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the Grace of Almighty God, source of our sovereign power,and moved by our
faith to control and chart our own destiny, do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution as the supreme reaffirmation of our sacred bond, and as the
guiding star in ouRjourney across the seas.

   With this Constitution we declare our solemn
duty to uphold the principle of democracy, to protect our lands, waters, and
cultures which sustain as and bind us together, to live together in peace and
harmony, guided by law, custom, and tradition as one people, now and forever.




  • more like a preacher prayer. :D
  • Sinbad,

    Since you initiated this thread, I thought it'll be a great idea to post other state's preamble beginning from Pohnpei for readers to compare and analyze word by word....




    , in whom Almighty God has bestowed sovereignty over
    this sea, the air, space, and the islands within, do now by His grace establish
    this Constitution.

    the exercise of our sovereign right of self-determination, we accept without
    hesitation the challenge and responsibility to serve as the guardians of our
    people and islands, both now and in the future; to protect and uphold the
    inalienable rights of our people; to protect and maintain the heritage and
    traditions of each of our islands; and to protect and promote the harmony and
    prosperity of all the people of Pohnpei.

    acknowledge the strength that comes from the union of our individual cultural
    past; we are united by a common sea; and we freely express our desire to live
    and work together in peace and harmony for the common good of the people of
    Pohnpei and all mankind.

    this Constitution, we proclaim and reaffirm the Sovereignty of


  • Thank you Sinbad!

  • Thank you Kuluhu!

    We the people of Micronesia, exercising our inherent sovereignty, do hereby establish this Constitution of the Federated States of Micronesia.

    With this Constitution, we affirm our common wish to live together in peace and harmony, to preserve the heritage of the past, and to protect the promise of the future.

    To make one nation of many islands, we respect the diversity of our cultures. Our differences enrich us. The seas bring us together, they do not separate us. Our islands sustain us, our island nation enlarges us and makes us stronger.

    Our ancestors, who made their homes on these islands, displaced no other people. We, who remain, wish no other home than this. Having known war, we hope for peace. Having been divided, we wish unity. Having been ruled, we seek freedom.

    Micronesia began in the days when man explored seas in rafts and canoes. The Micronesian nation is born in an age when men voyage among stars; our world itself is an island. We extend to all nations what we seek from each: peace, friendship, cooperation, and love in our common humanity. With this Constitution we, who have been the wards of other nations, become the proud guardian of our own islands, now and forever.

  • State of Yap

    We, the
    people of the State of Yap
    to live in peace and harmony
    one another,
    neighbors and our environment
    Recognize our traditional heritage and
    villages as the foundation of
    society and economy
    our prosperity and welfare
    an intelligent selection and integration
    modern technology and institutions
    Dedicate ourselves to govern our State,
    now and
    for the
    general welfare of
    generations to come
    hereby ordain and establish
    Constitution of the State of Yap.
  • State Of Kosrae


    are one. As a people, in our language, in our traditions, and in our common
    habitation and love of this island, we are one.
    are rich. In the bounty and beauty of our island and its waters, and in our
    family and communal life, we are rich.
    are proud. In our way of life which in essence has survived the assaults of
    colonizers and the ravages of time, and in the wisdom of our aged people and the
    vigor of our youth, we are proud.
    are strong. In our faith in our communal ability for compromise and flexible
    growth, and in our emerging democratic institutions, we are
    are concerned. In our common apprehension that our traditions, our island and
    sea, and our communal spirit will be tested as we together forge a new island
    destiny, we are concerned.
    are hopeful. In our faith in Divine Providence, our traditions, and our
    institutions, and in our knowledge that the past sufferings and sacrifices of
    ourselves and our forebears have prepared us for our common future, we are
    are determined. In our common desire to enhance the quality of life for all,
    while preserving what is best in our legacy, we are
    confirm our oneness, to preserve our natural riches, to renew our pride, to
    fortify our strengths, to meet our concerns, to guard our aspirations, and to
    enable our determination, WE, THE PEOPLE OF KOSRAE, give life to and establish
    this Constitution.


