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Her words are red
The most I've read

His words are foolish
his thoughts are published

Her beliefs are strong
Can't prove her wrong

His grammar's right
but usually quiet

Her words religious
Her ways are righteous

He is new
His rhymes are true

Please share us some poetry. However, please I beg you guys not to copy paste. Please compose and post originals. This poem is dedicated to, Pekalong, Hidden, Faith, Forte, Ssearcher1, and me!! :D

Explanation: Pekalong types in red, and she currently has the most posts, hidden believes in foolish things, and posts a lot of published articles, faith is faithfully strong, and faith cannot be proven wrong, forte knows his grammer, but does not post when there is no need to, Ssearcher is always about religion, and she seems to be righteous, and I am new, sorry for judging others, but this is my little peice of rhyme, which I think is true. 


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    Thank you very much Teflon!! I appreciate it!! Just so you know, my beliefs are more logical, and my published posts are info that I found elsewhere and I thought that it would be nice if I share them with all of us. 

    Anyways, I will compose. 

    *Posted below.
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    You go by the worst name Teflon 
    Your race color, brown 
    The Dog is gone
    But you still smell strong!
    What a turd, what a piece of stool
    You just broke my number 1 rule
    you're f***ed, it's uncool
    Before your thread, you was a friend
    Now I hate you, you've decended
    Telling me that I'm foolish, S**t I'm offended
    Now better make sure that you're defended
    I may be wrong in my beliefs
    But that aint a good enough reason to start a beef
    What yall believe in, yall think it's right
    thinking it's bright
    not realizing that there is no light!
    I won't surrender my fight!
    Loosing is just unfamiliar!
    Yall claim that I'm a liar
    That I'll be burning through fire
    and that what heaven require
    I don't desire
    But I don't understand
    How am I the liar?
    Your points are hopeless, out-manned
    Is reasoning banned?
    Why can't yall open your eyes?
    Can't yall open em wide?
    I mean, can't none of yall realize
    that your claims are dried?
    lacking truth, it's fried
    Is God really in the sky?
    Aren't your prayers denied?
    What does the Bible imply
    when it preaches 
    not to hustle for riches
    even though it itches?
    To the religious groups, does this also apply?
    Last question, I just can't help but wonder
    Are the Catholic churches
     lead by greedy creatures?
    always collecting
    always spending
    Does it ever have an ending?
    Forget it don't answer em, I should end this
    This the 47th line including the last
    Consider this a warning, I am a nice Guy, and yes I finish last
    Just know that next time I won't take any misfire
    Anything your say against me, there won't be no ceasefire
    F**k it, peace, I forgive you
    What ever hate I had, consider it the past
    Ima take a break, S***t, Ima need a chew.
  • Hidden the syllables don't match. You clearly, don't know what true poetry. Your rhyme just shows how ignorant and dumb you are. Now when people will read what you wrote. They won't feel enthusiastic about this thread anymore, thanks to you.

    Please everyone ignore hidden.
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    Teflon, poetry is art, and art has no limits. You're probably reading it like a literature poetry recital for some 3 graders. My poem is more rap-lyric type. I know it's a wannabe one, but it's art, and it can't be wrong. I think you're missing out the music to it. 

    Here it is. Thanks to Scareface production.
  • Teflon, you strap it on
    Its drippin's gone

    What good your job 
    If there's still drop

    Hidden can't hide
    'cause he's got much pride

    The face looks red
    But speak the head

    So true you two
    I thank you too

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    Sinbad is bad
    Teflon's a fag
    Now I'm sad
    I'll lower my flag

    ETG's bad
    The people are mad
    Now I'm sad 
    I'll lower my flag

    FSM's bad
    It's like a rag
    Now I'm sad
    I'll lower my flag

    Can't work together
    Were doomed forever
    Now I'm sad
    I'll lower my flag

    Can't think like adults
    Can't admit my faults
    Now I'm sad
    I'll lower my flag

    I now feel guilty
    Please forgive me
    I will never brag
    Won't raise my flag.

