Top 3 users with most comments are all females. What does that indicate?



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    finally after 10,000 years of evolution and 10,000 years of guys taking care of the females,Now days is the females turn to take care of us dudes,come on guys dont get mad, think of it as a holiday for next 10,000 years, so sit on the couch open a can of cold beer and relax,let them females do their thang.
  • Threatened much guys? When u put down females to that extend, u were either dumped if ur a straight guy, or just have the worse case of v-envy for gay guys
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    stonez let me explain it to you,is like this----->V-envy is when a dude that use to be a dude act like a sissy boy and dresses like a chick and also wants have a V----A then a D---k.It can go both ways cause some chicks are acting like dudes we call them tomboys and they want the exact opposite of what the sissy boy wants.

  • Whoa there! Calm down everyone. That was simply a question if you can't answer it then please just move along. You're mad go make another thread and criticize whichever gender you dislike. This thread was not intended to be against the female gender. It's just asks a question comparing women in history with those now.

    Same thing with alcohol. Back then it was unlikely that you see groups of women drink publicly. Now it's a casual thing on Fridays.

    Guys on the other hand seemed to be more lazy. Back then men would go fishing, or work all day and not complain. Now it's a totally different story.  

  • i change my mind let them women do the dive fishing and coconut climbing man i take on changing the diaper shift,i can be a stay at home dad while she go fishing cause honestly if tired,itll be funny watching her climb up a coconut tree thought.
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    Btw I just got dumped by my boy friend. Now I am soo going to kick her fat ass for tempting him. I know it's not his fault. I'm sure. 
  • Some kind of liberal man you people are when you alluded "FEMALES is one of your most VALUABLES".  Now, it really show how much some micronesian men are, most narrow-minded people in this world.  In all Micronesian cultures, women played some of the most important roles where men do in outer places.  E.g. clanship mostly goes on our mother side and our lands are entrusted to women for safe-keeping and yet we downgrade women simple because they can't fish or climb coconut trees.  Are we practicing monkey culture?  Stop commenting in here when you are still breast-fed.
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    Exactly Nutcracker, in Yap that's the culture. There are lands though, that are not only entrusted but also owned by women. That only happens when the woman doesn't have any  brother, or the land owned is given from the grandmother as back up in case the husband leaves the wife.
  • Pohnpei is the opposite. The eldest male or first born male who inherited the land passed down by the father. But, in some cases (newly adapted), eldest female received the ownership title of land passed down from the parents. But, what common practice is, that femail inherited lands normally split up the lands with her younger brothers and sisters. Lak back me up mate if this is what you also have. Kelahngan.
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    Lak, with respect please don't treat me like female. We are both of same Gender. Only a male who ought to know how to respect. Out of wisdom not knowledge. meaning Less educated on intellectual part. But I bet, I'm a bit in a great shape of my respecting life. Since my breath is not as strong as before anymore. I would use em wisely and make sure I use them to make others happy and live with their true self. World today is as weird as we all aware of it already. Time is short for me to make use of what left. Thanks Lak.
  • Whether women on top or bottom, it doesn't matter because I still dictate the pace and the glorious dismount.
  • It does not mean anything. Just goes to say they have alot of freetime getting on the internet. What does it say about the way the world has changed? Nothing....I'm not being sexist, but what does posting in micsem have to do with how the world views female? My point exactly, nothing. 
  • Finally, glory days are over for you Ninsei.  Women are keen to have it their way, no matter how glorious it may end instead of how it went through.  They are not players but100% consumers in every which way but win.  Soon we will have a colony for every queens.
  • Whoooaaaa. You are not getting any of this.
  • WTH do you mean "what does this indicate?" It simply dictates that girls will be girls.... talk talk talk, yapidy papidy pooh
  • I guess Meze_ChUn told yall! lol
    @Reaper...ur funny!;))
  • you ever heard that saying that goes "boys R from Mars and girls R from Venus?
  • guys guys guys dont be jelly. NWO new world order um wrong wrong worng.. okay again NWO, new women order... accept it females will take over and rule the world. (%)
  • i thought they already did take over and rule it already.
  • now say they rule reaper---- =))
  • hey REAPER what side you on man???
  • im on the side that rule the world...hahaha
  • hahaha dude you smart, but anyways how was your trip to Vegas man? did you  hit some boontang while you were Sin city?
  • Be aware! Women Illuminati group! 
  • damn stonez them mainland boonthangs are easy to get man,all i had to say was im from hawaii and they were eating from the tip of my hand,ohh a word of advice them mexican girls may look hott but they smell a mighty fierce,no lie.
  • hahahhaha....dude they aint got no noni tree in vegas man.even if they did they wouldnt know what it was 4.heheh
  • hahaha yall funny! lol


  • It just reinforces the stereotype of the gossiping female that talks and talks whether or not she is informed or not about the topic at hand. Haha, joking. It is good for them to be involved in matters of interest. Keep it up.
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