Why do we live life?

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i'm honestly puzzled. atleast why do live yours? purpose? why do people do the things they do? why do we breathe? if there is a god, why does he want from me? what does god want me to do? why was i even born? do i live to make myself happy or there is more to life? i'm clueless


  • I will also guess using my own understanding and i hope other friends in here will be keen to correct or stretch the emphasis to reach at least what iguess will land is plane on.

    1. why do live yours? purpose?

    One thing for sure because of someone greater than me mold me into his plan of creation and two to serve my creator.

    2. why do people do the things they do?

    Because our creator made us to have freedom to do what we want and not to do be forced to

    3. why do we breathe?

    Because our body need to breath in order to sustain or live

    4.  if there is a god, why does he want from me?

    Because God is the creator of Human beings and was to restore the original design that was corrupted it.

    5. what does god want me to do?

    God want us to do good to everyone

    6. why was i even born?

    God has purpose for every human born to this world and that which to proclaim the good news to other fallen brothers and sisters.

    7. do i live to make myself happy or there is more to life?

    Exactly! but as long as what you do in this life is a betterment of all people and sometimes you'll have to let go of self in order to fulfill the purpose why you are here.

    This is just some simple reflection from own knowing and I am sure there are more better inputs from other friends in here. Cheers!


    ESAPW WISACH, EN ME NGANG PWE SIPWE E-I MET KOKON EMON ME EMON MEREN ACH IWE SAMOL!   It is an individual calling.  You can not validate it or dis validate it.  eSAPW wisach..

    Use mo sinei ika met wisei meren Kot, nge ngang mi sinei nge a ngeni ei tufichin wewe, paracho, nikutu, mecheresin ekiek me pwan enenia ei non neni mi ochupor me auchea met upwe kaeo seni pun epwe nounou ngang.  (Naman ngang emon "sounfiu"??/ dunno, Ach hisotry e wusen aitikich me amasowa nguuch, nge kich emon me emon sipwe pusin kutta mte ach kenna nifang me tufich, iwe sia katon ika epwe met popun!! 

    Ika Kot a fang ngonuk matik, iwe naman en chon atake.  Ika Kot a fang ngonuk pin en chon mak, ika kot a fang nognuk ... KESE TONGENI KOPWE KUTTA IFAN AN EMON KOKO OM KOPWE USE CHUUKESE STYLE MEASUREMENTS.  It is an individual matter - it is something that has to come from nepopun ngasangas me ekiek.   Tumunuw kete ekiekin fotuki noun emon map, e mwan fetanin GPS. 

    Non kapung iwe all parties must make known any kind of relations they might have with everyone involved in the kapung.  Epwe pwata REKAN IEI!!  Pun kich aramas futuk, aramas apangang ~ ese wor emon epwe tongeni kuna me tongeni epeti enna "unknown' and individual emotions... to ensure fair judgement and true JUSTICE ~ all those with conflict of interest must ~ by law, remove themselves from the case.

    Pwan usun chok om kopwe judge others and their duties and true intentions. 

    Just some pennies to hang around your nickels in case you come out short at the register.

    Pwan enen, pwan sopekeno... kinisou 
  • To multiply and full-fill our role in the food chain. 
  • Exactly, you got it there HIdden.
  • Iguess you were born a sperm and an egg met and made you. do you have another purpose? to die at old age
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    to live the life Jesus had and prepare your life after death to safe your soul from damnation and to live eternal in heaven... thats life!
  • Mercy, so you were born to live the life jesus had? MMMM, in other words, you were born to live the life of another? just doesn't make sense. if you were born to live the life of another and not yours, what meaning does it have for you, as the individual, to simply relive the life of another?
  • God gave His only begotten son to safe us from our  adversary so, by His love he(God) want us to be safe and in order to do just that He want us to live the life of His son to be save....that simple!
  • So you belief that you were born to live your life like Jesus did so you can be saved? If that is the only reason why you think you were born, god help you! Look beyond what is written in the bible. It is a man made book, written in man-made letters! Do me a favor, will you? Live your life! Quit living it like it was a book.
  • Thank You Yakumo, matter fact, i will live my life just like i told from the scripture...
  • Pek! r u okay? do you also agree that the reason for God putting us here a side from replenising the earth is to fulfill the food chain. I thought food chain methodology is what science believe which I believe it is its believe theory on evolution. Isn't it? Correct please brother. Cheers!

  • born from a hole, looking for a hole and will die in a hole...life is short, enjoy to the fullest. any suggestions?
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    Do we really live this life in search of happiness?  Happiness in this world is not everlasting and happiness in eternal life as promised by "Bible" will be everlasting.  Which one will you choose?

    Let's define happiness?  Happiness is a state of mind where your desire has been satisfied.  Simply you can obtain happiness from fantasy if removing reality consciousness.  That's what drug users are doing by trying to remove some senses of reality.  Sexual desire is automatic and love is rational, therefor marriage is the complete structure for social development and genealogy.

