Constitutional amendament: To guaranty women's seat in congress

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Are our congressmen getting bore in their chamber?  Why addressing the issue when there has not been a problem now?  Maybe few female candidates have challenged for a seat in congress or we are facing gender sensitive issues in congress where the female constituents need to voice their opinion directly.

Could it be a political maneuver?  We can not afford the salaries and expenses of additional four-at-large seats in congress.  We need to downsize our government and not turning it into a bureaucratic empire. 



  • I would vouch for senior citizen seats in congress too. After all, we contributed a lot to the improvements in the islands.
  • It is undemocratic, I'd say.
  • kinen, I don't know about improvement but impoverishment, maybe.  You guys were having a hay day back then.

    We have to be fair and practical  which shall accounts for 1 vote per person regardless of sex, race, religion, and etc.  Gender equality can damage the democratic process if we don't construe our policy to the intentions.

    You are absolutely right, ngaan.  Like kinen implied.  We could have representative from every walks of life.
  • Like nemesis points. Especially, to add more expenses to the government. In fact, I do not contest the idea to open a seat for other gender in the Congress arena. But, it would make sense that the current number of the male seats should be looked at as well in terms of cost savings to our government and its citizens. I say, citizens because the more people we add to the existing number in the Congress, will likely to derive to increase of tax and etc. Hope am wrong. Please enlightened this illiterate mind of mine. Thanks

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    The constitution addresses equality. Women need not be treated differently. Women should go through the same process as men do, get nominated and be elected in to office if it is the will of the people. If and when the people decide to have women in the congress, they will express it through the election process, not force people to put women in office by "reserving" a seats for them. The congress chamber may be a theater, but not that kind where one get paid to watch the play.


  • Bravo sinbad! you've said it right. Thank you.
  • i would agree if it was a public law (rather than constitutional amendment) and enacted with an expiration date. after the voters are familiarized with the female leaders in congress, the law will expire and allow them maternity leave or until further erected.
  • correction: "elected."
  • LMHO!!!  Are you serious about this topic?  Listen gents, FSM definitely needs women to balance the fighting ground in the congress chambers.  There is nothing wrong with having women in that Chamber ~ let FSM show her true colors...

    First of all, I would like to know who propose the bill and we need to hear their inputs, as well ~ where is Marz!  Will you be kind enough and inform the forumers of the discussions in chambers. *Wakak. 


    FSM will never have a female senator because of her cultural beliefs!  It is also unconstitutional to set up seats based on gender preferences.  The fact that this topic has been brought up in the CC of FSM more than once is not an accident.  It is there to awaken our country of the differences in our culture and what a democratic government demands ~ it also demands the true skills, heart and knowledge of the current leaders.  I think there is a solution to the differences in democratic governmental N" cultural how dos.  The question should be are the leaders willing to do their job faithfully and honestly without having women invade their Micronesain "men meeting house"?  

    There is a solution and that solution rests in the hands of the leaders in each respective states...

    Merry Christmas ~ aloha from Maui

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    The bill was introduced by the Speaker just recently (CB 17-147).  We should encourage women to participate in decision-making process in governance but to amend constitution in reserving at-large seats for women is impractical and at the same time preferential in treatment contrary to the fundamental basis of our constitution.  Our culture and traditions dictate what is the norm today and we shall stick to it rather than follow the demands of the western world.  This is the kind of positive development that we should be going through but lets allow time to educate our consciousness in order to fulfill its purposes.  Lets not be hasty on changes especially political diversity as we are still hanging on to some of our cultural values and if doing so we may jeopardize some elements in the social unity of our prevailing arrangement.

    We could lower the minimum age for eligible voters in the fsm to 16 years old and it would make sense since that age, they normally have an informed decision capacity due to our developed education in the fsm.  Thanks to COMFSM for making that possible.
  • Former champion and president of USA once said and recorded that "All man are greated equal. Does this mean it referring to male only? If not, then I don't see a problem for having female to be involved in leading our nations. That is if we are sure about what democracy mean to us. Once again thank you nemesis for your've made it very clear your points. Cheers!

