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    Bill, curious..."Lee Lacocca slashed his own salary to $1 per year"? Is/was he a Chrysler's CEO?

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    Wow!!!! I can't believe how some people can praise or even like leaders who has a big mouth and no progress at all. This is why we cannot have improvement cause some of us just looking down to their tows and walk, instead looking a little straight ahead. LEADERS? Do you guys sure you guys knows the meaning of leader/leadership? If so, than why are you guys never become one of them leaders? 
  • You just have to believe in yourself that all things are possible then you walk the talk not just talk the talk :-??
  • Hitler is the ideal leader. There are over 7 Billion people on earth. Lol.
  • remember, without hitler there wouldn't be any israel nation today. without hitler, germany would have been transformed from a christian nation (martin luther's) to a jewish nation run by proud jewish bankers. hitler is no different from nebuchadnezzar or pharoh, they were all great leaders and oppressors of the jews. hitler was a leader who brought the best out of germany. texas-sized germany has since been a great nation. hail fuhrer!
  • Leaders Compass

    Who I am, What I believe, What I value by Lewis Howes

    • I am a self-governing individual who values a higher sense of right in order to make decisions in life.

    • I am an individual who values honest, passionate, and unconditional friendship, always wanting to improve the friendships I have, and gain trust and respect from the people I do not know

    • I understand that I am created from a more powerful source than man, and therefore I strive towards exemplifying a spiritual basis and awareness with every waking moment.

    • I am constantly growing, learning, discovering, and becoming more developed as an individual daily.

    • Every day I succeed. There is no failure. My seeming failures are actually moments in time that help to expand my thought, enabling me to become more aware of my surroundings, which leads me to success.

    • I am constantly changing; adapting to the demands of everyday life. Each moment my body is different than the moment before, so is my thought. This is true because it is always a different moment in time; therefore everything has already changed from the previous moment.

    • I am a loving, warm hearted, giving, selfless, hard working, passionate, competitive, unique individual, and at the same time a part of the one spiritual connection throughout all thinking and thought.

    • I do not hide the fact that I have many faults, and in no way shape or form am I perfect. I have definitely lived a life of greed, selfishness, hatred, anger, disrespect, betrayal, lust, and dishonesty. These things I am not proud of, but at the same time I appreciate, embrace, and value them as much as anything else. For without these mistakes and faults, I would not be able to understand how amazing the life of a higher standard or value is. For I would be in the middle, never feeling anything, no pain, and no love, just a mediocre feeling of nothingness. I would much rather be aware and have experienced what hurts my friends, the society, and myself over never knowing, and being mediocre.

    • I believe that every individual has an endless amount of potential. All they need is someone or something to help direct their path towards finding their greatness.

    • I value God, Family, Friends, Teachers, Coaches, Education, Honesty, Unconditional Love, Respect, Accountability, Hard Work, Dreaming in the seeming unattainable and attaining it, the inspiration I receive from successful Dreamers, and the small moments in life that create warmth in our hearts.

    My Leadership Goals

    • Be Willing To Grow
    • Work Harder and Smarter than anyone else
    • Always be Grateful
    • Always be Selfless
    • Never be Satisfied
    • Love Everyone and Everything
    • Live right Now
    • Give my Best at all Times
    • Think on Spirit, not on Matter
    • Believe in God, not in Man
    • Always look inward and upward, not outward
    • Believe in the power of an idea
    • Trust and know that all is well
    • Never give up on in
    • Live the Dream

  • Agreed upon..hehehe :-w
  • Thanks and happy holiday season's greetings to you and everyone in here.
  • Thank you all and thank you Mercy for the information you share.
  • =D>Joy to the world.
  • Reverse it back to you my friend, pekalong.. :-c
  • Thank you my friend,Hutcoffee.... :)>-
  • Good leader must learn to serve
  • Lead gracefully and satisfy most of the folks you are leading. Show them that you care for them and that you can lead them. Improve their lives, by contributing to their lives material things that even if you did, they would right away know it. For example, Leo A. Falcom. He gave the first COLA for all government positions, from the very least to the very top. Eventhough the young folks no nothing about it. He gave on to their salaries,

     $ 44.00. this is material contribution.


  • Well..My friend "Oalong" that shows leadership to me I guess..hehehheh..good job :-w
  • Is that all my friend "corsican"? lol


  • You welcome my friend, "pikalong":)
  • a leader is not an easy role... is someone who has a big mind and can deal with critisism and motivate others when himself/herself is not feeling motivated. And can take in alot of burdens or pain and still do his/her role of leading. At the same time is your friend, not just a talker but a doer, example setter.like obama
  • Oh comn my friend "iguess",.. you're saying that Obama is a talker, not a doer? heheh..ps clarify that..:)


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    Just reading all the insights above make to realized how many great leaders who are surfing in this forum. I wish that you all have decided to run for the legislatures, governor or Lt. governor or maybe congressman. You guys are awesome in explaining about this thread. Holiday season's greetings to you all.
  • Acksioyun spiiiks louwhder daaghn wouhrds. We probably know, how a great leader is supposed to be, but trying to be that good leader is gonna be difficult. 
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    So after reading what everyone's contributed as his/her opinion on what makes a good leader, I am compelled to add my very own as well. Well, you see, to be a good leader, one must simply execute to a minimum, all the tasks that are assigned to him/her, nothing more nothing less. After all, we are talking about "good" as opposed to "great," "excellent," etc right?. So to make it even more simpler than what many of you have tried and failed to convey, everyone's a good leader, just not great. What's the difference? Well, anybody can be good.

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    In that case, we may have known already, that we do not need good leader or good leadership. Rather, we needed exceptional leader or leadership.
  • Wow! Unimaginable how good you people are. I salute you guys for that.

    =D> =D>
  • I think all it takes is "Honesty, Open minded, and Willingness". :D
  • A leader who see whats value in life in general from Government perspective, private  business communities and the individual citizen, that determination and passion, plus dignity and integrity...
  • Can someone please explain a little the difference between good and faithful? 

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