  • Sorry that I don't have poet to post, but from a friend of mine. I just want to share this piece of amazing part of life of how people see Jesus in different way. I hope you'd all like it. 
  • micronesia, the nation which i came froms.
    micronesia, a land of four kingdoms.
    micronesia, our mamas and our papas.
    small islands sleeping under the stars.
    united we can go way fars.
    Lay down your flags of rags.
    And i will lay down my nylon tags.
    Chemicals is the dirty,
    Too much Teflon is a illy,
    Lil wayne just retired silly,
    Chemicals is the dirty.
    I rest my case like a lawyer,
    The jury has spoken,
    You are guilty,
    Yes your novel is written by Tom Sawyer.
    Piss not Peace. Off not Out.

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    God is good
    Provides our food

    Protects from danger
    Our plans' arranger

    He's the creator
    He loves all haters

    He's the greatest, nothing's greater
    He loves us all even the traitors

    I may be weak
    and strength I seek

    I cannot stand, I can only sleep
    This I hate, it makes me weep

    Accept his love and bury it deep
    For its a treasure that all must keep

    His forgiveness cannot be measured
    Unlike riches, and human pleasures

    Lord I heard about your mercy
    I heard it's sweet, sweeter than Hershey
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    Coconut trees and a wonderful breeze
    When seen and felt, it makes me freeze
    Beautiful Islands, and clean blue seas
    makes visitors kneel upon their knees
    Such stunning scenes, all eyes it please

    Hear beautiful voices flow through the breeze
    I stand and listen, again I freeze
    They come to shore, out from the seas
    Mermaids!! Mermaids!! I fall on my knees
    I spoke to one, "Come with me please."

    I begged mightily, "You're all I need"
    She nodded gently, I'm finally freed!
    My worries gone, I'm a new breed!
    For all people worry as if it's a need
    Alongside her beauty, I just can't bleed

    Her name is home, she's all we need
    Upon her we wander, we all feel freed
    We are one, maybe a new breed
    We are one, each other we need
    We are strong, can't wound, can't bleed
  • peotry is a english word.
    english is to england, we is to we.
    Where fruits and flowers bloom wildly,
    and shorelines breezes gently,
    Each a representing the heritage,
    Ancestry is a very long lineage,
    stonehedge to stonemula,
    opium to grand kava,
    we is to we, unique is to unix, forgetta mazetta,
    Eh different colors are we, from A to Z
    Ancestry is a mix, what are we?, unix
    Play me a tricks, Try to built eh bricks on my land
    It's not about eh grand, Its more about hand-to-hand,
    What we have is original, What they live for is artifical,
    Poetry is a english word.

  • I like that one!!
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    Chewing goes far way way back
    If done so frequent, you're teeth gets black
    If you don't know, don't think it's whack
    Must chew to know, it's better than crack
    Some people claim, they chew way back
    Oh please don't lie, or you'll get whacked
    Unless you're from the west, Belau
    That's an exception, that they'll allow
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    Obama the Micronesian

    We blame the Gov, 
    We show no love
    But we're the Gov
    So show some love
    Our problems are not fixed from above
    Rather from unity, there's "Just one love."
    Our problems rise just like a flood
    But we don't fight it, like we share blood
    We moan and whine and point our fingers
    We blame and fight, accuse our neighbors
    Oh c'mon please, is this our country?
    Try stop and think, should we be happy?
    Shouldn't we see, we need to change??
    Change for the good, oh that I crave!!
  • So this is poetry! Oh we'll ill leave u guys to it.
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    Leave it to us, Stonez said
    Leave it to us, the people read

    Why don't you join, write us a rhyme
    It won't take long, a short one's fine

    This is not to Stonez only
    This message goes to everybody!!

  • Uncle sam wants you to join, You only spit out one coin
    Double the trouble, Hold the ball, Dont let it fumble

    Dont hesitate. Open your heart. Just let your words levitate
    Ignore the judgment. Shoot the freethrow. No ones perfect

    A day in a life. Nothing you can see. Only me you know is the cyberspace me
    Taking my time to drop a coin or two, Avid eyes cramming. Com'n we need you

    Micronesians here, micronesians there, micronesians everywhere
    Uncle sam wants you to join. Please drop a coin

