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Love, sexual relationships, and sexual morality are oft-discussed, intensely personal, emotional, and profoundly important topics to most people.
Should sex be limited to marriage?



  • hell no if sex was limited to marriage the human race would have been extinct a long time ago.
  • What is sex, ideally? an intense pleasurable experience? or an expression of love?
  • For some, their expression of love, is done through the intense pleasurable experience. This is debatable though. Some claim that only a few women experience pleasure in the ways that men do. Most are just faking it! They just moan to make you feel good. 
  • what is this topic about sex education?
  • it depends on how your game is my friend.theres this thing its called four-play,then after four-play theres the main event,take your time with her,let her know your willing to go over and beyond the call of duty just to please her....hahaha
  • Are you guys sure you guys are expressing your right impressions under the right topic? I thought the topic was asking about Personal Relationship but yet most to the comments brought up were about Sex Relationship. I'm sorry but I just don't get it. Isn't that personal relationship is about families, friends, relatives, cousins, nieces, nephews and even enemies the relationship goes on and on and on?
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    pekalong my first instinct tell me you are an old skool so, quit it and move along with the topic as personal relationship between four, three, two and one...
    wonder who is that one is....
  • What you guys are doing is inappropriate. Your talking about SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP under a topic which entitled PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP. Isn't that kind of weird? 
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    Pekalong, you are welcome to come and joint us for a cup of Tea..
    ~O) X_X
  • personal relationship can mean allot of thing,it can mean you know em you friend with em or you at sex with em,get it.hahha
  • Comrade Pekalong,

    I believed the question involve morality and moral controversies. The idea may have been to explore the idea of limiting sex to marriage: the morale of such an idea.
  • Its mean to have a real personal relationship with him and him alone because He first love us... Dont turn away or else He gonna say i "i never knew you" just be obedience to Him and His LOVE...
  • With the number of sexually transmitted diseases, broken homes, neglected children, over-population, exploitation of women and children (they could be our mothers, sisters, daughters), what will be the prudent and responsible thing to do?

    God please help us have pure love for one another.
  • Oh you guys mean that kind of relationship? Than this what the bible said about that kind of relationship. Please Deuteronomy 22:22.
  • In the book, "I loved a girl" the priest explain it best.
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    I believed the priests explain it best. Yes, they do as part of what we may call their service in our communities or localities. The fact that is topic may incorporate or include rationales about sexual moralities, practices or fleshly inclinations, does not make it a non religious topic.

    I feel you may be contributing more to the topic, taking that course. Could you amplify or expand your comments, please?

    We all know that we cannot  objectifying other being for the purpose of satisfying our lusts, or sexual desires, according to the principles of morality. At the same time, we also learned that some religions teach that principle to church members before officiating their matrimonial sacraments.


    What would be a prudent responsible thing to do? Would that imply the idealities of the principles of morality? You help us...

  • Ennui:

    I only posted a rhetorical question!

    Yes, Ennui. Idealistic and practical principles of morality.

    I find everyone in this discussion to be able thinkers who are capable of shifting through the amount of information out there and arrive at the obvious rational conclusion.

    We need to return to the basic principle of human community life. Genuine love and respect for one another. Think like humans and act like humans. Put away the kind of thinking that turn us into displaying animal behavior which includes uncontrollable lusts and short term satisfaction.

    As a Christian, I believe it is IMPOSSIBLE for man to live a life free of the pain and suffering I have mentioned above, plus more, if the life is not surrendered to God.

    God gave man an Owner's Manual. If we do not follow it.... I need not complete the sentence.

    God bless.  
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    Bible this bible that. Lucky that there's no terrorist group against the Bible. Could you imagine what would happen if all the bible's were to be wiped off the face of the earth? Some people are gonna live purposeless lives. What an addiction! 

  • You all may remember the attempt to destroy the Bible during the dark ages. Well, Satan and his agents failed. The Bible continue to be the book with the most copies ever printed. Yes, you know it. It has many versions and it is printed in many languages.

