Who will be the new Governor for Chuuk in 2013?



  •  I need more your comments on that.!  I like your comments but not enough. Talk more about it. 
  •  I know him and when was that? where did he get his treatment in Guam or Hawaii?  Oooooo that's very sad. He is a good man. He was a long term teacher now he is our  Lt GVNR. 
  • The next governor of Chuuk in 2013 will still be Mr. Johnson Elimo!!
  • If that is the case, fangetta, "I am sorry for Chuuk," is all that I can say.

    Sipwene puisin nom non itom na, sipwe fangeta non asopwisek. Nge ii apw. Iei chok atun fich. Sipwe fen achocho me awewe fengen won ion sipwene ekkesiwini ngeni Johnson pwe iei ese fakkun tawe. Met kei men angangetiw won, feitton seni chok ekkewe aninnis an mwuu-nap. Ekkewe reform me ekkoch. Nge iei sia pwan kuna nge masowen ewe reform measures ese fakkun pwenuweta. A pwan chok nefanangei.

    Kich men peeno.
  • No need to fangetta that easy! Be patience...Johnson is a capable young man...Johnson is a man of virtue.
  • The new governor of Chuuk, should earn the trust of the people, and have the respect, loyal and commitments of his associates, party members, cabinet members and potential staffs, whom are supposed to be meticulous and articulate in advocating, advancing and affecting the visions and missions to move Chuuk forward.

    Which one...?  How do we know ...?

  • What if we pick one of you guys and run for the  Governor and pick one of the woman and pair up. Why not? we can help one another. Let me get  your votes and fast. I think this will help all these problems and others since we've been discussed for long long time. I 've seen that though I just step in.
  • hopefully someone trustworthy....
  • Mwa Lena ian ei ke noomeei? Wewen nge kopwene awiti ngeni pwan another four years ren mefiom na. Pwata mwo kose chok affata me nomw sipwe fen satuni.
  • A nom non anon emon kewe mwanirenon Patta Tupunion me nom, fansoun ar tungori epwe utti emon kewe Governor me nom. Iwe e ponuweni nge era pwe,

    " Ina upwe ne fen utti pwe epwe win, pwe epwe fen soponukei Chuuk epwe sunuta, epwe ititino pwe epwe angei anan, epwe fen kinamweno"

    Iwe met mefiom ren anon ei mwan ei? Mei pung ika ese pung anon ei mwan ei ikenai? Chuuk mei sunuta ika ese?

  • Mwa Excuses, ita ka fen apasa kana ren mwenien re-Paata kana! Ita met upwe ura nge iei ese mwo nge tawe ren ekkei chon mochen nekiri nekirien emon. Chapweneta Chuuk!
  • Mr. Sander ii epwe governor noon ei 2013. tirow woom fangeta ika kose nukunuk iwe kopwe uti ngeni ewe fansoun epwe pwisin inetii met ururun an aramasen chuuk finata. Io ach ewe samol epwe mwut ngeni epwe wisen mwotteni ewe nenien mwottun governor noon chuuk state noon ei year 2013. Sipwe kinamwe sisapw pwan engioouu chamwap, ika tupwuwach pwun ei fansoun asaasa woon met mojenin aramasen neniach chuuk 3/4/2013 epwe wisen affatata..ina pwaat sipwe ekis pwan nikiitu ngeni..

    Tirow pwan omwusano tipisin mefiach.
  • Mwa a kan fet kunawenen kunaiom kapencoffee. Iwe oo sinbad watoew kap coffee. Am auppwe un me pwipwi fangeta. Fangeta sipwe jok nom non anon emon re Lukunoch we, "Unta, unta ote pwan aki".
  • Sikan chok i i urumwot, Excuses. Nge sipwe fen ereki met Chuuk epwe chimweta ren. Ion me nein onokkei epwe tongeni afetena kich ngeni ngaseta seni ejjinima. Amo epwe ennet kunaien kapencoffee nan, ennet ii ngang men pwan ekieki nge epwe fen inani onnan epwe tongeni ennet an angang.

  • an expression for respect, honor and loyal. Blend these in a Blender, you got your "TIROW'..lol .  
  • What are the Achievements and Accomplishments of the Wesley Simina and Johnson Elimo administrations?   Can a supporter of these two administrations please list some of their most important achievements?  This information will be very helpful to us voters on Election Day. Thanks.

  • Very true!  People have to be well informed and very knowledgeable about our government and about our leaders  but how? the leaders have to tell us exactly what's going on! in our government, in our legislative. What happened  with our Broadcast Station? at least updating to the public, Where can we learn about our government? Maybe you wait until I  knock again on your door and say Hi! I'm back remember me ? I'm running again and I have no doubt on you guys you are related to my dad or my mom or we are families. You can come and get you rice and coffee anytime you come tell so and so to give you and here' the $50.00. From there I said to myself he is our family he loves us and care about us.  And believe me, that's why these leaders are taking advantage of  many many people . And refer back to what Spiritallyinsane  just said. And I totally agreed. I would say we complained today and tomorrow we go vote for you. Nah! don't stay with the same thing if it doesn't work out for our country and our people. get the new one try if they will do it differently. Stop listening to rumors.
  • That's a very strong accusation there pipe.
  • One achievement/Accomplishment of the Wesly Simina and Johnson Elimo Administration is popularity. Mr. Simina become the Chuuk At large congressman. Mr. Elimo is a candidate viewing to go for a full term. Other accomplishments, ask Mr. voters and Mrs. I don't know.
  • Excuses,

    Thanks for the information but I was expecting non personal or self-less types achievements like projects or programs implemented to fix problems or make Chuuk State better.  

