Embarrassing Display of Unsportmanlike Conduct by a Sitting Member of Pohnpei Legislature

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It was very disappointing to hear that a sitting member of the Pohnpei State Legislature involved in a basketball game a couple of nites ago was involved in a fight with students from the college of micronesia in a scheduled league tournament. What was even more appalling that rather than difusing the situation or assisting restore order and avoid injuries to players, i found out he actually tried to clobber someone with a chair. Such shame brought to our halls of respected people should warrant a disciplinary action to the senator for his lack of judgement and embarrassing actions that lead to the cancellation of more games and to the disappointment of ethusiastic children and young adults just looking to do something more productive and worthwhile than sitting on a corner and drinking alcohol. He should apologize publicly and recuse himself from any more tournaments.


  • Well, the Legislatures have rules, that they abide by. If such behaviors are not sited in their Rules, then sorry our fraustrations would just eventually vaborized. Reminded me of the Movie Kevin Costner acted, "THE UNTOUCHABLES".

    On the other footing, if such behavior is exposed, how do you think his performances are as a Sitting Member of the Pohnpei Legislature?

  • Foolishness.An apology is not needed. He needs to step down immediately! His display of caveman-like behavior renders a night in the jailhouse and a pole up his anus. That's what he deserves.
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    what a shame!

  • Bingo, I know nothing of this, nor which senator was allegedly involved,
    but it sounds to me as if assault charges may be in order.  Senators
    are not above the law and assault is a crime anytime and for anyone.
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    What happened?

  • Bill, Just ask the players at pohnpei campus Gymn.
  • Cannot publish hearsay but I can look into it.  Were the police called?
  • Why don't you share us the details bingo?? You bought it up in the first place. I am not forcing or anything, but you know, that's like sharing us that last sip of wine just enough to have us taste it and leave us craving for more. Any more where this came from??
  • Just name the team and where most of the players from and we should be able to know the person this thread is inclining toward. In fact, I know only one of the current person on the legislature bench was once one of the Pohnpei State Basketball All-Stars. But, I can't say its him unless I have the information provided as asked above.
  • Yes, police was called in, fijian kid working for COM sports program. I'm sure COM pOhnpei camp security has a report of it. 
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    it seems these allegations are done under fear of death, since the accuser refrains from providing sufficient information. maybe the accuser is being tortured right now or may be dead. or may be the accuser is just a cowardly snitch needing a whooping anyway, to realign the 'ol supple spine.

    who are the victims (gender, age category, occupation, etc. no names please.)? where are they from? what degree of physical or emotional pain did they suffer? is it really physical assault or just bruising of victims' pride. is the assailant psychologically impaired, because if he (or she) is then we must consider the possiblity that such action is "collateral damage." he may be trying to hurt the pohnpei state legislature and in the process has unintentionally hurt ball players. point is, more factual information is needed in this discussion, bingo.


    One student received stitches on his face from a blunt object(broom stick) which was reported by witnesses who also claim that during the fight was wielded by Honorable Joab himself. Even though when standing he towered over the students, he still needed the stick.
  • what are the charges for Assault and Battery with a Weapon?
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    Why am I not surprise! This same IDIOT-COWARD, while an Immigration Officer also assaulted a Chuukese COM student. The student had to go to the hospital and some lady had to do massage on the poor student because he was hurt so bad. 

    Lucky him when he came to Chuuk because we still have "nice" people in Chuuk, but HONEST TO GOD the family of the student were ready to each have a piece of this SOAB. And now that I know, the last drop of respect I had remaining for this guy is wala, in the warawar! hahahahahaha..........

    Why pick on students? Can't wait to see this guy again. I can already see his monkey looking cowardly look smile.
    :-w :(|)
  •  Now that the accuser is kown, those that got hurt could simply file complaints and hopefully this case can be brought to trail and settled. Sorry for all  his supporters. Such a behavior is not acceptable and coming from a person of such status, it's make matters even worst.

  • He's probably doing a favor to his fellow half brothers from chuuk. As i know, he has chuukese blood in in veins. His grands are from one of the chuuk islands. So, I don't blame him for what he is because of the blood lineage might be the reason causing his to have such behaviour. I think.

