guys, any infos on the death girl found at the Sokehs ridge on 02/23/13?

report has it that a college student girl have been missing for 2 weeks since the day she got her refund check. She was found on 02/23/13 at the sokehs ridge. Suspect is a boyfriend MB3 taxi driver whose locked away for further investiations. This is HOMICIDE... Please let us all pray for our beautiful home PNI and her people..


  • Our thought and prayer to the family victim.. This really need not to happen..
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    god bless her and her family. i dedicate this song to this situation, i hope it helps with comforting and give hope to the ones hurt or sad.
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  • what the heck does 2pac has anything to do with it.ohh my bad good lyrics though.
  • Was she really dismembered ? 
  • woah dismembered!! dang thats like texas chainsaw massacre. Whoever the suspect is, may he suffer for his inhumane crime. over past years there's been horrible homicides yet case not solved and close until now. hope this one they do find the real culprit. 
  • Man thats messed up.
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    @Bjaynes anywhere? Maybe he could clarify us and provide us accurate details?
  • What does Tupac have to do with this situation? Keep yo head straight iguess.

    Who is bjaynes anyways?
  • There's so many different stories,but then again this is PNI... I can't wait to hear the truth,the real's so sad
  • Mostly likely, Linda Luhk's case will be like Faloma and Malaina Luhk's case, dead end.
  • Such a case needs forensic experts. As we move forward with our lives, with our communities falling apart  with our lese and less sense of being One,  meaning caring for one another, we need to develop our investigating arm of our Law Enforcements.  as well as the support services (laboratory facilities) fully equiped. This is important so that the Police can be guided with the reports they should be providing. Anything less than this would just make such drastic incidences disapear in Court. As long as the prosecution is unable to provide the solid evidence as to how it happened and the motive in which it happened, this case will just ended up like an animal that was run over by something without witnessess.

    It's a pity that our leaders are ignorant of such important requirements. Everytime  such needs is addressed, the excuse has always been not enough cash to provide such readiness. However, when it comes to travel off-island funding is never an issue. Even when the amount appropriated ran out, supplemental request continue to pour in.

  • Totally agreed with you Oalong.  Ignorant and selfishness of our leaders causes all the failures. 
  • Oh yeah, blame your leaders!  They gave you freedom of choice, to refund your school money and, to hop in your cheap  boyfriend's car (a Tax!  not even his car), to run up to some isolated ridge, get drunk, have sex and be killed.   Wow, what lousy leaders you have. 
  • Refund? FYI, she did not get her refund check..
  • so its funny when people get murdered now days??? sick wackos should get a bullet to the head for that joke.
  • only in FSM its considered funny to get murdered.

    Joe-did you hear about mack?
    doone-no why what happened?
    joe-he got killed in pohnpei.
    doone-for reals.
    joe-he was chopped to pieces.
    joe-thats why i said when i heard it too.hahahah
  • Reaper you circumcised ape.  STFU and go collect the dead.
  • hahhahahahha looks like i pushed a button that i wasnt supposed to.
  • FYI Sempok,
    i said report and also mentioned different stories which concludes "rumors"...
    rumor also has it that she didn't get it....rumor has a lot of versions...
    before u open up that NOT-so-smart-ass mouth, why don't you READ and undserstand well before u talk with attitude...
  • see, its funny after all. 
  • Somebody wants to be a real badass! You ain't going to get famous as your face, your name, and your story will not make headlines! You will be locked up and put away where your face will meet your anus and remain there for the rest of your life.
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    I hate to say this, but I always saw her @ the College. and that night she has gone missing, I was there @ the party when the taxi came and pick her up.
    and whenever I think of it, I just want to cry. God Bless her Family and may she be in Peace
    GOD HELP POHNPEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I hope the killers like this dont just go to jail,but hanged. Dead is a good payment. She is somebody's daughter, somebody's sister, and good friend. Let's not fight bout it but pray for our islands peace. May God rest her soul n guide us micronesians.


     where are you? national ? That would be easier to whack you since I live around that area.

    If you are at PNI campus. I wish you are run down by a drunken driver for disgracing your  current residency

    beware am close

  • Yeah. You can do that.

    is that a Date??
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