    If this were a high school government election, then popularity would count as an achievement, but this is an election for the highest office in Chuuk State so the voters need information which can help them to cast their votes wisely.

  • edited February 2013

    i agree with you on your point, again, this time around in the history of chuuk state there will be no qualification requirement, only if you're on our side, politically the most influential clan will garner the most vote, however, can always predict the outcome of the general ballot cast vote.its fixed!!

    The beginning of the year of the Dynasty..
  • few days more to go and your vote is very important  remember pick the right one. There's a question from others, saying , "Then which one? One was out , and one is in , they are still the same. Other one said I try the new one see if he's able to fix  my car!  While they were still arguing, another one step in and said , I go for you sir,if he's able to fix your car, I think he can fix my toilet too.
  • spiritallyinsane

    I can  comments further on your question. I have been away from home for a long time. All I know were hear saying. There were couple times I travel through the Islands. I did took some picture of the infrastructures that were under construction. Most of them were long over due projects from the previous administrations.
    Just today I watch the partial video shots of the last Forum speeches. The beginning part of the video impress me with a lot of the outline of the existing problems.and solutions by the Governor and the Lt. Governor. When they lay out the long term and short term infrastructure plan I was so bless to hear them. At that point I thought they are the possible pair that would lead Chuuk out of the problems.
    When the second pair took the podium and start to talk about the untold and hidden situations of the public services, the status of the infrastructure projects, and the financial situations of our State of Chuuk, I told my self, I shall quit making fund of my self and do vote for Reki Chuuk teams as they gave me a clear visions of how they will lead Chuuk out of the finical situation.
    I am sorry to say that noting that i have heard of any major acomplishment. Please refereed back to the the short documentation of the forum. By theway, I only hear the two pair of Governor team and Reki Chuuk team. Sorry, no further comments.

  • Excuses,

    Thank you for your insightful comments on the major accomplishments of the Simina and Elimo administrations. In fairness, we have to take note of their efforts to rebuild the road in Chuuk. Although the work is slowly crawling along, it is progress and hopefully soon, Chuuk will be able to move at 35MPH instead of 5MPH.  

    Now in other areas such as law enforcement, I recently heard that citizens and community groups were trying to raise money to purchase a firetruck for the government because Chuuk State cannot afford to get one. If this is true then I would like to congratulate the Elimo and Heldart team for using modern "Crowd-Sourcing" technique to raise money for the firetruck. 

    How about the infrastructure projects for the other islands in the lagoon?  According to the FSM National Infrastructure plan, there are roads, water, sewer, and electricity projects for Faichuuk, Dublon, Fefan, and Uman islands. What is the status of these projects?  

  • thank you spirituallyinsane for the link.

    This of course was the Plan drafted and developed back in 2004 during the Walter/Sound administration. Like I said in a different thread, when the Simina/Elimo administration came on board, it was time for implementation of these plans.

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    As you can see on page 21 of the FSM National Infrastructure plan, the projects for Chuuk State should have already been implemented from 2004-2008 (Wesley Simina and Johnson Elimo Administration), and 2009-2013 (Johnson Elimo and Ritis Heldart Administration).  Notice that there are water, sewer, road, and electricity projects scheduled for Faichuuk, Dublon, Uman, Fefan, and even all the other small islands in the lagoon like Udot, Romolum, Eten, and Fanapanges.  According to the plan, some of the projects should have already been completed since 2004-2013.  

    Imagine Faichuuk would have already had electricity, water, sewer, and roads. Same for Dublon, Fefan, Uman, and other smaller islands in the lagoon.  

    So the question is - WHAT HAPPENED TO THESE PROJECTS?   
  • I think, chuukese don't really understand what voting means. It'll be a very great idea if you the leaders please kindly explain to them what voting is? Because the way I see it, they have no idea what they're doing or how is it gonna effect our state. That is why we are blamed to be the worse state in the FSM. Because we do not make the right choices. We have no idea what all the little things we did gonna result. What I know is, we all should elect the candidates with the best backgrounds so that they will know what to do. Period.
  • Yea many times  we go by our friends, our relatives, and popularity. I don't mind if  you posted and say we are dumb, because it is true we don't used our brains.
  • Lena1_Tarry

    We are not dumb. We just value our culture more. That is actually another major problem with us electing the wrong leaders. But we should also understand that voting does not come from our culture. There is a place where we consider our culture to be at. But we shouldn't use culture in voting because that is why we are sinking! Voting is an American thing and it is not appropriate to use our culture while we are doing a foreign kind of thing. It's just stupid.
  • lol, I like I know what you think, is not always is right!

    life is the islands is what I call cultural excuses.  The culture is not the down fall, the people are.  They the dumb ones.  In Yap we good. hehe
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