Dose Chuuk have a Chief?.. Traditional Chief?

yeah! do they have any?..


  • not, that i can think of.
  •  wednesday.. how come?


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    The islands of Truks don't have paramount chiefs but have clan heads.
  • I see.. so the clan heads is like the  rulers of the  traditional culture?

  • Each island has a paramount chief. Clans have a head of the clan.

    Paramount chiefs are called Soupwun
  • thank you sinbad for enlighten us ...
  • So is the chief living  in Weno or outer Islands, outside lagoon Islands??any chief for Weno, the capital?
  • Thank you sinbad for your enlightenment. So, paramount chief is Soupwun. What about Popisom and Samonun Chon Wok? There are people who become chief cause they are strong and brave.

  • Ina kopwe fen mwa sinei fichi, Excuses, aitikicheto.


    Each island has its own chief. Weno has one of its own and the outer islands each have theirs, just like the rest in the Chuuk Lagoon.
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    so its not a centralize chiefdom?
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    Where was Mailo chief of? When was he a chief? Is one of his sons the Chief now? Grandsons?
  • Sinbad,  so each outer islands in the lagoon have their won chief also, aside from the one for Weno. right?.. Thanks  for your  informations..


  • the traditional chieftainship in Chuuk differs from other island such as PNI because it's a matrinial hierarchy. If you were soupwun, it's more likely your sister's son will become the next soupwun than your own son. And no, we don't have a paramount chief of all CHUUK.

    this is my understanding and stand to be corrected.

  • Hidden,

    Chief Mailo - Weno Island. None of his sons or descendants are in line to the chieftain title.

    Chaninway, that is right. 

    You all have a nice day!
  • Chuuk as a whole never have a chief. Each island or group of isand have their own chief. In the past there were always wars between clans, islands and the like. All lands ownership in the past in Chuuk lagoon are the results of wars between clans, villages or islands.  The new names for different chiefs are new to chuuk. Only one name for chief was used in chuuk; SAMOL. Nothing else.

  • Thanks Atepas for the clarification. 

    So you mean these words are also new:

    1. Soupwun
    2. Popuisom

    and what do they mean? Difference?

  • Thanks Sin, and who is the Chief of Weno now? 

    Atepas, Samol is also used in Yap as a title for God. Interesting.
  • The high chief of weno is Sirochy Sisan Suda. He is also a descendant of the first chief of Chuuk, meaning there were indeed chiefs of chuuk, but too long ago to be documented.
  • Ran annim ngeni kemi atefon me niefon. My understanding is that Thomas Mailo is the Soupunun Weno. There are Samol in each of the villages for Weno. Soupunun Weno, to my understanding belongs to the Sapunipi clan. Tonoas has also one Soupun with Samol of each villages. Soupunun Tonoas is Henry Nedlec. Uman has a Chief called Popunupun with Samol from each villages: Atisom (10), Niesom (3), Nienimawar (3) Nosunumwar (3). Ar ei nas, called Popuisom - Council of Traditional Chief. Fefan has three Samol from three different clan one of which is Saporenong. And so it continues on to the Mortlocks, Halls and Nomunweito Islands. But there is no Chief for the whole Chuuk State. However, there is a Chairman for the Chuuk Traditional Chief - the one and only Masachiro Christlib. Tirow ren memef!
  • The Masachuro Christlib position was newly establish just recently. This position came into being with the democratic system. But what we want to know is way back in the history of Chuuk during the early documentations of our history.
  • Its so hard to get free information of the history of Chuuk.from the elders way back in time. There is no such free stuffs back in the old days. You have to give in order to get. Big or small its should be consider as a token of asking and giving. Always say thanks at the end. Verbal or non verbal can be used.
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