Do you still know your culture?



  • like what sinner? i love all my chuukese customs/culture.
  • My apologies sinner.

    I think you are right. There are certain things that needs to be reviewed. Yap's caste system could be one of those. Back in the days I think (as I am not sure) that it worked out fairly, but now, the ones on the lower end are being discriminated and are no longer receiving the help and benefit they used to receive from the higher end. 
  • THANKS HIDDEN!,,u know, some people have too much pride in their culture that it end up robbing them or destroying their life..i am aware of all the micronesian culture, and sometimes its not fair for i mentioned earlier,,every year things changed,,its time to review our culture and think about our future..don't get me wrong i respect all culture..and got friends from all the islands...

  • u ppl really love writing junks...sorry no offence...first of all, i was referring to PNIan and CHKese who are critizing or 'em postings...then, all of a sudden, YAPese joined the conversation...any who, where da heck r the KSAian...u see, one of my other culture is to help my fellow NESIANS share their aspects and perspectives of their cultures to us nesianers whose cultures are counting down to extinction...Thanx to sinner, i'm adapting his culture, right about....ummmmm..NEVER!
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  • @lakidurdz on behalf of every contributor to this thread, apologies for not strictly sticking to talking about PNI and CHK but it wasn't clearly written in the topic that it was so. For all I know, this is an open forum; people are going to voice their opinion on everything. We may not all agree to one's opinion but we, as human beings, should respect them.The stuff we write is not junk but merely our thoughts and opinions and we are all entitled to them. No question, comment, or statement is junk unless, of course, you're just being straight up stupid.

    Back to the topic, I do agree with what @hidden is saying. Our culture is slowly diminishing before our eyes. For instance the Yapese culture, I'm sure things worked out back in the the day with the caste system. There was rythm with everything. The high gives down to the low and the low gives back up to the high if you know what I mean. It's a cyclic system, respected and understood by everyone but today, the culture is so corrupted due to ignorance, minconceptions and poor cultural education.

    Times are changing though and some of these aspects are better left alone. If it can't be properly practiced, it's best to just let it go. To have a better understanding of how we can advance with the rest of the world without losing touch of some of these great aspects, we must build a bridge, not barriers to merge the good of our culture with the western culture.

  • lol@yapesefill...again, you mentioned that i'm just being straight up stupid?, so thoughtful of you...correct me, you said that "people are going to voice their opinion on everything" that's junk right seems that you are only focusing on what Hidden and I are writing down in this cultural understanding...what you've written stunt me...pls read ur posting before judging others...i'm not picking sides here or whatnot...i respect your posting cuz, respect is one of my culture...decades ago, women just sit and, women can be heard in SOME communities...neways, women power...lmao...thanx yapesefilipina...

    i will never agree with Hidden...just you are contagious...
  • Hi friends! Interesting discussion. But, can any of you wiz shed some definitive interpretion of what is the indept meaing of how do one still know his or her culture? Thanks
  • google it
  • thanks lakidurdz! yes, i believe there is someting there on google that can help. but what am trying to drive at is how one knows his or her culture. i mean how do we disect the intend of the post? Is it really about how one understand his or her culture or is it understanding culture goes deeper than just knowing? I myself do not practice certain traditional activities due to my personal choosing and not that I have no knowledge of my culture ways. So, I think or believe that many Micronesians that no longer practice their culture customs do not know them but because of they chose not to practice for it may be against their faith or believe.

    For certain, some do not practice because they think it's a waiste of time and/or it's out dated to continue to perform in the 21st century. Let's use Kolonia Town for that matter. When a Kolonia person die, they do not have to go to the nanmwarkies like other village to ask for the permission and invite them to their funeral. Why? because Kolonia Town has no nanmwarki but a Mayor so to speak which does not require customary process like other municipalities do. So, my point is, I can know very well my culture but do not practice. while on the other hand, knowing my culture has to put into practice. Othewise, not knowing and practicing your culture could mean that you're an alien in your own country. This is just what I think. Cheers!

  • don't thank me ssearcher...thank google...i totally understand your point and really appreciate your thoughts and concerns..why worry on other Micronesians? if they did not practice their cultures, that's up to them!..i've witnessed some Micronesians in the US, who tried to adapt the American ways and putting their children at risk of losing their cultures...some Americanesian kids came back to visit their home islands that ended up twisting their cultures and faced the consequences...not only that they put shame on them but on their family and relatives as well...neways...teach and let em practice their cultures thoroughly...suck it all up...cheerios..
  • You're absolutely right ssearcher.  Sometimes, we take for granted that certain parts of culture is meant for those people in the villages for their status roles.  As you said about kolonia Town, it has become impractical to practice that culture simple because it doesn't make sense.  For instance, when it comes to funeral, the family members of the decease choose how the funeral process will be done without sticking to custom and traditions.  Most often we ignore or forget the rights of other relatives or a relationship between certain families in that community where the deceased's role dictate under custom and tradition certain acknowledgement or ritual from other community members e.g. chiefs and clansmen.  Out of inconvenience of financial burdens overrides custom and tradition, so right there we agree to ignore that part of our custom and tradition.

