A Micronesian in Hollywood

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Congratulations to Alex Gilfiley. The first micronesian who has made it to the film industry in Hollywood. We hope for the best.


  • For real!! Where is he from, which island? Gosh that's awesome, has he been featured in any films now??
  • nice but a little too late for the meat...
  • Seriously why his name is never heard in the media anywhere?
  • Congratulations to this individual and hope to see in one of the movie series soon.
  • i dont think so... so full of propaganda..
  • Are you sure of that hanky? propaganda?
  • Done a little research of this guy on Hollywood website,  results showed nothing. 

  • He's probably a new up and coming actor.  His name hasn't been added to the hollywood website database yet. 
  • He was here in Yap last Friday. He is a friend of mine on fb. Go to his fb page and check it out. I think he has had some small parts in shows. Not sure about movies. I have seen pictures of him with Cheech Moran. He also has some pix on his fb of him attending some of the award shows. He is in the Hollywood scene.
  • dude hanky you a hater.event thought he get small parts in that movie at-least he is in the silver screen.that actor is from yap dude.recognize and harmonize b4 you get pulled aside.
  • Are you sure of that hanky? propaganda?
  • good luck and congrats.
  • Congratulations to this guy...but incase you haven't heard, there was already one who had a little part in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series. 
  • Anyway...we should be happy with them...it is good to know that there are those of us who aren't lazy at all as we've been labeled so many times by many...
  • Loyalty, would you kindly please share who's the other Micro in "Pirates of the Caribbean" series?
  • that guy is from the island of Oneop, Chuuk. I also heard he is running a restaurant in the hollywood area.
  • Wow amazing! high five to the talented Micronesians. Keep Micronesia shining! :)
  • i dont think so... so full of propaganda..
  • full of bragging...

  • Hanky, looks like you envy those who excel to be on top of any rank! Humble yourself and you shall find excellence! 

    Garim, bragging? That's what you can really say? You should be proud of those who try to make our region known. 
  • bola bola..lol

  • ehheehh@ this guy Graim...


    i think we can find mr. Micronesia in WWE the rings, boxing and churches media, now that they advertist themself on Youtube. To be in hollywood you gotta be known very know $$$$$$$$....

  • We'll money doesn't have to stop you from believing in God. They are making use of the talent they're given by him. 
  • Hi:  Well, since Marshall Islands is also part of Micronesian island group, i should also add JimmyReiher or his celebrity name as Jimmy Superfly Snuka, a half marshallese/fijian and a long time famous World Wrestling Federation (WWF), to your famous list of micronesians made it to US celebrity list.  Jimmy was borned and raised in the marshall islands before he went w/his fijian mom to fiji and eventually found his fame in Hawaii.  Today, a son and a daughter of his are also professional wrestlers and following their dad's footstep.  So be on the look out for them when you watch wrestlings next time.  They are known with these names,  Sim Snuka/Deuce (Jimmy Reiher Jr) and Tamina Snuka (Sarona Reiher) on the rings.  Cheer for them when u watch them live, i know i always do.
  • Thank you warrar! I am amazed and inspired at the things these fellow citizens of ours are stepping up to do! 
  • warrar, you liar! i googled him and he was born in Hawaii!
  • Hi beqnuwaab:  nope am not lying to u my friend.......if u get a chance to meet him in person, try speak marshallese to him.....i'm sure he will response to you in marshallese.....he's so fluent in marshallese, he probably speaks better marshallese than fijian.......good day my friend.
  • Jimmy Superfly Snuka is born in hawaii raised in fiji..

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