Have you heard of Paradise Radio?

Did anyone know that there is a community-based radio station in Pohnpei just waiting to serve you? 
What do you know about Paradise Radio Station?


  • Paradise Radio Station? I remember jamming that when I was CJ, and cruising down Los Santos. Lol. San Andreas??
  • That's funny.  I never thought of that!  But I think that was Radio Paradise right?
  • I think so. Not sure, San Andreas had all kinds of radio stations. Anyways, does Paradise radio station has a website or a link that would maybe allow us to listen? 
  • Not as of yet, We considered streaming online but may not be such a good idea. since most copyright laws don't apply in Pohnpei, we've been able to all kinds of music for free, but rebroadcasting online might not be such a good idea.  We would love to get online.  Big things are on the way for Paradise, and we want the community to get involved more
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    If I recall correctly I think that copyrights laws do apply in the FSM. There was a thread about wikileaks files posted by Sparitallyinsane, and it mentioned something about copyright laws here in FSM. It had to do with video piracy or something like that. Anyways, that's cool enough. I would love to have more options on which radios I could listen to. Plus, I think that the AM station in Yap plays all sorts of downloaded songs, and never got into any trouble. Not saying it's alright, but you know, It'd be great to listen to something different. 
  • I wounder who is the DJ of this Paradise radio.Never mind i asked.
  • lol@liberty....got to be a darkangel...I see the light! I see the light! 
  • You mean the San Andreas Fall?  ooops, watch out, cracks all over.
  • Lol I just hope this is Radio station doesn't give out instructions for terror activities. 
  • You guys are hilarious.  Paradise Radio is just a radio station with big dreams of a better Pohnpei and we love the heck out of all kinds of music! ...
  • Yeah well with that name, dont make the mistake of hiring arab help you'll be attracting the wrong kind of attention hahaha....

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