    It has been practiced in Yap that when the funeral comes, the immediate family members said there is no "magawon" meaning that the funeral is without customary obligations.  How could those immediate family members deny those customary obligations to those especially clansmen, chiefs, and other ancient relationships of the deceased.  That is simply bad practice because funeral are the times that all relationship be acknowledge and renew so that the new generation will understand and practice.  When my mother die, everyone of my closed relative insisted of the same but let everyone knew that I will not stop any obligation from anybody but to accept the fact that I may not reciprocate if such customary obligations come.  Those obligations were the rights of those people to my deceased mother and I am in no way can stop them.

    We should practice our custom and tradition when ever practical and convenient but be mindful of those rights inherent of our culture so in that way we can at least understand where we are coming from and why we choose to go that direction.  We are full of foreign concepts but lack our cultural principles which the values are now eroding.  We need to re-adjust to our contemporary lifestyle and reality but in doing so we must adhere to the principle and values of our culture so that method of practicing them may have changed but the values and benefits will remained sustainable as we develop into the future as a society.  Our identity remains intact as a true-developed Micronesian.  
  • @lakidurdz apologies as my post was not intended to put you on the spot, "stun" you, or label you stupid. Please reread the post, use context clues and try to figure out what it is that I was saying. When I said stupid, I was only saying in general if SOMEONE is just plain being stupid about the comments they're posting. I was not calling you stupid and I am not judging you or others in this matter as I am in no position to judge.

    What really interests me about your reply is the fact that you had to throw in there about women being able to speak up nowadays. The way I took it, that topic was out of place from what you were talking to me about. Even though you made it sound like there's no harm intended but to be honest with you, I felt as if you were telling me to STFU! I may just be overanalyzing your comment but anyways, no harm here. You stay classy and hope to discuss more topics with you!

  • REview yourself, sinner. Otherwise, you need blood transfusion and skin (color) pigment with a brain transplant. hahahahaha
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  • sorry about that yapesefil...i'm not trying to STFU or whatnot to u or any female in this forum...basically, maybe i read ur posting the wrong way...u are an educated person and i honor you for that...keep up the good work...we need strong people like yourself...
  • come on guys, both of you admitted in misreading each other the contextual meaning of your threads and also both of you have apologized for that little mistakes been made.  Can we get on with the topic?  It's very interesting topic but you guys are scaring us to continue the discussion.  thank you.
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    Lakidurdz, isn't "STFU" disrespectful?? 

    Buddy, despite your claims as having "respect" as one of your cultures, I think you are quiet contradicting that by the way you've been posting recently.

    I think that the bottom line for this thread is that everyone has lost much of their culture. The remaining bit's and scraps we have left are the little leftover from that of long ago. 

    We're all fusked.
  • no Hidden, we are not. we are just some puffed up ego island men sadly believing that we are better than our predecessors.
  • kinen

    Why you said that?  Don't you think that is to some extent is true?  Ever since the German administration until just recently we have just captured back our sovereignty when FSM in 1986 became independent.  We are better but somehow, we are very dishonest people compare to our predecessors.
  • i said it because there is some truth to it. many instances we could be better yet many instances too, we could be worse. this thread is about culture. so i firmly believe our predecessors were better than we are culturely/intellectually.
  • culture is a thing of the past as we see it today.  Intellectual, you have to be precised of such intellects.  If anyone can gauge those intellects in comparison to our predecessors', first define that boundary in which you called our predecessors.  Is it from pre-european  era or during one of those past foreign administrations in micronesia.  Sorry, reason why I am pressuring you for definite proposition is that I sees some merit of your statement that requires further discussion.  You said something I believe to be true depending on how do we see ourselves in today's reality of what ought to be ideal.  Our culture being lost simply because of our eroded culture values which has bees negated to almost negligible existent and the norms of our monetary society is predominantly of just families rather than other attachments of extended obligations within our society as practiced in the past.
  • Love + positve attitude= keeping the traditional ways of our culture.
    # RESPECT...

  • boundary is before outside influence reach our shores. intellect is being able to reason/act/oblige personally without restrictions from unknown sources but local norms and traditions. 
  • There is nothing wrong with is an inevitable part of life, in this sense, a part of an ongoing "culture". What is important is to try not to judge other cultures based on your own cultural honestly weigh a culture, one must understand it (culture being weighed) in order to view it...then again, why weigh it when what is more important is to try to understand it and respect it...
  • As far as knowing one's culture, I believe everyone knows where he or she comes from...whether others from the same society deemed one to be more changed or not...even our traditions change over time...look at the compositions that makes up a very important aspect of the Pohnpeian culture and tradition, the Kamadipw..the kanengen uhmw..originally consisted of fish and whatever produce is cultivated and mustered on land, now in the 21st century, beef, pork, turkey tail and frozen chicken makes this requirement, furthermore, Benjamins have become an integral part of the once local "nohpwei"

  • Nohpwei in Chuuk means to get rotten, as in a dead log getting rotted turning into soil; or your bottom or the bottom of your pants/dress/skirt get soaking wet from sitting for too long; , what does it mean in your language, Kolonia?
  • Just trying to understand our cultures, no offense.
  • It means returning gratitude back to the Nanmwarki for allowing you access to plow the the olden days all land and real estate belong to the kings..
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