  • I open my eyes each morning I rise, to find a true
    thought, know that it's real, I'm lucky to breathe,
    I'm lucky to feel, I'm glad to wake up, I'm glad to be
    here, with all of this world, and all of it's pain, all
    of it's lies, and all of it's flipped down, I still
    feel a sense of freedom, so glad I'm around,
    It's my freedom, can't take it from me, i know it, it
    won't change, but we need some understanding, I know
    we'll be all right.
    The day I am gone, and the day that i leave,
    I'll never regret one minute of life,
    I've learned from the joy, i've learned from the
    I've fought through the dark, now i see the light,
    every tounge of everyone, in every state, of every
    has everything to be thankful for,It's my freedom, can't take it from me, i know it, it
    won't change,
    but we need some understanding, I know it be all
    It's my freedom, can't take it from me, i know it, it
    won't change,
    but we need some understanding.
    Cause I, I wait on you, cause you wait on me, so I
    wait on you
  • When in doubt
    there is always the drought
    to think about.
  • In Micronesia there R thousands of islands
    Bu-ku chicks with different talents.
    Mermaids of the blue lagoon,
    Rare roses of da South Pacific
    Goddesses underneath the moon.
    Legends have been told,
    Stories have been written
    Songs have been sung,
    About them princesses of old.
    2 da 4 corners I say it loud,
    2 da whole pacific I shout
    If U a chick from Micronesia B proud,
    Either it B West,East,North or South.
    2 U get it,
    Or 2 u want me 2 B Specific?
    Here it goes!
    I have love 4 all y'all princesses,
    From the South Pacific.
  • Just 2 let u guys/ladies now I wrote that while I was up there.....get it? Hahaha
  • amma call a cop on you Reaper...lol
  • Hidden's on crack

    What you see is all but black

    Poetry does exist

    But only in the mind of the sexist

    Like you, he thinks like a fool

    Just like the the fool who skips school


    Wait a minute, aren't you another stool?

    But hidden is, says the fool

    Maybe by tomorrow night

    We will see if he's cool

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    Faith's a snitch Like my neighbor's bitch Can't take a hustler for a douche What a snitch Call the cops on Reaper Cuz he ain't no keeper Cuff him, Police man Before he rapes Faith, Damn!
  • Faith's a snitch
    Like my neighbor's bitch
    Can't take a hustler for a douche
    What a snitch

    Call the cops on Reaper
    Cuz he ain't no keeper
    Cuff him, Police man
    Before he rapes Faith, Damn!

    Hidden will rescue you
    Wait for it, that's your cue
    He scared, he scare
    What a pity, I dont even care
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    Sounds a little Asian, is your blood mixed?
    Did the mix enhance a little fix
    to your already loosely screwed brain?
    Did the mix flow correctly through your veins?
    Or did it at times get stuck and required a little more effort to strain?
    Shit, didn't that just sounded like shitting?
    I guess you can't ever shit blood, no kidding.
    I'm sorry that you can never get clean
    You belong in the cans, a sardine
    You don't belong in the islands, your unclean
    You're stoolfully rich
    You must be a fertilizer
    You must be flammable
    I might bring out my lighter
    Spark it and set you in flames,
    Die to the sound of my laughter
    Loose to your own games
    You started it first, I'm in no position for any blame
    Gotta stop, gotta go, 
    shouldn't waste time, you're just fucking lame.
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    mediator, mediator come here o creator.

    mediator,mediator save a prey from a predetor.

    Rush down on us i call on thee,

    Bear some real sweet fruits like the coconut tree,

    This is my creed, we are the same breed.

    If birds fly, why can't I?

    If the sky is openly blue, what can't you?

  • Crazy Hidden
    Lost his mind over my rhyme
    It's as if he's got his balls ripped
    Ripped from his very core
    Like the little boy he is

    Crazy Hidden
    What else is left to say
    You're just another cheap gay
    Did I ruffle your feathers?
    Thought we was brothers?

    Crazy Hidden
    Thinks he's got rhyme
    But no, he's got disease, lyme!
    Did I hear a whimper?
    Oh, you best be scured, sucker

  • Before this night ends
    I pray you will comprehend
    Just how much of a fool you are
    To pick a fight with a star

    Before this night ends
    You will be ridiculed, friend
    To the point of no return
    But that's all right, you got burn

    Now that the night has gone
    I sit here all alone
    Not by choice, I must say
    My friend, Just be gay

    What's the matter, are you not following?
    Let me take you back, back to the showing
    You see, it was by choice that I wrote
    Wrote you this little quote
    To see if you got real game, Hidden
    My Fren

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