    But, yes all offense including such behaviour is considered felon and should not not taken lightly. I agree that the victim or victims should file a complaint for proper dispersement from the court of law. However, since the case involved with a non-citizen of Pohnpei, then the complaint should filed at the FSM supreme court to avoid unrealistic customary and political manuevering etc.

    For me, I hope this person will be man enough to face the victim and his parents and apoligize to them. But, I think best for Senator Joab to step down and push for his replacement in the PNI Legislature arena should he really want to tighten the knot between Chuuk and PNi legislature political cooperation. That is just from my own thinkin. Cheers!

  • THAT IS NOT NICE SSEARCHER1. such an advocate of God words.
  • searcher1, is he really has half bro. from chuuk? never heard about that but anyway may be you right and why tighten the knot between chuuk & pni legislature the parents of the boy are chuukese or what? and FYI chuukese are always humble and love friendly,kindness and when you mess with them then you'll see the edge of the razor.......lol stop mention in here you might be the next victim........hahahahaha just kidding my friend

    cheers. GOD bless.
  • Sen. Joab should simply apologize to the league and players and yes, let the players file their complaint so its dealt with and that others know that such actions that result in injury have the law to answer to. One of the biggest problems we have in pohnpei is the lack of enforcement which affects our communities and development. Justice is needed so that we send a strong signal, even Senators are not immune from the hands of the laws they enacted. I hope that the league can start again cause my son is getting very bored and frustrated by the fact that one team, one man has prevented hundreds from enjoying the game they love the most. All i can say is shame on him.
  • Thanks kinen and I honestly apoligize if the tone of my post is referencing negatively to others. However, all I'm trying to do is to help my friend and one of the high calibur of Pohnpeing leadership to consider a good example of what must and should be done if those on higher places break one the laws made by and through them. You see, the bible is also encourage wrongdoers to admit and acceipt that their setbacks so the people can see that they are man of their words and they are willing to swallow the hot buring red uhmw stone when the time comes. So, my take may have alluded into a bit sourely into order to accomplish the best way forward. Isn't it my friend? Cheers!.
  • NO ssearcher1 IT IS NOT. NO cheers.
  • thank you ssearcher1. a friendly advice, think first then act.
  • udahn ke pwung pwa sou! sometimes things just burst out from mind without thinking. kalahngan en komwi pwe sapwelimemwi kaweid me mehlel. I men tehnoh duei komwi me kin ansou kaos medewe mwahu mahs dah me ipahn koasoai mwohn ah pahn pwediei de pidoisang wasa ilemwi en. Just kidding friend, in fact that's how learn from someone to able to see and tell me my mistakes so that I be more careful on things I say about anyone. cheers!
  • what ever ssearcher1, cheers with lots of love.
  • ssearcher, ssearcher, ssearcher - doing your brother a favor by hurting their other half brothers? You are just as foolish as your Senator Joab. aye aye aye aye aye, ssearcher, please do not disgrace the Pohnpei people with your cowardice and stupid attitude. 
  • Apparently, all posts here seem one sided and in favor of the students. I don't know any of the parties involved and i can't side with anyone but i can't imagine a senator spontaneously confronting a student out of the blue. I mean, come on guys, can someone pass reliable and factual information regarding this incident because all posts seem to incriminate the sitting legislature. Maybe the students aggrevated someone by being disrespectful. This would be a probable cause of the action, to me alteast. I don't know who is at fault but i do believe that the senator has his side of the story. Anyone care to share what really happened?

    Howevere, it gives peace of mind knowing that a senator goes out of his/her way to coach a basketball team but if he/she can't handle the grind he/she shouldn't be a part of it. That is the least i can say.

  • Forte

    This was a game. If a fight breaks out amongst the players, he should be the one standing ready to control the situation so people do not get hurt, instead, he resorted to taking a chair to get other with - intention to hurt others. 

    The man should resign from being a senator period. If he does not, the Speaker of the Pohnpei State Legislature should force him to resign.  Unhealthy for him, his family, his clan, his community, the state, the nation and the whole humanity.

  • well i've heard about this, and what had happened that night, although i don't condone to this act of violence its still not that big of a deal.  i heard it was close game, so i bet it got pretty heated, although it went down badly, it has already happened, no changing the past. i think both sides should grow up and ask forgiveness from each other because no one is perfect, no matter if you are a janitor, or the president of the united states we are all human and are bound to make mistakes down the line. If these individuals want to fight, send them to the army lets see if they can fight.
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