Facebook contributed to couple's divorce

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I was reading the news this morning and what do you know, there is a statistics column that shows a growing number of divorce happening due to FB. The following article showed a picture of a court proceeding where some guy was testifying for something.  The title of the article is the title of this topic. Anything like this happening in your part of the world, where ever it may be?


  • It's the same with that break-break control stuff.
  • I'd like to think that more should be said about the parameter of such a study, and the nature of the sample population. It might not truly represent the nature of the general population, therefore, precision and accuracy of such a study may somehow be questionable, considering the size of the FB population.
  • lol @ break-break control. that shit is fukn annoying!
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    Im not sure how they conducted the study and compile the stats, but I do know that fb offers you that sense of control where you are in your own private world protected by a screen infront of you. That person you always dreamt of becomes reality. You realize that you do have friends, virtual in a sense, yet real because they are on the opposite side of the screen and you know that they exist.  You share a little of your life for your friends to see and the next thing you know you are posting away as if the whole world cares who you are. You get a few likes here and there and you start wondering if that person really likes you. Then, for some reason you start thinking that you really are popular. lol
  • Quite interesting Rohpehr,

    However, to be honest with you, there is really no sure thing in life except, death and taxes.

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  • FACEBOOK, BREAK CONTROL AND OTHER SITES ARE KILLING YOUR COMMUNITIES.  There are more to the net than what Micronesia is aware of.  Many parents mistakenly become very proud when their children are spending lots of time on the net ~ thinking they are studying, little do they know that they might be at risk.  A friend is putting together some resources for Ms. Anamota to post them on this site.

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  • How r they killing our communities? how did community got killed like u said?

    This is KGMB 9 breaking news.
    On our top story 2night community got killed on her way to school,more info after the the brief commercial break.
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    Merry x-mas CJ.

    But I would like to also know how facebook and other sites ruining or killing our communities? The phones are trying to sell are probably capable of accessing those sites your just said that kills our communities.

    @reaper, Correction: Community got killed after logging into a school library computer. The FBI has now confiscated all the school computers and are now checking the web history of all the Computers. Mr. Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook is now held at a secure safe-house for interrogation. 
  • hahahaha i knew that zuckerberg was a bastard....poor community,she never got to live a long live.....hahha
  • Yea, I also heard that Vibrators and Batteries are linked to the increase in divorce. A source who wants to remain anonymous stated that vibrators are vibrating across the country and making couples want to divorce...
  • hahaha i  bet they made the FBI wanted list..haha
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    Just reading the break, break words remind me that this situation occurred among our fellow Marshallese people and if its not than sorry for interrupting. 
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    You sound inferential. You may very well be portraying a true representation of a populace. Where would that be?
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    dude pek u got that right plenty of marshallese are into that break break control thing man,THATS WHERE MY COUSIN MET HIS WIFE....get this thought on the phone she sounded like jessica alba then when it came to real life she look like that chick from that sci-fi moviE JESSICA.....HAHAHA
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    Good one Reaper,

    It should be as good as sex; however, back to the topic of facebook causing divorce, I would think that this is some kind of implied statistics or study. Facebook do not and can not possibly have sensory stimulator that would urge or encourage partners to cheat on each other, although it make it more easier for one party to communicate, plan and share anything with the other.

    I believed comcast revealed the result of some surveys they conducted, of which they determined, based on evidence gathered, that facedbook produced more evidence in divorce proceedings, discounting such claim that facebook cause separations among couples: couples cause their own separation.

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    theres another solution....Here it is for them married couple to have a joint facebook account,so that they both can see what each other is doin.
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