Whats new in Yap Besides ETG....anyone???



  • @lagoonclams, you are so right! Kosrae is smaller than Yap and had exported 200 farmed mangrove crabs to Guam and has the potential to export 500 a week. I believe I saw this in one of Mr. Norman's thread. 

  • I don't care if Yap prosper economically or heading for the gutters. All I care is I have a place to call home if I go back. ETG is neither good nor bad. We can make something good out of it and we can make something bad out if.. If we haven't already. I just hope our people and our government have our best interest at heart for the sake of home sweet home..
  • @lagoonclams, so, how you wish to pursue with your project in Yap? contact the department of resources and development @ 691 (350-2182) for more info....apply for FIP and SBL. the compact between the US and FSM will come to an end soon and we need investors to invest into our island. good luck!
  • No worries, it's all coming together, slowly but steadily. So far so good, I am waiting for the results of a marketing research in Japan, then I'll finish the business plan and look for investors. Hopefully we should be ready to start around the middle of next year, have my FSM visa already.
  • thanks to our yapese black teeth...
  • kasusu,
    you need not be sore. traditionally, yapese women used minerals mined from certain parts of yap island to turn their teeth ebony black. it is our tradtional custom. how about you, how did your women get their gold teeth from foreign men?
  • Heard a man with net worth of some 10 billion US dollars, yes 10 billion, was in Yap a few days ago. He might be interested in helping Yap economically but with little negative impact on the environment and the culture. I do not know if the Yap State Government Executive Branch is interested. 
  • There was also rumors of a billionaire who is interested in looking at opportunities in Yap. He is Five ten, weighs roughly 200lbs, and has a light to dark complexion. 
  • Yakumo, do you have a name of the billionaire? Thank you.
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    A new project of raising baby clams is in the works right now in Malay in Kanifay municipality.  If the project gets off the ground these baby clams will be exported!  
  • That is the type of investment that is good for Yap and the FSM. Export oriented which brings money into the FSM and not out thru imports. It is friendly to the environment and provides jobs for the local people.

    The balance of trade in the FSM is in favor of imports which is very bad for the local economy because when we import we send money outside to buy the things to sell in FSM. So money goes out to someone somewhere outside of the FSM.
  • Just like Gatuw mentioned, Yap can make something good out of ETG and I say the same thing with Casino.
  • Sure it make something good for people like Vincent Figir, Sabestian Anefal and all those who stand to gain. What about the simple Yapese and their children and future generations of Yapese. Where will they be when the Chinese has taken over the islands in 20-25 years from now? Are you going to say the same thing you are saying now?

    Let the Yapese people to go school, learn the ways of running business and other needed skills, come back and develop their own islands and own their own businesses and run their own government and stay on their own lands and follow their own cultures.

    You will survive even if the USA does not give you a penny today. You are blessed on the things that can grow on the land and what is in the ocean. You have people living outside who can help in educating your young for a better future. You do not have to do it all right now. That is what those who want to manipulate you want you to think.

    If casino and gambling is bringing problems to every parts of the world gambling is being operated, what makes you think Yapese will know how to prevent those problems. Yap does not have the knowledge nor the experience, not the resources to deal with the problems. They they can control them. But look at the situation now. Who is being controlled already. The Chinese are already controlling the minds and behaviors of their supporters, blinding them to the promise of riches at the expense of their very own people. One of the ETG supporters in Yap has stated he will become a millionaire before he reaches 70 years old. What is driving him? Is it his love and concern for his people, or is it his greed for money?
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    Since you know it all, can you tell us what former gov Vincent figir and Sabestian Anefal again?
  •  can you tell us what former gov Vincent figir and Sabestian Anefal again? 

    Again,,,,,or gain?  Which one do you mean, Garim?
  • Garim.

    Do you really think Anefal and Figir will reveal the information?

    Why did not Anefal revoke the agreement with ETG when he learned the Yapese people do not want it? He wrote to ETG recommending its termination. Did he knowingly trapped the Yapese people? Did he unknowing committed Yap to something Yap cannot get out of?

    Word is that Figir is spending money which is beyond his income level. Where is all this money coming from?
  • Tell us truthfully TruthIsThat where Atefon Figir got the money. You should have known since you are talking about it. Be fair. Don't dwell on hearsay. Or you resort back to your character assassination of Yapese leaders.
  • kinen.

    Tell us where he got his money to fly to China and have his picture in the news with ETG Deng Hong and other ETG officials and public figures from Yap and the FSM?
  • And someone please tell us how someone can drink and treat people to drinks at the prices of beer in Yap two to three times a week and on special occasions while receiving a government salary and without owning a business.
  • Let yap and yapese decide if this is g or b for them.
  • TruthisThat, you brought it up that both yap governors gain from ETG, so tell us what is it that both of them gained?
  • Yap is land and money rich, the biggest money in the whole wide world.  We only want to try US money but actually not a need, we can survive without it!

  • I see you just accused them in your head without evidence, you want something from the Chinese? lol
  • A new project of raising baby clams is in the works right now in Malay in Kanifay municipality.  If the project gets off the ground these baby clams will be exported!  
  • TruthIsThat I don't know the lives of those fine gentlemen; therefore I don't unfairly talk about them.
  • I am asking rhetorical questions. I am not accusing.
  • Those are NOT rhetoric questions. They are accusing statements, hello.
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