Some scientist believe that the world will come to an end according to Mayan's calendar

The bible says, don’t despair! In the Olivet Prophecy Jesus declared that He will return to save humanity from total destruction (Matthew 24:22). The Revelation tells us about the time of deliverance Jesus predicted. The Bible clearly shows that humanity is not going to experience extinction in 2012. Sometime in the future, Jesus Christ will return to save humanity from destruction. Between now and then, you can live in hopeful anticipation of that day by turning the control of your life over to your Creator.

Hidden do you believe that the Earth will end on the 21st December 2012? If no, why you don't believe when some scientist who doesn't beleive in the Creationist are convince that this Mayan prophecy will take place on the given date? Thanks and will be very intriguing to learn your views on this one. Cheers!



  • Thank you ssearcher1.
  • Interesting how those "scientist" believe that. I wonder if they ever thought to themselves if that Calendar also created the Earth. Scientist....pfft
  • All the calendar is saying it the age of Pisces is over, and now comes the age of Aquarius. I don't believe that the world will be ending in the following friday (Dec. 21. 12). Unlike Christians I don't have an obligation to listen and do what scientist say. I can choose what to believe. Christians like you have lesser choices. Chained to the words of a book!

    Each age is approx 2500 years. Something like that. 

  • Thanks Faith and Ina Chok.


    Likewise, Christian do not obligated to do what the believe but from a free of choice instead. So, if you're not obligated to hear and do what your scientist says, then where u stand bro? in between or just floading not really sure where to land your space ship?

    You my friend, I've said before that it will be difficult to try to mixed the two because at least does not fully agree with the other science or creation. So, I will say again, you and I are the same in terms of what or who we want to believe. This is the dynamic gift from the creator that the creator weaved into human molecules that even the creator won't tolerate or stop from us. But, science it is all up to how one form of life changed in millions years to become other or more of forms of life while the bible is saying the other that man was specially created and molded by the creator unlike the other species He created that He spoke and there they are one kind from the other down to the smallest life like algea and all other tiny living creatures God made.

    I know you'll will never agree with the creation but I'm very positive that if God can do miraculous things, you're problem will not be a problem to Him to fix it. Remember on the road to Damascus? Paul was one like you who didn't and had closed his hearts to believe anything Jesus and his deciples are saying and went after them torch them out of their hidden holes to make sure that all who believe in Jesus are wrong and will face the consequences should they not renounce their master. But, as you and I know, on the peak of Saul's persecutions of the followers of Christ, Jesus appeared to him at the right time and place where it turned the heart of a non-believer into one of the champion of the followers of Christ in taking the good news to the outside world of Judaism and the offsprings of his work reaches almost every shores includiing the Caroline Islands (FSM).

    I will say again, I am to hear what others view on the God I worship but never will be any moment to re-consider what I believe that God is the creator of this world and the content of the heavenly realms. But, you my friend HIdden and those who still unbelieve or unsure whether to believe God or not, that will be yours to decide and you're also have the feedom to share what you believe. Thank you my friend.

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    i remember year 2000, people said it was the new millenium that asteriods will hit the earth.
    then year 2000 something Y2K, (year to kill) and now its year 2012 , there's been couple movies about how the 2012 would be the end of the world, with big wave flooding NYC to aliens from mars 3or somewhere hunting the remaining humans, and the mayans theory also with who's that prophet from long ago, whats his name nostradamus something... he predicted the 9/11 crash to the world trade. I believe it is the year 2023, yes that is the end of the world according to our leaders, a big sass funeral. Also read in revelations in the end of the world, the anti-christ aka satanist will form a big army against the people of god aka christians. and in order to live comfy you have to recieve the mark of the beast triple 6, i dont know how that will go about..but my imagination give me the goosebumps, christians running and surviving in the wild like bear grylls and anti-christs living in the city eating 3 meals a day. the thought of it makes me illy. 
    watta nightmare
  • Y2k(year to kill)? I thought it meant year 2 krand(thousand)... oh n the end of the world is this month on the 22nd according to the mayan calendar or whatever you call it. :-j
  • How dump can you be?.Dude i smoke weed and they call me a stonie???look u Guys talkin for nothing aB---OuT the end of the  wolrd!.>>>>>>>How the fuck this kind topic gonna improve our islands.We here to discuss about the future and what need to be done in the FSM,to improve the way our children gonna be treated 10 or 20 years from now.....Not what jesus would have done...cus he did what he did,now its for us to do what we need to do as people and not as what jesus did cuz imma gonna say....... if i was jesus i would have fuck a chick then let them hang me on the cross. ....OHHH shit im on that hydro again.
  • ssearcher1, indeed it's a choice. No further comment. 