    Do we really have some divine purpose in life?  Do dogs and cats have purpose in life?  Do dogs and cats have families?  Yes and no.  Yes, they gave birth to their young but as soon as they were raised, the depart without any recognition of kinship. Human is more advance specie which they have consciousness and love to recognize their genealogy.  The consciousness to follow some moral principles and the love depicting some advanced (divine) force or energy.  That we recon that they might be some super being controlling our destiny as our purpose in life.
  • We live to have a life and enjoyed this mother earth.
  • i'm humbly listening. i know everyone in here are older and rich in experience...so are you lakidurdz

    your words can save a life one day or today.

  • Another word folks, can anyone live death?
  • Death is not an end but a transformation to another life and place.  Take a look at some of NDE esp. this one: http://heavenisforreal.net
  • i don't know nemesis, but i can't swallow that..nor can i state my belief in the existence of heaven and hell and the salvation thing nor can i swallow. Because if i can't even answer my own questions on the earth, then death and beyond is still a longshot. Like i said i am puzzled by the different walks of life and denominatons out there, I have experienced catholic church, baptist, protestant, pysbeterian,seventh-Day and my observations on the sermons and how people live their lives and i'm now in a state of shock or confusion. And i'm having second thoughts on visiting the mormon, jehovah and others, Just so i can sit down and brainstorm about my experiences so now i'm here in the middle of this journey of self-discovery and it's crazy already... : @-)
  • Iguess, do not judge others in their doing as it will confuse you.  Stick to what you want to do.  There will be a reason to things different from others as you feel justify to do good to others than to yourself.  You will feel satisfied afterward.  More satisfy than any accomplishment in your life.  Then you know you have fulfill one of your purposes in life.

    Our own accomplishments are purposeful to others as others to you.
  • There are different world views out there ,,but the one that I'm convinced of that it gives the most compelling answers to your wonderings is that world view of Yehashua, the one Christians speak of as the truth himself...I challenge you to put him to test,,,,,take the bible as it is and read its approach to value,purpose,,and the reason to even ask why you asked right now....you'r wonderings are a true sign of wanting to know the purpose of all existing...unless you reduce your self existence to that of a fish or bacteria, then any question of life is of your is not a question and not answer to it..every true questions has an answer.my friend,,,, my bible begins by saying IN THE BEGINING.....I TRUST THAT YOU WILL BE SERIOUS IN YOUR INQUIRY TO THE MOST DIFFICULT BUT IMPORTANT LIFE QUESTIONS...AND ONLY IN THE WORDS OF SCRTURE WHERE I FOUND AND TRUST YOU WILL FIND THE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS... IT IS LOGICAL TO BEGIN WITH THE CREATOR,,,ORIGINATOR OR THE BGINING WHEN THE QUESTIONS OF PURPOSE AND MEANING ARISE.....SHALOM....
  • shalom malika rems, your down-to-earth and real bible-reading i've read the bible many times..I know God is real but some other things i don't know,for example  like heaven,hell,salvation and talks of it being a propoganda. I don't even want to challenge the guy from upstairs i know he can end my life at his will, but nevermind about that i don't want to go into details i might be sinning or something..But I am not judging nemesis, I'm just confused...Iam not looking down on anybody, I respect their beliefs, BUT i just can't swallow things fast like others,Yes i'm stubborn whatever you want to call me... You know like try to see this. okay there are people in this world who's mind is set on making money 24/7 they're good at it and are doing it still, doesn't even pray. There are poor people need money and have little to no chance of making enough for the long run, There are good people who never drink or smoke and all of a sudden get cancer, and people who serve the other god opposite of the one above and still living well and successful, others who uses darkthings to destroy others lives on purpose, some other disturbing things i don't want  to talk about from different walks of life that i only see on CNN. Which is a realtiy everyday living to other people...Now why am i lucky and they have to suffer??, you know i'm not acting like mr.perfect and all but why, Why can't those people stop suffering, what does god want me to do??? is it good for me to just mind my own biz and let them suffer?? is there more to life than this, than what i'm leaving,breathing, seeing???why are other people born into this world in a much tougher or colder situation that i'm in. You don't have to answer it's a handful but just somethings i think about from time to time...

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    We were only supposed to keep a sufficient population to maintain a balance. By eating what we ate, our food didn't over populate the earth. By being eaten, our population was supposed to stabilize. But then, as a result of striving for survival our brains over developed. Now our concerns are no longer about maintaining a balance. We're obsessed about finding happiness in this life, and hopefully extending that happiness to the after-life. We've developed medicines, we've fucked the atmosphere, we kill each other over natural resources, we force other species into extinction...etc. 

    For every moral thing we do for the sake of ourselves entering heaven, we are being selfish. Why are we burdening our selves searching for happiness?? Or securing our entrance to heaven?? Quite similar to a dog chasing it's tail there's no end to it. I would rather smoke a joint. But hey, being lazy is against human culture not a days. Popular trend is overworking ourselves daily. Shitt...We're fucked. 
  • Looking to this day for it is life, the very life of life, within it brief span lies all the varieties and realities of your existence. The bliss of growth the glory of action the splendor of beauty. For yesterday is but a dream but tomorrow is but a vision. but today well lived make every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of HOPE. Look well therefore to this day .....

    Bruce Lee.....
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