  • Great Job you guys.

    I remember back in the days in Elementary when we had to memorize and recite the FSM preamble. I believe it was then that the passion and care for our government was instilled in me.

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    Let me illiterate in short phrase if you would ...WE the people, provide for the common defenses of our islands by tradition and culture and promote the general welfare of the local people and lastly secure the blessing from Almighty God..

    Wow! we have great intelligent citizen wrote our government constitution and its preamble. The citizen must have all the mean, i mean the need for us to uphold those mandate written in the preamble and applied it to our everyday living ,,

    I think this is the necklace of our government official who took those office and i think most of them fail the significant to survive the meaning of our own Constitution.
  • Now that every FSM state Preamble is in place, comparative analysis commences for similarities and differnces....thanks Sinbad & Faith

  • Comparative Analysis huh?


    well.. please allow me take a whack at this.

    First of all, all preambles indicate the importance of culture and heritage.

    Chuuk is the only state that includes the principles of democracy.

    Traditional government versus Democratic government are opposite.

    But we should live with both and somehow create unity and harmony among the people.

    Let this be my comment for now.  


  • I wonder why Chuuk and Pohnpei use the word "reaffirm" in their preambles?
  • Know the meaning of the term, kinen. I know you do understand its context as applied in our preambles.
  • Thanks sinbad but I was thinking that this is the FIRST time we officially write our preambles in this era of our political lives; therefore I thought the word "AFFIRM" would be more proper than "REAFFIRM". My bad if I was wrong all along.
  • kinen- i think it's also correct to take it into that context which will mean that we've already been affirmed of our sovereignty and the constitution is the reaffirmation of that. :)
  • Our culture and traditions affirmed our sovereignty long before any foreigners, then those foreign administration took them away, and now reaffirm our sovereignty again.
  • Thanks nutcracker, you save my life and brain.
  • P.F. Kluge, author of "Dog Day Afternoon", "Eddie and the Cruisers", and several other works, wrote the preamble to the FSM Constitution.  He was certainly guided by the framers of the FSM Constitution, and the framers adopted the preamble.  I mean no disrespect here--just a tidbit of information that I thought was interesting.
  • You're good kinen. And thanks to maggot, nutcracker for the clarification.
  • fantastic peom's.
  • We, THE PEOPLE...it should be written as We, the POLITICIANS...just saying
  • those preamble of kusae,yap,pohnpie,chuuk all sound the same even palaus one.look like everybody was copying the same paper from the looks of it.
  • Yea, basically saying the same thing. So?
  • BJaynes- you just totally ruined my pride.

  • Those framers of our constitution had the ideology of cultural uniqueness of the Micronesian islands therefore we are linked by same roots of the breadfruit tree.  Geographical distance does not separated us but enlarges us as we sailed among the starts to unite our diversity.  Our ancestors had not been displaced as we are descending from no other people but them as true Micronesian in hearts and blood that no others should replace us now and forever. 

    Those are very strong language and promises made upon the fulfillment of our nationhood and society.  We should not break apart for greed and self-interest but to promote unity among ourselves.  We take equal responsibility in governance as well as social development in values construing those promises made in our Constitution.  That is the essence of our national existence and nothing more profound than the achievement of those.  Not best economy nor political power and influences, or the advancement in technology and science  will only gear us toward that ideal.   
  • wheres the originality?
  • Dear friends.

    The preamble to the FSM and Yap constitutions left out references to God. I have not made any research into the journals and records of the conventions from which came the two constitutions. I believe among the delegates to the constitutional conventions were God fearing Christians. I am among those who may be wondering why the two preamble left out references to God.

    Someone may have information that can help satisfy our curiosity.
  • TT,

    Because there is no need to mention his name in vain!
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