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  • Micronesian?? Which island specifically??
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    I am guessing that his from Yap. Libyan is a Yapese name.
  • I hope justice will be served and if convicted, may he be prosecuted and convicted to the maximum effect of the law because it is such a tragic crime.

    With that being said, may you all mentor and talk and guide your young ones and stir them toward the right path in life so they may not face similar situations in the future. Guam compared is a hub for a lot of our people who are there looking for a better opportunity in life as it offers a lot of job opportunities and societal benefits not found in the islands. And some have lived there and has children that are now part of that society so let us not single them out because it is not fair to them. Every race and ethnicity have their bad apples and good ones as well, so let us all try to better ourselves for our children's sake.

    Peace and Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Techur is palaun name.
  • The boy is Palauan/Yapese.
  • Yeah, he is a Micronesian?
  • nesian mixed-breed...i thought yapese n palauans are easy-going...maybe he was molested by a family member or a relative during his young age...i guess, he finally came out of his closet, though...poor young fella, now serving with something that is free or easy to get when you are in Micronesia...you see, micro fellas, we r very fortunate that sex is free, unlike other nations, you have to pay for sex...
  • Or maybe the three girls lied about the whole thing. I am just saying that it is a possibility.
  • palauan last name, yapese middle name, kosraean first name, pohnpeian looks, and chuukese personality. he must be marshallese.
  • He may be confused, 13 yr. old girls are fair game and legal in Yap. Guam has different standards and under 18 yr. is off limits!
  • No one knows what was happening in his head when the events took place. He maybe psychotic and would need psychological evaluations.
  • Man this is boring. If it was a chuukese, ppl will get excited and fill up this forum. ..lol

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    we have'nt yet ruled out the possibility that he's chuukese. chuukese names are unpredictable. they often times borrowed names from here and there..like my buddies james pond and envis presney.
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    LOL@ Chames Pond & Envis Presney. Weren't they the one who sang that tabasco song??

    "Wheels on ta-bas-co round and round, round and round..." 
  • Hope he gets raped in prison...
  • Read he is facing 15 yrs. to life.
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    @FKE watch Ur mouth brah,Micro please that dude wasn't Marshallese! If that's ur idea fo a joke it wasn't that funny... :-/
  • sorry for the humor, but wasn't it ironic, brah? look at that face, the suspect could be from anywhere in the region, including the p.i.
  • sorry for the humor, but wasn't it ironic, brah? look at that face, the suspect could be from anywhere in the region, including the p.i.
    What you just typed there brah is the most ignorant N racist shit that ever came out of a micronesian dude.U tryin 2 say we all look alike!?!

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    It depends on what you're comparing our looks to. Try compare a Chuukese, a Kosraen, and an African tribesman. Which two would look alike??
  • I don't know which two look alike.im gonna leave it at that cuz honestly I don't know.
  • You've just confirmed that you're a heavy smoker!! I won't lay it down for you, or have you spoon fed. I will give you choices.

    Try compare a Chuukese, a Kosraen, and an African tribesman. Which two would look similar?? 

    a.) The Kosraen and the African
    b.) The Chuukese and Kosraen
    c.) The African and Chuukese
    d.) I still don't know, I've been smoking pot for quite a while now. I give up (a typical pot head trait).
  • Hey reaper u just fail the high school placement test man. Hahaha
  • @hidden I would say the chuukese and the kosraean have some similarities but them lookin alike he'll no they don't.

    @Stonez look who's talkin!?! As I remember u got hold back in the 6th grade man.remember salt lake elementary brah,that was u.hahaha
  • There are about 53,000 Chuukese, there are nearly 7000 Kosraens. The probability of having two look similar is quite likely. There might be a pair that are from different island groups (Chuuk & Kosrae), but are from the same family which could mean that they might look alike. 

    Stonez, you may have failed back then, but obviously someone else is failing now. Lol.
  • Hey hidden dont mind what reaper say ok,cuz me and him when to the same school in Hawaii and he was always a serious little prick,hahaha
  • Definitely looks Chuukese to me. Possible that he grew up in a household full of chuukese
  • Migration of the sperm, morphing of the mentality through association- they sure can cause a havoc.
  • how a nation act is dependent on it's people. People are made up individual persons and we act according to how our body cells behave. therefore, sick cells make a sick person and sick persons make a sick nation. the suspect may need a blood transfusion for the good of the region. anybody want to donate their blood?
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    Did they get this pig?image
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