  • What's up with this law? Are they still entertaining it, or have they trashed it already? I talked with my own CFSM Rep. and asked him why such a law was needed since there isn't any law prohibiting women from running for office. What next....establish a law to ensure that handicapped people are allowed a seat? Oh wait, most of our CFSM are handicapped already so that's done.
  • To guarantee women's seat in congress? Not guaranteed now?
  • lol...shouldn't it be karuntea? the hell with the constitution! 
  • HEY IF THE RMI can have female senators so can obama said is time for a CHANGE.
  • Women should be encouraged to run for office. To put it into the constitution is not a proper way. It will lead to adding that there should be a gay rep. Or an homo to who knows what's next. Besides,that's not democratic way of electing people

  • What's wrong with having a gay rep? Or a Homo rep?
  • To gain a seat in the FSM Congress fair and square on one's own merit would provide more of a sense of accomplishment than handing over a seat so a quota is assured. But introducing an idea which is attractive to women will translate into receiving votes from the women block of voters. Ya? 
  • *UM, insecurity is all over the forum!  Come on, gentlemen.  Don't let congress make you question your abilities as men, lol ... gay or str8t is not the issue here. what kind of BRAIN AND HEART WE NEED IN CONGRESS... that has nothing to do with women or sexual orientation.  Remember the Constitution is the rule of the land...
    not only that but this is a test of the leadership of FSM.  If you can not address this issues and differences in culture and a democratic government, then that tells us lots about the future of FSM.

    For the record, I am a female and I AM NOT INTERESTED IN A SEAT IN CONGRESS for personal and professional reasons.  I would not know what to do in there, I might just be collecting pay and be nothing but a plywood in chamber.. I can probably spin this topic and have this forum up in a big roar.  And I will have no regrets, because the Chamber is not where I want to be to make a difference.  That is not where the true power is... FSM has yet to exercise  that "true" power. 

    Note: FSM can no longer hide her differences from the rest of the world.  With our present problem in USA many civil groups are very much aware of who and what we are... they are taking notes and assisting along the way...

    Think wisely, FSM is very vulnerable...

  • sometimes the truth hurt but imma say it...... ITS A MANS WORLD.
    who build the arch....NOAH
    who died on the cross 4 our sins...JESUS
    who build the light pulp that took us into the new age...EDISON
    who build the car....FORD
    who is the leader of the free world now...OBAMA

    hate it or love it thats the truth.
  • Why gave up so soon Stonez? Keep going cause your insights are just beginning to get interesting for sure.
  • oh man you just started WW3 man,the war of the sexes.
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    RMI made that decision to have women in their congress. If FSM wants women in, they will vote them in. It is a choice over two - men or women in congress as well as whether to have women or not in congress. But has to go through the proper process, election. 

    It is very encouraging to see bright minds of the women come to light through their accomplishments and high achievements, whether in public offices and/or sector, private sector as in entrepreunership or just by managing a family which is most men's worst nightmare even for the briefest moment.

    You see, here in the islands, women can do more than the men. I guess it is the culture. Men will only do theirs, but women can do both.

    So it is really the will of the people whether to put women in congress or not through the legal means of voting them in just as the men in an election process in the same ballot as the men.

    I am one who would want to see the ladies become members of the congress too. It is really the women's choice and up to voters.

    Just do not be surprise when women take that away from the men, and time will come - soon!

    Thank  you.

    This is Mrs. Sinbad
    Please don't tell my husband I am sneaking in here - but I must say my piece

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    If Chuuk were to select a woman representative, I would strongly recommend one of the following:

    Congress at Large
    1. Gardenia Aisek
    2. Cindy Siren Mori
    3. Margarity Cholymay
    4. Either one of the sister-doctors: Dr. Vita Akapito, Dr. Rita Akapito, Dr. Anna Maria Akapito

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    well according to tradition only the most beautiful women can come into a men's house.
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    IC. So you mean to say that the congress chamber is considered Men's House. Well then, maybe the amendment to the constitution should be to omit the equality clause and make the cultural aspect as primary.

  • do not omit equality, just observe job qualifications. if she's ugly or retarded, she's not qualified das all. she must also be willing to serve others' needs.
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