Yap PTS Bus Drivers- "Kings of the Road?"

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On my way to work this morning I was behind a bus on its way to Colonia. It was making stops picking up students on their way to school. After several stops I decided to pass the bus when it started to go again. I stopped behind it and waited for the students to load. The bus driver then shut the "STOP" sign and the bus began to move forward. I then started around the bus, but to my surprise, the bus driver brought the bus into my lane trying to cut me off. Luckily, I was by the closed down store in Tafgif and had space to get on the shoulder of the road and get around the bus. He may not have liked me passing him but he had no right to run me off the road. Could have been dangerous to the kids in the bus as well as me and my family. So Mr. K in bus #11, slow down and think of the safety of your passengers instead of making every driver stay behind you while you make pick-ups.


  • good one rzrbck, i noticed the same thing about the bus drivers. I've encountered a lot of them on the road driving agressively over the speed limit, perhaps twice the speed limit. They seem to be on a road rage everytime their behind the wheels. I'm not sure what they're trying to prove. It's not even cool, considering the children and other commuters inside the bus.

  • You should lodge a complaint to PTS or any of their board of directors.  But what you have discussed is to me you were not suppose to pass there.  Public transportation takes more rights in our freeway than any passenger cars.  The bust should be labeled "school children on-board" so that we all know they have priority on our road.
  • Sorry Nem, but you are wrong on this one. I passed perfectly legally and within the guidelines of the law. It is unlawful to pass a school bus while they are loading or discharging passengers. I waited for the bus to start moving, checked the road ahead of me, signaled and began to pass. The driver even closed the little "STOP" sign on the side of the bus. I was perfectly correct in my actions. I have been trying to call PTS all morning but the phone remains busy. I will try to contact a board member.
  • I was following a bus once, when it got to Dugor I was surprised to see it actually pulled over and let the line of cars move along before opening its door to pick up students in the bus stop before the store. Didn't see the bus number, but it was a darn good driver to show that much courtesy.
  • I have seen that occasionally, too. Maybe the same bus. I think the same bus picks up Rumuu' and Dugor. Maybe he was in a bad mood today. The point is we need to keep it safe. Some of the drivers have an attitude that they can speed and do other things, but not be held accountable for it. Like they are above the law because they are driving government buses. You also see police standing in the back of pick up trucks which is illegal. If they see you do it they will ticket you, then do the same thing. The law applies to all.

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    As long as the cops don't enforce the speed limits, then just about nobody will follow. The buses aren't the only vehicles that speed around. I'd say majority of the cars here in Yap averages 40 - 50 mph, and our max speed limit is 20 (25?) mph. 

    The bus drivers driving fast and furious should know that those heavy vehicles they drive can kill. 

    Now that road from Hospital to Rumuu' is fixed, more cars will be speeding in those areas. 
  • So true. I was talking to one of the Legislators once and asked him if they were going to raise the speed limit when the roads were good. He said no, His reasoning was this. The speed limit was 25 and everyone was going 35 with dirt roads. If they raised the limit to 35, everyone would drive 45-50. So if they keep the limit at 25 everyone will still drive 35-40 with good roads.
  • I think there's an invisible "x2" on every speed limit sign. So far that's the formula everyone's following.
  • maybe they should convert miles to Km on those speed limit signs for those who drives japanese made vehicles

  • Very true.

    I think that majority of the cars here are Japanese made.
  • When the bus stops, law says you as a driver must stop. What courtesy are you talking about? Rules braddah, rules...
  • Ain't majority of da cars in the FSM Japanese made?
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    I own a shipping company, and only 48.49% of cars delivered are Japanese. The rest are from US.
  • Hid, where do you ship the car to?

    rcrbck, reason I said that is because you mentioned the incident happened in midland store which is a no passing zone.  Some of those bus drivers don't want to be passed at the curve or narrow road because the bus is a huge vehicle to driven our narrow road.  Sometimes, they hit something on the right side of the road since our road are full of banana trees besides the road.  We should not plant anything within ten feet from the road simply for that reason.  I have seen some drivers stop and let trailing cars pass by.  I noticed the bus drivers were not as bad as the taxi drivers who risk our lives for few more bucks.  Anyway, any traffic violators should be reported to the police or their bosses.  Do the right thing, report to the proper authority, so to save lives.
  • Midland Store? It happened in Tafgif, from the new concrete house painted white heading to town, past the store on the left (out of business), before the curve to go up the hill to Dugor. Very straight section of road with a wide shoulder. It was very obvious he came into my lane on purpose. I was surprised because I know the guy and he has waved me by in the past.
  • you have every right to complain, maybe he even made you late for your work...I haven't  heard that happened to someone. Maybe the driver was in a bad mood. i heard the drivers always have a time to meet or required time to to pickup and drop, maybe he was hurrying to meet that time before he returns to PTS and considered late...maybe that's why he doesn't want you to pass and others because he wants to meet that time limit for his job.

  • Teasing you with that kind of traffic maneuver is negligent driving and if you feel that he went further to almost cause an accident then also reckless driving been violated.  You know any hearsay statement made to the police is sufficient enough for the police to give him the ticket or charge him.

    Don't let those public transport drivers to escape such violation because they can kill a lot of people.

    Iguess, that's not a good excuse to do that kind of driving esp. driving public vehicle.
  • We ship cars to Palau, Yap, Chuuk, and Pohnpei.
  • Good hiding place Mr.....whats your Name??? LMAO
  • Hiding place?  :-/
  • I ship cars to Ngulu.... would that help? LOL!

  • Too much cars here on the small island. They'll just end up in the taro patch...

  • there needs to be more boats then! makes sense eh? not in taro patch tho...
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