Looking for a Micronesian Artist

Hi, we are looking for a Micronesian artist to record.  We will provide transportation and housing.  You must be talented and able to write your own songs.  We have a great team.  Musicians, Media and promotions. One of our accomplishments is getting our artists with a sponsor, Sony, and now he is being pursued by a major label.  One of our team members has an artist who is blowing up on on the radio and if you live in Hawaii you have heard him.  Be talented and able to handle the frustrations of being in the music business. We have revamped and you will get the best musicians and media possible.

I'm Micronesian married to a producer and I believe there is someone out there who will be the next star.  Email me with your MP3s and make sure you you are up to the frustrations with starting in the music business.  If we believe in you you have no problems because we will back you up upteempts percent.  Please respond via your interest via this forum and I  promise you when you hear the musicians you will be working with you will flip out.  

One of my artists is about to launch with Pam Hall (please google her). She's one of Reggae's hottest singers from Jamaica, Rita Marley, Sly Dumbar, etc.  You will trip.  These are all musicians that have worked with us. Don Carlos, It's A Passing Glass, Pohaku,  Pati and many more.  

Thank you, and good luck to you. 



  • There are a lot of Micronesian artists around.. you may want to check out these two on youtube, who just love making their own music. Veronica Jean Pangelinan and Loco Kidd  from Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia.

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    LOL...Aren't we all excited everyone these days can be an artist! I say, give me the mic and I will sing you a number. What would you like to hear? TUPAC, DMX, or BOBBY MARLEY? Ooops, these are artists....I meant to say what song would you like me to sing...."LITTLE WINKY WINKLE WENT TO A DINKY DINKLE BAR AND MET HINKY HINKLE. WINKY and HINKY GOT DRUNK AND STARTED SINGING TWINKY WINKLE DINKY DINKLE HINKY HINKLE LITTLE WINKY."
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