    Stonez, bullseye! How are these topics gonna improve any shit?
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    It's in the Bible that during the end time, many people come to predict and when it least expected, it will happened.  Remember, it will robbed you from your expectation.
  • Yeah, i saw that on the news but off course its not true our planets been soo fine for over 400 millions of years.
  • didn't they also said that the world was gonna end in 2000(Y2K).
  • the world is NOT going to the end but this discussion will be...sooner or later
  • agree but one prediction of the end is yet arrived which 21st Dec 2012. See all after the date that we will still be here unless Jesus returns before the 21st Dec 2012.
  • Please send me your bank accounts or cash if you believe the World gonna end on 12/21/ wo'nt be needing the money..yours truly, Puller
  • Thanks Puller and you can bet I will surely do that my friend because I won't be needing them where I want to go after this life. But, make certain that I have no plans to give up my $15 BOG ATM account before or after 21st Dec 2012. And I don't think $15 dollars saving account will do any good other than by you case of soft drinks. ah,ah,ah,...however, come to think of it, this is not just mayan calendar but I have known some religion also had been predicted the end times but nothing happen till today. I wonder if they are reading a bible that have somehow omitted the text where Jesus Himself said and recorded that "Not Him (Jesus) nor anyone other than His Father alone know time and hour of His Coming". Yet, people are still coming of up or setting the end times while the bible is very clear what will take place as the sign of His coming to redeem mankind (those faithfull and saved) followers. Anyway, thank you Puller for asking and since you're the first to ask, who knows I might win a lottery before 21st and will be happy to share some of it to you.
  • I don't believe that the world will be ending anytime soon. If such threat was real, then we would already have headache's from the warnings and news heads. 

    I just might leave the world's end to Jesus and his faithful users. 
  • Wait, so you mean to tell me I gave away my cars, my three bedroom house, and gave away my savings to charity all for nothing...I planned to throw a huge party in Afghanistan at midnite on, all the preparations and all the things I've lost, all for nothing...

  • Who know's. Maybe my beliefs are wrong, and that the world would be ending this Friday. I guess that would be a good thing for you.
  • Hidden,


    I'm a big fan of the Ancient Aliens documentaries...the series kinda open my eyes, and made me ask myself...'what if..?'  It is going to be interesting though to see what happens on Friday.


  • De day is here...12/21/2012 and good lord we're all still here. What happen to this prediction? Don't tell me that there is new version just came in while we were sleeping. Or does this prediction using GMT time or what? If GMT then we have couple of hours for the world to end. Shhhish! All non-sense and yet many in thousands or may in millions had been fooled again after closing hours of year 2000. How many more of this kind of false prophecies to go through that will make us believe that what bible says is true and only true prophecies which have predicted ancient times and the future of what is coming? Please share! God bless!

  • Searcha, exactly! Nothing happened!!
  • It has been moved to 12 22 12. 
  • no, no, i feel something within me has changed, how about you?.....wait. nope, it's just gas.
  • while making their calendar, the mayans ran out of rocks when they got to dec 21, 2012. so they decided then that will be the end of the world.

  • if they were so advance like you say they were how come they got the crap kicked out them by the Spanish explorer man.
  • They weren't exactly tough like the Spartans, but they did some advance star tracking. Imagine keeping track of stars for more than 5000 years? Shit, that's a lot of generations.
  • dude we micronesian are advance more then the mayans in my view...HOW the heck our ancestors sail from one island to the next without knowing how to read the stars man,for thousands of years we micronesians have sailed the pacific without compass but by just lookin at the stars,another example look at pohnpei dude how did they build NON-MANDOL without using heavy equipments ha.
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