What are your best ideas to improve our Education in the FSM?

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Since I really like the thread I post about our vernacular language and etc, what are the best suggestion would you share to improves our education in both vernaculare and english? In other word,(BALANCING). Thank you!!!


  • Education improvement? We need quality teachers. Ones who are passionate about teaching, has no temper issues, and at least a degree of some sort. 
  • Thank you Hidden. That's true I totally encourage your opinion.
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    Remember one of our games in the islands where two people hold hands together forming a square in the middle so one can sit and they carry that person. That's what we need...The teachers and parents are the two people holding hands and the student (child) is the one they carry...BALANCE! - Parents/Teachers Partnership
  • Thank you WAJm!!!

  • never mind them drunken teachers. have them students plugged in. let harvard, yale, princeton, etc provide online programs in local schools toward degrees and certificates....well you get the idea. try imagine a micronesia filled with rocket scientists and astronomers (the modern kind). the sky is never the limit.
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    ...And become an international threat? YSNP (Yap State Nuclear Program) on news headlines? I love it!
  • Emphasis on ENGLISH, MATH, and SCIENCE...Sport programs too
  • There is a ripple-effect in our education system.  First, the administration department and the school board. Second, the teachers and curriculum. And third, the parents.  We need to link these people so there is no gap in between them.  The administration or education department needs to inform the board in putting in place effective policies and the ability to enforce them.  The board members must be comprise of the stakeholders, meaning parents and not some prominent individuals in the Municipality who only look after their own interest.  Being a school board member wedge a lot of influences in the community especially unequal treatments of teachers as well as students.  The teachers shall have full support from the department and following the strict policy guideline from the board in order to maintain good performances from the teachers which will then results to outstanding achievements from students.  The parents must advocate the board for its effectiveness which their concerns shall come forth into PTA meetings. 

    Teachers are very well educated nowadays and the students performance has not improved but lack developments in all areas.  There is not really a problem with curriculum but the teachers' lack of good lessons in the classroom.  The standards have been set for achievement but always come short of worst expectation in some schools.  Most of the teachers in these schools have college degrees but their performances in the class are less satisfactory simply due to encouragement to abide their responsibilities.  Back in the old days, some of the teachers never finished high school but they were diligent in doing their jobs in school and especially discipling students whenever someone misbehaved or failed to perform according to his/her expectation.  Non-curriculum activities now are lacking the motivation for students to develop into maturity which then enable their mental capacity to accommodate learning skills.  Kids become irresponsible students which shall be reported to the parents for proper enforcement at home.  Parents usually left their children for the teachers for their upbringing even to teach them our culture and proper manners in school. 

    Our primary education is the most significant institution we first entered to which will then shape our personality in life.  If you were allowed to be inactive in school, most likely you'll achieve less in life and to you job performance is unproductive. During the Japanese administration, there were only three grades in school and those they did completed, did various governmental works including teaching.  Why can't we do the same after completed college or many years of education?

    Sorry, my two cents worth comments. 
  • Dear Northwestern educators,  could some or one of you enlighten us on your education reform meeting(s), more on what is the plan.  Perhaps folks in this forum will want to comment on your plans and maybe some have ideas that may be beneficial to your cause.  I, for one, would like to know what the plan is for the northwest.  If we need to create a seperate thread, do so and we can follow along.
  • Northwestern?...North West of where?
  • To my friend Hidden, Northwest of Chuuk I hope that what ngaan is talking about, Northwest of Chuuk consist of, Pafang, Weito and Pattiw. I hope this is write.
  • I see. I know there aren't any islands Northwest of Yap, and I don't know about Pohnpei and Kosrae.
  • Northwestern Pacific Educators?????
  • pacific educators??? is that a teachers union?
  • We need to inject some Shaolin wisdom into our schools.
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    Shaolin Wisdom? That's the one Johnny English got?

    Johnny:"She's the Killer from Hong Kong!"
    Pegasus: "That's MY MOTHER!"

  • Make the teachers earn their pay.
    Make the students earn their grade.
    Get rid of the administrators.
    Shut up the politicians.
    Put the neglectful parents in jail.

    Reward the good teachers.
    Award good students.
    Encourage the administrators to go into private business.
    Give politicians a free rein to liberate the educational system.
    Make parents see the value of honesty.

    God bless.
  • if they getting rid of the administrators then i would like to apply for the position cause i think I'm more qualify for the position.
  • Inject some concepts of BALANCE - WEST N' mE-CRONesia. 
    Start adult eduction that teaches about government and basic living in a "modern" work.
  • hmmmmmmm...interesting!!!
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