I think in Pohnpei very soon SOCCER will become ponapean sport fan. I don't know what happen!! During the year 2009 soccer continues to be the top. Five to Six teams supported the Liberation Day and the Pohnpei Premier League last year. I have ever seen such game like this. I called after i watched " DANGEROUS" but people love the game so much.

Island Warriors
Island BittBulls
Local Warriors


  • I think we need ESL 100 more than we need soccer.
  • Invalid,

    I couldn't agree with you more.
  • pipe,
    you were right, not only them but us the Micronesian especially the FSMers. I totally agree with you.
    we're not having the desire to become who we are in sport but instead traveling..... i was saying that sport is part of our life. That is our lifetime brotherhood and special talent. That is why we are loosing in the big games.

    what is ESL 100? soccer organization welcome all interested to come and play at PICS field and COM boys dorm.
  • lol@sack. Go fiqure. I wonder how they can access and manuver on a comp. when they apparently skipped ESL 100.

    TheFSMer. it means " E Saik Lel" in vernacular. I would rather travel than play soccer. It seems like you are a big fan of the game of soccer. It is so British not that countries under and its affiliates are inferior or less in anything but it just seem weird saying soccer on this part of the globe. But then again, we all have our preferences. Good Luck with your quest for successful soccer player TheFSMer. It's growing in number and popularity.
  • invalid,

    big fan of playing soccer? oh no nonoooo.....it just that i was surprised to see this British game to our countries just like what you said. you were right they are not our type. I'm curious that this game wont hurt the people especially ponapean. I called the crazy game. Thanks for wishing me luck. G luck you too on your preferences ok?
  • lol@invalid,

    Is "Valleyball" the game where you play ball in a valley??? lmao...
  • Soluwa,

    Just make sure your Ball (s) don't get sucked in the valley for you will loss point....lol
  • Ei everyone!, check this out!!

    pohnpeisoccer.com "what do you think?"
  • In my opinion, "futbol" was the first sport ever created. I mean com'on, you were kickin' in yo mama's womb before you were even born :)
  • A Pound for Pohnpei

    Pohnpei Soccer is offering you the chance to join our football revolution and become a member of our board from just £1 (or $1.50).

    As we close in on the fundraising target we need to reach Guam in August we are hoping that football lovers from across the world will show their solidarity and make a small donation to make a big difference to the future of the sport in Micronesia.

    Please use the following link to donate at www.paypal.com (using the email address pohnpeisoccer@gmail.com) or send an email to pohnpeisoccer@gmail.com if you would like to use an alternative method of payment.
  • Wow, very impressive. I love the site for the pohnpei soccer team. Kudos for a job well done. I won't watch the World Cup, but I will definitely be your biggest fan. When I get to Pohnpei, I will make sure that I attend your games. These are some of my students at COM. You make us proud!
  • Pohnpei Soccer Liberation League for 2012. The Teams are

    Name                      Known as

    Island Pitbulls.........Undefeated
    COM-FC................Mighty GIANT
    International-FC......NO MERCY
    Island Warriors.......Never Give Up
    NVB-FC................Never back down

  • Sport is sport...play it, coach it, do what you want..it brings people together, so I see no reason why soccer cannot become a future sport in Pohnpei...teach your communities about the sport, how to play it, and maybe, just maybe, it will become the sport you hope for in the near future.
  • I think we need ESL 100 more than we need soccer.
    hahaha man thats funny.just imagine them calling the ESL 1OO COMPETITORS.from chuuk we have...from yap we have,from RMI we have,hahaha damn.
  • I especially like watching the Women's soccer.  It gets my blood pumping.
  • I hear that soccer in Pohnpei is really getting better! I even heard that some players that used to play on the national team moved their soccer careers to USA! I think it was like four guys from Island Pitbulls... 
  • edited September 2012
    It's true Fanatic, but not only four of them. Here are the names of the national players.

    Dilshan Senerathgoda..........the Theam captain.
    Rocky Henly........................Awarded best defender and MVP.
    Ryan Johnson......................State Team best Forward 
    Joseph Welson....................Best State Team former forward ( Got injured by accident)
    Nick Santiago......................State Team Center Back Midfielder
    Brian ...................................Goal Keeper

    But still, The Pohnpei State had recruited some new talented and marvelous players on the Island.
  • That's true! I haerd a guy named Michael Laurdine joined. I think he is Micah's brother or cousin? Penny also joined again. It's good to know that soccer is getting far in Micronesia!
  • No Reaper, we need sports (including soccer) as much as well. Maybe you need Understanding 98. 

    Nice day to you and yours.
  • Friday 15 Feb Island Pitbulls vs Kapingamarangi FC – match official INTER FC

    Monday 18 Feb Inter FC vs Pingelap FC – match official ISLAND PITBULLS

    Tuesday 19 Feb NVB FC vs Ngatik FC – Match officials  COM-FSM FC

    Wednesday 20 Feb COM-FSM vs Mwoalkiloah match officials NVB FC

    Thursday 21 Feb Islands Warriors vs Nukuoro FC – match officials INTER FC

    Friday 22 Feb Island Pitbulls vs Paies FC – match officials ISLAND WARRIORS

    Monday 25 Feb Inter FC vs Kolonia FC – COM-FSM FC

    All matches to kick off at 5:00PM

  • These
    are the new teams that will be entering this year’s competition. So we
    will have 12 teams competing this year which should start in a couple of
    weeks time..

                    1. Paies (17 players)

                    2. Mwoalkiloah (24 players)

                    3. Pingelap (34 players)

                    4. Ngatik (18 players)

                    5. Nukuoro (14 players)

                    6. Kapingamarangi (44 players)

                    7. Kolonia (13 players)

    clubs are nominate one member to the Pohnpei Soccer Association
    Committee and 3 people as match official (We will provide some training
    for them)

    This afternoon match at 5:00PM between Pohnpei All Stars and Pohnpei State pre-select squad.

  • You know why Chuukese don't like the game of soccer? Because the original team members back in the 80's were each given a T-Shirt written on the back CHUUK SUCKER TEAM. From then on, unitl recently, that game was hated grossly.

  • Ain't that something. They got their name after their performance.
  • Is there any site or channel to watch this? Maybe a link to a you-tube video? I'd love to cheer for people from my country, I am tired of cheering for Kobe and Howard and I've yet to see them in AFK. 
  • iF theres a channel, i sure hope it's top-grade. I wouldn't want to spend money on some crappy reception.
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