    Even if it is completely destroyed its principles are already "burned" in the minds and hearts of its adherents. That is how powerful God is.

    Hidden, you seem to be bitter. Perhaps you had a bad experience with someone in the church you used to attend. Or, you thought God turned His back on you. You mentioned you used to go to church every Sunday.

    I believe God is still bothering your conscience. You know He still loves you. He wants a personal relationship with you. In the words of Revelation 3:20, "Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with me.", God is still knocking at the door of your heart.

    I pray that you will open the door to Him.

    God bless you and your family.
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    Can we sort of dig a bit into the ideologies behind "the base" as called by the followers of Osama. It touched some of the principles implied by both the Koran and the Bible. The activities and agendas whether already carried out or at the planning stages are believed to be fueled by colluding such ideologies in an universal culture that is really not exist:

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    Well, they failed because there wasn't much technology back in those days. In those days, it was the Kings and religious leaders that had power. The bible could be protected by those with power. Today, it could be done. It's just that no certain group has enough determination to do such thing. 

    TIT, religion is just a peice of art. Really touching and beautiful, but we all know that when it comes to reality, it usually fails. 

    Wow, I just mentioned terrorist and someone starts talking about Osama. I guess Bush and the CIA did such a good job tagging the word terror-ism/ist with certain people. Osama for one.

    Anyways off topic.
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    Well Hidden,

    Given the fears and anguish we were subjected to as a result of 9/11, would we consider such as an inclination on part of Osama and his heirs or followers, which was satisfied and still by the sufferings and pain we endured, knowing or believing such was fueled by biblical sort of war, I would say between Christian believers and Koran followers.

    I guess you could say that we're sort of off topic, leaping into the facility of terrorism or terrorists; however, there is a point here to consider. Let us not collude two worlds in an environment which we couldn't have control over it. Rather walk between the lines. Consider the moral side of the issue here, because we could safely assume that it is universal and belongs to every one... without limits and boundaries.

  • This is an iteresting topic.

  • Exactly Faith and I have no comment to whatsoever.
  • It should be celebrated openly! Whenever possible!
  • The most important Personal Relationship is the relationship with God.

    Oh, the faith of the people of God.

    The faith of Abraham, the faith of Enoch, the faith of Noah, the faith of Elijah, the faith of Elisha, the faith of Moses, the faith of Joshua, the faith of Caleb, the faith of Jeremiah, the faith of Samson, the faith of David, the faith of Daniel, Shadrach, Mesach, and Abednego, the faith of John the Baptist, the faith of Peter, the faith of Stephen, the faith of Paul, the faith of all the Christians who burned at the stake, thrown to the animals, and killed by the sword. We also read of the faith of the women in the Bible.

    When the going gets tough and the strong and mighty falter and tremble, God's faithful keep going in faith. They get their strength from the Omnipotent, Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Everlasting God.

    What a wonderful God. Praise Him all you heavens and earth.    
  • Everyone's comments, input, ideas or what ever it might be called, is welcomed and appreciated...

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    These are quite some intriguing comments on here. Could you give us some sparks on Hidden's comments pertaining sex, as an expression of love? Here is Hidden's last post

    For some,
    their expression of love, is done through the intense pleasurable
    experience. This is debatable though. Some claim that only a few women
    experience pleasure in the ways that men do. Most are just faking it!
    They just moan to make you feel good."

    Could you share with us some rationales pertains to the function of the body, being an integral part of the whole (being) as the object or subject of such an expression

  • from my perspective who is a practicing christian.

    The physical parts used for the enjoyment of sex were made before the entrance of sin. when two individuals are joined together,  it is the bonding of the emotions, spiritual and the physical, which inesclud the performance of the sexual intimacy. Sex was built into a relationship for procreating, but also for intimate bonding, or oneness. marriage (ffrom scriptural grounds) is the covenant between Him and the man and the woman. Sex can still be pleasurable since the organs are built-in, outside of marriage, but without the third Person, God Himself.
  • Good thing people talking faith cause that's the main resources to heaven. Without faith no eternal life. [-X
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