the truth and lie.
  • The bible is the only source to any confusions with respect to the thread. The bible says, we must test or compare what any prophet or prophetess is saying if it is line with the bible. Otherwise, we can be easily trapped and believe what they say because without the bible, there is no safe way to protect us from false and truth.
  • if you are deeply rooted in your believes and/or religion- it will be easier to detect false prophets. you know and understand what you beleive in and will question anything else that might say otherwise.

    if you're not- well, you'll be easily swayed.

  • Very true Stop, every one of them would be prophets or prophetesses (e.g. Joseph Smith, Mr. Moon, David Koresh, Hon-Ming Chen, Moses David, Dan Millar, the Kansas City Prophets, etc.,) who were not mentioned in the Bible are false, because like you said, anyone could claim to be a prophet/prophetesses. After Jesus there is no need for prophesying anymore because Jesus did/confirm all the prophesying that was needed to be done. The Holy Spirit has continued His work through every true believer.  
  • Thanks Puller but may I kindly ask where in the bible that says that after Jesus or John the Revelator ends of God choosing man to proclaim or prophesy? In fact, I do agree with that thought but it will heart fillinig if we can share the bible scripture to support our thoughts. In fact, in one of the Paul's epistles, he did mentioned about God will blessed some with the gift of prophecy. I will look up that verse and share it my friend if you wish to see it. God bless.
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    Maggot, that's my problem. I have yet to deepen my roots, and my gullibility is not helping at all. Everything sounds just as convincing as anything. 
  • Wow! Nice analogies.

  • Dear friends:

    All all things are NOT as they seem. Beware.

    Watch and pray.
  • Wow!! Interesting TT.  Remember those who came first will be the last? Alpha and Omega? 
  • Oh, you right LibertyoDEath and thank you.
  • Alpha is the first, but Omega is not the last. The last is Zulu. lol.
  • Do we still need prophets and for what reason?

  • Hidden, we're not talking about the fanatic alphabets, yeah? 
  • We weren't until I mentioned it. Now we are. XD!
  • If your prophet can make sense of the word "idiot" then he/she is a prophet. Otherwise, he/she is simply a con artist trying to make money! First he/she will claim that he/she saw a vision, a vision from above. Then he/she will make a prediction as to what tomorrow and the days to follow will be like. His/her predictions will be based on information he/she has already gathered from the internet. Before you know it, he/she has taken all the donations and disappeared into oblivion. Your prophet, whoever he/she maybe, is nothing more than a con artist who sees it as...just another way of making a living. Someone's got to do it, right? 
  • I don't know Yakumo, its all up to you. Hope you've prayed before sharing the word of God. 

  • lol. that's more like it, Yakumo.
  • Also Yakumo, I suggest  you read your bible everyday so you can get use to its teachings but don't just come up with some non senses and believe other might have  agreed with it cause that's handicap indeed and what you've just posted above is meaningless, only those special head people will understand what your saying.

  • A Great Prophet must be a great man to begin with. He must be an upstanding human being with a benevolent character and must possess great wisdom in order to qualify for God's counsel and grace.

    He must also have a long white beard similar to the guy's beard in this picture. image

  • micsemer I believe what you've mentioned but the white beard? I don't know about that is there any verse in the scripture that tells you such? If so, please acknowledge.
  • that look like the Ayatollah and he ain't no prophet he's the Muslim version of the Pope.
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  • Make that a Alligator,her skin is tougher then a alligator.hahha
  • A long white beard is required.

  • Dear friends.

    The power of suggestion is very effective. The Devil uses this tool to deceive many. "The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness." ( 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11 NKJV ).

    "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." ( Proverbs 16:18 NKJV).

    "Understanding is a wellspring of life to him who has it. But the correction of fools is folly." ( Proverbs 16:22 NKJV )

    "There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death." ( Proverbs 16: 25 NKJV)

    Look unto Jesus. He was humble and meek, yet spoke the truth. He had the power, yet He did not use it for His own benefit.

    My prayers for all of us is to not fall for Satan's lies.
  • Thank you Hidden for bringing up  your concern and no I would say I am not trying to show off here that I am the most precise fellow among all who came in here to share their insights to enlighten others. I am like everyone else and if I see that if there is anything different then what I have read from the bible, than that's the time that I came up with my point of views. You see my friend, we need to help each other to walk in the right path. I definitely know that everyone who is sharing their insights in here has influence the bible may be more then I do but when they interpret it, its kind of different than what really have written in the bible. You see my friend, If what you think I am. I don't belongs to any churches at all I am just an individual who interested in religions theory and doing my own research to find views from others and what I got is nothing but all accusations from punch of ignorance individuals. The reason why I am supported the Mormons is because I see none of them that came in here to argue cause maybe its against their religion to argue or even debate with the word of God. I'm sorry if I have disgrace the Mormon/LDS church but I didn't mean to. All I did was bringing up things that I believe that is right and most of it is what the Mormon/LDS church is doing today. 

    We really should be doing what exactly the bible is telling us to do without rejecting any single thing in it . That is what God wants us to do. I have no hard feelings toward anyone in here cause that wasn't what I intent to do. You guys have a pleasant Sunday and hope you guys will go to church and remember me in your prayers. Take care everyone and God bless.
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