Couple days ago, on the RADIO, A RELIGIOUS CHANNEL...

While driving to work the other day, I was listening to one of Hawaii's religious radio station and during on of his sermons, the pastor said that the missionaries in the olden days were not safe in Micronesia.. (PUN ARA KICH MI KAKAWET ARAMAS PWAN INA ANACH MI ANO) ANYWAY!!  I know Japanese  in our islands did this but not the natives...

Kamon satuni.... awena enna


  • Exactly Child_Justice02 maybe back than Japanese persecuted Christians. What about today, there are other religions who wants to share the gospel on our islands but what happened to them? They were humiliated, rejected, ignored and sometimes even persecuted by our fellow Catholics and Protestants, isn't it? Why is that? 
  • That is a matter of opinion, I am looking for facts, did the native ever cut up humans to have them for meals?  THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW!!  He did not talk about anything else but danger due to cannibalism. TRUE OR FALSE.. JAPS did that when they invaded the islands, but never the native, Micronesia never had cannibalism in their history.. the other issues are too complex for me to go into.   Many many reasons why the native prefer only Catholics and protestant... it is not my place to argue the points. 

    Kinisou.. I think that was wrong of him to scare people about Micronesians.

  • now don't go around with your lies, Chid-Justice02 and pekalong. if you want to walk in Christ's footsteps, be humiliated, rejected, ignored and persecuted like He was. ika met?
  • Thanks kinen for reminding me, I almost forget about that and that's what been practice/exercised on the islands, isn't it? How do you explain Christ's footsteps cause that's the main problem most Christians thinks they're doing but not at all. 

    CJ02 not only Japs that did this to missionaries that came to the island in those days. Natives even drowned missionaries those days. They may not cannibalism but they did executed a missionary. 
  • Child Justice,

    Non ewe mwuun Sapan, sise kawet aramas. Ew chok murder case u sinei non ewe mwuun Sapan, nge ewe murder case an emon mwan nieno pukun pwin fan iten an pwin foffor mei wessetan ngaw non ach eoreni. Iwe non ena fansoun, chon Sapan rese fakkun mwuut ngeni kich ach sipwe fori ekkewe foffor ren nieno aramas ina popun ra pwan execute-ini ewe mwan. En ina kopwe sinei fichi ei porous pokiten porousen Fefen non Machewei-chun.

    Nge mei ennet pwe non ewe mwuun noomw, kich non fonuwach kei kich mei nonnom non sassarin me sassarin maun fengen nefinen fonu me fonu pwan soopw me soopw won ekkewe fonu. Iwe fansoun an namanam a tori fonuwach a wor saram me mirit rech, nge pwan ekkoch ach kewe eoreni mei kamono.

    As for pekalong's comment on Japanese "persecuted christians" during their occupation of the islands, not in Chuuk. Chuukese were given their religion freedom by the Japanese. And we still have our freedom until today. Maybe in Pohnpei, pekalong?

  • Gentlemen, kinisou chapur for the responses.  There is a difference between maun fengen nefiner and efeiengawa aramas, me ninino aramas pun repwe angei pwe aninisin anion... No one can argue  the point that mi watte manu nefinen fanu me fanu, einang me einang non ewe muun nom tori pwan kukuto iwe chok.. nge ai kapaseis.. met chon fanuwach non nomun Micronesia mei fan ew ar ninino aramas pun repwe anni aninisin ion?  I only know of one case... e fis seni chon Sapan non ewe muun Sapan non fanuwach Chuuk.

    He would have been right ika e era nge mi efeiengaw pun mei wor maun fengen nefiner.. nge esapw pokiten ar nini aramas pun repwe anni aninisin aion... Two issues...
    1.  rochopwak ren maun fengen nefinen aramas...
    2.  Ninino aramas pun ren ar fion, lol
  • Correction: It was indeed dangerous for the missionaries to go to Chuuk at the time. Remember, all islands were being visited by outsiders and Chuuk was the remaining region to despise visitors and did attack outsiders who sail to the islands. Some of the sails have missionaries on board and due to unfriendly and violent encounter to the first visitors, Chuuk was being avoided to the Point to where Missionaries have to use Mortlockese in Pohnpei to make their way into Chuuk started from the Mortlock island regions through our very own local folks who were converted Christian from Pohnpei to make way for the rest of them to finally pour in during the time of the don't get all defensive, the pastor was telling the TRUTH, the part where you said it in Chuukese and how you went about it by announcing on here...IM PRETTY SURE YOU EXAGGERATED!
  • En mei tongeni ereni ena misinery pwe esap mwakeneta porous. Chon Chuuk rese kakkawet aramas pwe repwe ocher, if that's what you mean the misineri said over the radio.

