FSM is a disgusting place: Its people are filthy

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It is


  • Auch! Thank you Yakumo... You are beautiful... What an ass!
  • Yakumo, I hope your not one of those who born and raised up this those places. 

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Granted some places have trash strewn all over. Some places have betel nut spit, wad, and cans or bottles full of the used betel nut wad and spit, pigs running around and other other types of eyesores. But then again, where in the world do one find the every inch of space clean? Micronesia is still fortunate to still have its oceans clear, pristine and non-toxic and their rivers and creeks still usable. Also, the people's still speak mostly family-friendly language, unlike other areas where every other words that come out of a person's mouth is foul and profane.

    What do say, we all try to keep Micronesia clean, for us and for our children and their children. god bless.
  • lol...it hurts, doesn't it? Truth hurts but it hurts even more when one of your very own says it to your face. I'm glad something as stupid as this turned your head. You were compelled to defend "FSM" as soon as you saw the disgust behind what was written. I bet you if I replaced the word "FSM" with "CHUUKESE" the input and the reaction would have been different. Instead of condemning what I wrote, you probably would have praised it! Disgusting people is exactly what I am getting at! Shame on you!
  • So your are indeed referring to Chuukese...
  • You are all beautiful. Keep a positive outlook. God bless.
  • Rohpehr, I'm talking about you, your family, and the likes of your kind who are ignorant. Was that the answer you wanted to hear? 
  • I think you meant so to say your mama and her relatives from chuuk. yes, a nasty bunch...
  • Lol....Rohpehr's hurt....what a crybaby! Man up or get the hell out. I do not have the patience to deal with sensitive crybabies like yourself.
  • You're the one who started the topic so you should man up yourself. Let truth be revealed, Chuuk is the dirtiest and most discusting place in the FSM. There are no rivers there and during droughts people don't shower.
  • Rohpehr, what? lol...Ig NO Rance! Come closer so I can teach you a thing or two about "facts," my friend. So because there are no rivers, Chuuk is ugly and dirty? Additionally, when water is scarce, say during a drought, people do not shower? LOL, puhleeeeze! It's as if Chuuk is not surrounded by water...I wrote this especially for your kind who are quick to point their fingers at their neighbors. Maybe it's my way of identifying the "filth" I refer to in my post. The filth that is you! 
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    ahahah, yes you admit it in your ealier posts that the truth hurts, well eat your own medicine. You started this thread so what can you say about the filth that litter your little islands?
  • What? Okay Rohpehr, 1 plus 1 is 2, not 11. All I can say is this....you're an idiot! lol..
  • Stay put because i will ask you a lot of questions and if your can pursuade me that Chuuk is none of the above, then it is not a discusting place with filthy people.
  • well, your topic generalizes all Micronesian (FSMers) so let's dig for some truth to such claim. You and I both know that no one can take bath in salty water withour rinsing off with some fresh water. In other words, your claim that Chuuk is surrounded with water is absurd.

    Now, go to all FSM States and pay close attention to cleanliness. Generally speaking Chuuk is far a mile the most dirtiest. Don't you agree?

  • While you are correct that I might have generalized the group in discussion, I do not think I wrote "micronesians." I specifically wrote FSM, so that in and of itself should not have confused anyone. Is there any other FSM that you know of? If I had any interest in a specific FSM state, don't you think I would have written my thread differently? and you need not rinse off with fresh water after bathing in the ocean. And is it really absurd to say that Chuuk is surrounded by water? Is Chuuk not an island? Kaddamit, what are you, a 3rd grader? 
  • oh, I agree the topic speaks for itself in that we are limiting it to just the FSM so let's keep it within our backyard. well, why don't we start by pointing out some States in the FSM that you have seen covered with filth and disgusting people?
  • Being that you are Chuukese and probably have lived abroad for a while now, are you forgetting your roots and where you came from?
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    Let me remind you that I am not a Chuukese. I have lived all my life in the FSM, only travelling abroad when necessary. The reason why I say filthy and disgusting is because that's the truth. If you have been listening to the tone of forumers, you will find that a majority of them see the FSM as divided. If even those who are educated and have the knowledge to change FSM only sees negativity in FSM's future, what message does that send to the youth of FSM? No message whatsoever. In fact, it only fires the negativity that exists in our communities. I have not forgotten my roots as I am an active member of my community, both in the traditional and the not so traditional, or as my neighbor likes to call it, Ameriken style. You see, when I wrote this, I knew for a fact that a majority of response I will get will most likely be an all out attack on Chuuk.  
  • yakumo,


    sounds like you are a very intelligent individual. Any solutions to the dilemma?

  • Thank you Yakumo for showing us the mirrior about our FSM. You spoke the truth and therefore right away brought about response in defense of our FSM. The truth always hurts but we, the FSM citizen must take what you said about us and endeavor to make it better.

  • I agree with this thread. FSMers need to shaved up and make their place a beautiful place.
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    @Yakumo, my reply to your very first post I would humbly say, it is not right. Tho FSM people may have those ups and downs yet many are still able to live happily. It maybe just your own way of seeing them, but everyone are striving for a better living and change no matter how long will it takes no matter how filthy we might look the way others sees it. But we are still thankful for everything we learn in time of struggles and time of happiness. We need to shape up but will take time. Things don't just come together as we expected. If you are impatient about this, try more harder because what you are asking or looking for will not come tomorrow. So, bear with me, and pray about it, the change is approaching.
  • From my own observation, I Know from experiences that Yap is the  cleanest states among the FSM states. Their Mandaray hotel is a wrold class,  Yap divers is a world class as well, the ocean prestine clear, Island is litter free and  its the best place to visit in Micronesia.. 
  • From my own observation, I know from experiences that State of Yap is the cleanest among the FSM states.

    Mandaray hotel and  Yap divers are wrold class, ocean is super clear and Islands is litter free.. The best to visit among FSM states.

  • But we stand out with our uniqueness of culture to behavior! The respect found here on the islands cannot be found anywhere that I can think of. Imagine killing a person either intentionally or by accident, apologizing can keep you out of the legal actions, if this was America, your  a ’hole would be in jail!  I am not saying it’s right that we apologize and not go to jail cuz sometimes its not! Like those that rape they should be in jail until the Day Jesus will come, if ever!  <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    So all in all,, yes FSM  has bads/goods but it is not fair to say that we are disgusting and filthy cuz we are trying!

  • Yakumo my friend. If you are that concern and from one FSM states, please help us clean up our mess. In fact, you have done the first part of your contribution in the wake of cleaning out the rubbish by boldy saying it out loud in this forum. Now, you know that it will take more than one or thousands to fix this problem but it must take the entire population of the nation to start working toward this goal of "Word Clean Up Day" by adapting the thought into their daily activities and only then we can all see and achieved what you and I would like to see. Right? This means the man behind the laws of protecting violators from breaking them to ensure cleanliness we all wan to see, must not should but do their job and make sure that violators are brouht to justice and dealt with accordingly  if they chose to continue to and willfully breaking these laws. I also believe that awarness education must be strengthened to ensure that people are fully and informed well in advance priort to imposement of the laws and regualtions of the maintenance of the beauty of our islands.

    This is my half cent to this post. Cheers!


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