• Wrong again Reaper. What really your meaning of a PRIEST? Is priest is a man or a woman? 
  • its you who is wrong,you still live in the past and the past is where you belong.
  • What you mean, I don't get you  this time. 
  • Dear friends.

    When we join a discussion already in progress and it is toward the end we usually need to wait for a while in order to understand the topic of discussion, figure out what has been already said, and where the discussion is leading and the ultimate decision that will be reached. It is the same with Bible things. To understand a verse in, say the gospel of John, one must know the references to that particular verse elsewhere in the Bible. Understanding things in the New Testament requires a study of the Old Testament. And to know what the new earth will be like, we must go back to Genesis to find out how it was at the creation of the world. The Bible always interprets itself and never contradicts itself. Man, because of ignorance, brought about by Satan's deceit, misinterprets and/or twists scripture to fit his purposes.

    Satan does not want people to know the truth because in knowing the truth, they will see his lies and will stop following him to death. For man to determine what is good for himself is akin to making himself God. Satan wanted to be like God and he made Eve wanted to be like God. This is blasphemy. Only God knows what is good for man.

    As we all know, it is not what man wants that counts. Rather, it is knowing God's will and obeying it, that matters.

    The Holy Spirit can help us have understanding and power to learn the wonderful things of God. We just need to surrender our pride and selfishness and ask Him for His help.

    May the love of Christ and the help of the Holy Spirit work in our lives to enable us to see the awesomeness of God. 
  • Amen to that my friend TT.
  • So tell me TT and Pekalong,

    If God was the creator of all there is, who made Satan? Since you both are theologically capable and seem to have a wealthy knowledge of your book, care to give me a plausible explanation as to who created Satan? 
  • Just for you info. Yakumo,  Lucifer was one of Gods angels before he was cast out of heaven after the rebellious he had with God. 
  • pekalong and TT are just two Mortals that think they know the bible's in and out.If they really know the bible i would like to ask them this question.What is the Meaning of LIFE??? can both of you INTERNET PREACHER please answer that question.NO GOOGLE ANSWER NOW.
  • LIFE is what you are in now. Breathing and talking, isn't it? 
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    Wrong............I'm not asking about breathing and talking! But what im asking you oh internet preacher is this,What is the meaning of life? Can you explain that to me?
  • Life is all the experiences that make up the existence of a person: the cause of existence.

  • Like Master Utwe (turtle from Kung Fu Panda) said..."Yesterday is History, Today is a Present and Tomorrow is the Future".....LOL.

    For a believer...Life is a Gift from God...For a non-believer, could mean many things.  Sorry Reaper I know you want Pekalong and TT to answer your question....Peace.
  • Einstein,Socrates,Plato are brilliant men,Smart men but they don't even know the answer to the meaning of life.But internet preachers like you know the answer? And i said NO GOOGLING 4 THE ANSWER CAUSE THAT ANSWER YOU GAVE ME SURE DONT SOUND LIKE YOU.
  • God is LIFE without Him there is no Life just an empty of nothing. This is no preaching just a thought from an outcast. Cheers!
  • Believe me Reaper I didn't get my answer from Google. This is the meaning I knew it from the Websters Dictionary. So yeah its not mine.
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    The definition you provided Pek, is probably one of the many ways life could be defined. From a biological stand point, life could just be defined as a living organism. From a philosophical stand point, it may be something entirely different. Not saying anyone here is wrong though...
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    So you're telling me that this so called  Angel LUCIFER rebelled against the Almighty, was cast out of heaven, and now lives in Hell? lol. Your version of it sounds well too familiar, like it was a story out of a children's bedtime storybook. I won't push for anymore answers as I think I know where you get your answers from. Enough with the preaching, will you? The bible, as we all know it, is simply a collection of books. STORIES!
  • ONLY Mormons dont and wont accept women has preachers cause come to think about it in the Mormon Cult Womens are seen as second rate citizens,women in the LDS are seen as not equal to men.The LDS cult is like Islam both of them are sexist and think the only purpose of  a women is to bare babies and clean the house.But us Chrisitans dont agree with them Muslims and Mormons(BOTH ARE CULTS).
  • Dear friends.

    In my February 21(page 8) post I presented proof from the Bible to show the faulty and defective arguments that the Bible support women ordination for the offices of elder and pastor.

    In the next series of posts I will present 8 real crucial issues regarding this subject. I will first distinguish the real issue from the false issue that often cloud our perceptions. Then I will set forth the questions which lie at the heart of the issue.

    1. Ordination

    What the issue Is Not: Performing Biblically Legitimate Tasks.  The issue of whether or not to ordain women as elders and pastors should NOT be confused with whether or not they are permitted to perform legitimate tasks in church. Several Greek words in the New Testament are translated "ordain", and they give such meanings as to "choose", "appoint", or "set apart". Based on these Greek words, we understand ordination to mean the act of the church in choosing, appointing, and setting apart through the laying on of hands certain individuals to perform specific functions of the church.

    By this ordination, elders and ministers are commissioned to declare the Gospel of salvation. Through ordination, setting one apart by the laying on of hands, the church authorizes the elders and pastors to counteract false teachings and false teachers ( 1 Timothy 1:3; 4:1; Titus 1:9, 10) and to safeguard the sound doctrine which has been entrusted to the church to hold on to. As recognized official representatives of the church the ordained elders organize churches, serving as spiritual leaders to make sure of the spiritual well-being of the church.

    God knew in advance that His servants will face difficulties and in order for their work to be above challenge, He gave instructions to the church to set them apart publicly for the work of the ministry. Their ordination was a public recognition of their divine appointment.

    So this understanding of ordination (setting one apart by the laying on of hands) is the church's recognition of commissioning individuals to perform certain functions and that within guidelines set by Scripture, both men and women may be set apart by the laying on of hands to perform certain functions.

    What the issue is. Since both men and women, through the laying on of hands can be commissioned to perform certain and specific functions, the debate over women's ordination is NOT whether women can or cannot be ordained. The Bible suggests that both men and women may be commissioned to do certain tasks assigned to them.

    They key issue that needs to be addressed is whether among the different ministries of the church, women may Biblically be commissioned through ordination to perform leadership functions of elders or pastors. These would include the teaching functions of elders or pastors, organizing churches, baptizing believers, and spiritual oversight of the believers.

    So in a nutshell, the issue in this debate over women's ordination is not about ordination per se, but ordination to what function. Can the church ordain a woman to the headship or leadership office of husband or father (in the home), or elder or pastor (in the church)? The issue is not about women in ministry, but rather what kind of soul-winning ministry. The issue is not whether women can perform the headship responsibilities of husbands or elders and pastors, but rather whether the Bible permits them to do so.

    Coming next is issue # 2.
  • Yakumo, I said that Lucifer was cast out of heaven, that's all where did they cast to? I have no idea.

  • Dear friends.

    Some of our recent posts would fit under the thread "Is the Devil or Satan is In Charge of Hell?" I suggest we pose our questions and give our answers in that thread so as not to bring confusion to the issue in this thread.

    Thank you.
  • That's what I thought TT.
  • He (Satan goes with angels) were expelled from heavenly places down to earth. This I find in couple of bible scriptures. You may want to read the book of Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Luke and Revelation which justfies where Satan was after rebelled against the most high GOD ALMIGHTY in Heaven.
  • Sure ssearcher1 and thank you.
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