  • the chuukese were merely protecting the lives and properties like everybody else.
  • Mwa pwata a kon fen watte wewengaw ren kich non utach ei mwa.  Sinbad chok a get the point!
    Use dispute the fact that Chuuk mi efeiengaw non ewe muu noom.  Logically, Aramas repwe watte ar nimweiti Micronesians ika ir mei okochoch aramas.  Pun nieno emon ren pekin aninisin aion mi weires om kopwe ignorni ika ka echik.  Ina oupwe ekieki pwe it is a small deal... it was out on the station.  Ika pwe mi mwaan, it needs to be corrected... the same way they put it out.  That is what I am trying to get at.  U, mei efeiengaw ngeni missionaries non ekkewe fansoun, nge ESAPW pwokiten an native mon futuker ren ar echik. 

    I have done my own research, use kuna ian e wor cannibalism on Micronesia.  Ika pwe ouwe tipew ngeni pwe ese wor pwe chon Sapan ewe ra poputani, iwe my friend who brought this to my attention will correct the inform by addressing the right person.  Kinisou chapur, kan omusano ren ach kan ataieno ami fansoun...

    much aloha,


  • CJ, 

    I ask that you call up the station and make the necessary correction, publicly, just like the way that missionary made the false statement. We all know our own history and that missionary cannot make it up and go telling the world something that is so totally untrue. CANNIBAL mwaaa! Amo ita ua fen sinei emonna nge amo ita e fen kineto pwe upwe achocha ngeni ekkan nakkichin Rabaul, mwirin ai kipwei kipwei epwe sefettik sapan.

    Who is the missionary anyway?
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    I definitely agreed with you Sinbad. What goes wrong has to be corrected. Whoever misinterpret that information need to be aware of what he or she has preached wrong to the people. That is not how good people of God should said about something they don't know of. 

    Thank you! 
  • you all are wonderful people. every thing you had said is wonderful too. in order not to stoop to his level, why don't we close this thread. what say you all?
  • Not even sinbad, Pohnpei was okay with them Japs.
  • we better find out about what the announcer said, where, when and what denomination he comes from?
  • again, let's drop this. it surely doesn't worth anybody's time or effort.
  • missionary shofona epwe eni fen ina an title
    wondering where his source come from
  • Oh hell NO!!!..we cannot drop this, we need some highly patriotic Micronesian in Hawaii to track this Pastor down and straighten him out for few minutes. We need to safe the ppl of Hawaii before they be mislead by this so call Smart Religious Man who preach on Radio Stations.

    It was true, it wasn't safe for the Missionaries back then to go to Chuuk but the case of Chuukese being canibals was plain WRONG!.. The Chuukese despise newcomers of all walk of life cus they don't believe in kissing arsh to anybody giving free food and worship them with leis and etc.. Even the scattered outer islanders of Chuukese have to pay visit to one another through a proper chain of chiefs and relatives...

    I'm sadden to realize Hawaii can really think like that of us after THEM trying to recorrect their written history of Cannibalizing Capt James Cook. They went through a lot to explain how Capt James Cook body parts were scattered all over the Hawaii Villages and given back to his crews in pieces wrapped up in wraps and so forth..

    They crew believe they were Cannibalizing Capt Cook after trying to collect his body and all they got were Bones distributed back from all the Villages in Hawaii. Hawaii after many years claim it was a HANNA tradition where they kept the death Body parts of a Warrior to inherit his knowledge, skills, and strenth... NOW THEY DARE TO CLAIM WE CANNIBALIZE THE MISSIONARIES in front of their Churches... YOU Capt Cook eaters!! lol
  • please drop are starting to thread trouble waters.
  • It is time to sink/close the thread.  You will accomplish nothing by degrading the Hawaiians. My goal here was not to piss you off, KNOCK IT OFF! 

    It would be taking care of ~ my friend will do the correction the right way and right channel.  I simply wanted to verify what I do know about the Micronesian Islands.  NO CANNIBALISM IN MICRONESIA, not even . CHUUK!  It would be funny to correct this guy just to find out that he is Japanese and his kine did the crime, hehe.. joking, but please ~ enough of the negative talks about Hawaiians.

  • kinen you right drop it folks! lets go on.
  • CannIbilism aint the way we use to 2.In my islands my grandad say our ancestors made war on the early protestants missionaries cuz they killed the younger brother of the paramount chief so his warriors attack the ships N killed everyone thats it.
  • The Kosraens lost their culture to the missionaries?? I thought they lost it to the whalers. A lot of genetic evidence to that. I think by percentage, Kosrae has the least people who doesn't have any mix blood. 
  • Bull shit man all the kosrean i know look like they get more jap blood in them man...who u tryin 2 kidd...come on buddy.
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