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    Dual Citizenship needs to be addressed in the simplest way possible so people understand what it means. I think the general public are uneducated about what it means and have little to know knowledge of the benefits it has for their children. 

    I do, however, have a question for those of you who opposed the passing of the dual citizenship bill. Once a person becomes a citizen of another country, does that make him or her any less of a micronesian? It's all paper! And mind you, I do not think it matters at all. In this day and age, we are, and I am assuming you all keep up with globalization, connected with one another no matter where we go, who we are as individuals, and who we are as a nation! Citizenship is just a piece of paper! What matters is your ROOT, where you came from, who you are as a person, and the heritage you grew up knowing! Maybe we should let the younger generations take over who know a little bit more of what is out there that our island nations can adopt and adapt to in order to keep up with the rest of the world! Citizenship is one way to let our people branch out.
  • For the most part, the question of dual citizenship is for the benefit of those micronesian decents who wre born in the .u.s and become u.s. citizens.

    This effort to amend the consitution to allow for dual citizeenship is primarily for these micronesians who were born in the u.s. and become u.s. citizens.

    The u.s. allows dual citizenship, but the fsm does not, so these micronesian decents who are u.s. citizens by birth, under the present language of our fsm constitution shall choose their citizenship when they reach the age of 18th. They can renounce their u.s. citizenship and become fsm citizens or they cam remain u.s. ciutizens and are not eligible to have real property in the fsm.

    Any FSM citizen who wants to be a dual citizen if the fsm consitution is amended to allow dual citizenship must follow the u.s. process to aquire u.s. citizenship. It is not automatic to be granded to fsm citizens.

    The best thing now is to look at our own government. Do we want to continue as an independent nation, or do we want to move closer in relationship with the u.s.a. ?

    Providing dual citizenship is not really the answer to improve our living standart in these islands.



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    No Saka, but I might take you up on the offer.

    Maybe not Atepas, but isn't improving the living standards the reason Micronesians left in the first place and continue to leave FSM? 

  • best thing is to change the age limit on when to choose the citizenship. 
  • There is never been an age limit for a dual-citizen. As a matter of fact, we as the Micronesian's can only either be a U.S Citizen or be a Micronesian Citizen. The reason I know about it is because I had signed my rights to be U.S Citizen during my time when I was in Iraq. I gave up all my rights as a Micronesian to be a U.S Citizen. I do understand that it's not right thing to do for our country but I am doing it for my future benefit.
  • THUS why we want dual citizenship. OR at least more time before the default time expires! YES THERE IS AN AGE LIMIT FOR YOUR DUAL CITIZENSHIP. You technically are dual citizen of two places if u were born in the US... and have an FSM passport... you travel as both... you have until you turn 18 to pick .. time expires when you are at 21. The argument is that at age 18 - 21.. you're too young to realize the significance of being a citizen of FSM or wherever you choose to be. Not to mention you might be still deep into your books in college.. too busy have time to look that way. 

    This is why... we need to change the age limit. Make it public that we are required to announce our citizenship if we want to be FSM citizens. Otherwise we default into national citizens.. which means we're basically legal immigrants in the FSM.. but not allowed to own any property... NOTHING... 

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  • Is Government still working on this for  another round to vote on it?
  • why it didn't pass the last time? people should vote yes for this cause this is for the sake of the new generation born abroad.

  • Hey, embrace new ideas. The next one might be a winner. Try stay positive and open minded.  
  • A very interesting thread and I commend the introducer of this thread. I am and will always be a pro-USA. If by chance I am offered to make a choice now, I would choose on the side of the USA. I am for the dual citizenship and this time is appropriate time to ask our people again. The only reason why it failed last time was due to not enough public education. We cannot deny ourselves this opportunity as it would provide our young man and women to finish their education. As soon as they become dual citizens then those student assistances that were taken away would made available again.


  • I'm with you three, Oalong, Corsican and Brother. Let's hope someone is doing the education part. 
  • your child born on US soil, he/she US citizen FSM national? comes legal age, he/she decides whichever way to go, individual choice, what's wrong with that?
  • We've heard goods that can come out of dual citizenship, the law enveloping citizenship, national and volunteering of one's renunciation of one's other citizenry....

    Is there any threats that the opposing side of the coin has shed on the issue to support such a strong grasp of refusal to budge? Is it the fear that tall white Caucasians or Black Americans by the swarms from continental United States will suddenly bump rush our borders and immigrations putting in applications to become FSM citizens?
  • no Kolonia100, there is NO fear because the dual citizenship thing is for fsm citizens only. it has nothing (0) to do with us citizens. but the lack of in depth understanding/keen interest of the majority is what holding us back. it is naturally hard to make some one to like something he/she doesn't understand or has no interest in. if you guys are so crazy about it, do spend some good amount of money and you might just realize what you are aspiring for. 
  • Hi everyone.  i hope i won't change the subject on "Dual citizenship."  Just to avoid confusion, but remind which our FSM people are grateful under
    President Ronald Reagan and Vice President Sr. Bush because the given
    statues under the Compact of Free Association is stated strongly
    about our “lawful permanent resident” which can apply for (1.)
    United States citizenship, or naturalization after five years of
    residency in the United States and, its US territory. We have many
    FSM citizen at home, and in US have been registering and have been
    joined the US Arm Services, too. However, lawful permanent resident
    who resides in the United States must pay taxes, like U.S. citizens
    does. Unless, the FSM leaders have changed the policy to destruction
    policy in that respect?   I'm planning to open up a non profit
    small office for FSM native they lived in WI, MI and MN for
    accessible for ACLU, US citizenship and some legal issue and others
    study. We have lots of young FSM citizen they completes US law school, and I'm hoping to recruiting those folks to help me set up a
    very important suport on behalf of our people are present and lived
    here in United States they have mistreated and lacking education on
    their civil right. I need the best team with integrity and honesty
    to do a good job. Thank you.

  • Aengichy, what is that have to do with dual citizenship?  What is in question here is the question of rights, landownership rights and voting rights for those that happen to be born in the US. Why do they have to renounce their birthright US citizenship just to be able to vote, own inheritance etc in the federation from which they have blood and familial lineage. Why is it impossible to have both? There is no threat seen here should the ban on dual citizenry is open..the language can be written to safeguard whatever political ghost those opposing this amendment is struggling so eagerly to keep from surfacing.
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