Priesthoo, Oath and Covenant.

Heb. 7:20, read and share you insights.


  • pekalong,
    You should put up a topic at a time or people will not participate. Anyway here is my take on Heb. 7:20.

    The "Wu Wa" of the Ceremonial (Levitical) law was wiped out and done away with in the priesthood of Jesus Christ.
  • Thanks WaJm. So you meant that the priesthood was not exist anymore, right? If so than where are these authorities came from which these religions and using today. I truly believe that all ordinances of our Heavenly Father should be preformed by a priesthood holder right?
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    No, I did not say the priesthood does not exist anymore.

    Of course you know about the history of the Israelites? Why wasn't the tribe of Levi entitled to own land? How were the priests selected?

    When Jesus came He changed that law and anyone in Christ can be (or can be candidate to be) in the priesthood. Priesthood has a deeper meaning than what many may percieve and think.
  • Oh, so you mean the priesthood does exist today and everyone are eligible to obtained it, right?
  • No, not everyone. Only those who are called.
  • Like who? What you mean by called and where do they get their calling from? Isn't everyone are qualified for the priesthood if they worked their way to received it?
  • Remember that Jesus gave the priesthood to all of his disciples. He didn't give to one only but all of them.
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    Let's not stray from Heb.7:20

    The priesthood was assigned to the Levites, yet Melchizedek was in the picture as a priest, but didn't belong to that tribe. He was the preview of the coming PRIEST. Melchizedek didn't have any genealogy signifies the eternal (no beginning and no end) being of Christ Jesus, the coming PRIEST.

    He (Jesus) came from the tribe of Judah not Levi in the human flesh.

    Why did I bring up Judah? Look at Jesus human genealogy. What do you see that is very significant? We see ordinary and just about any kind of people. You see people like Tamar, Rehab, Ruth and many others. These people were prostitutes, foreigners, yet were included in Jesus genealogy. Why?

    So like us today. We are included as gentiles, but must be called according to His will.
  • Your right my friend WaJm but do you think that it is necessary for us to be ordained to this important priesthood calling? Can we or are we suppose to have this priesthood?
  • pekalong,

    Just about anybody can become a priest--I think they have schools for it nowadays.
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    Depending on how one understands "priesthood" and "ordination"
  • everybody can do everything doesn't always mean they willPlease Visit!Free counters!
  • Thank you guys, I do agreed with you guys cause that's what you guys think or believe. Also I wondered if receiving the priesthood is not a thing that one must gained or received by being worthy and obedience to what God has set for one to do. I mean one must worthy, pure and perfect to become a priesthood. I also believe that the priesthood does has the power to performed the things that Jesus Christ did when he was here on earth. Things like healing, ordaining, blessings and so forth.
  • Thanks pekalong for I also believe that when one is called to become a priest or pastor or minister of Christ, he must deny himself and follow Christ all the way. But, that doesn't mean that the priest or pastor is immune from sin. Why? Because we're still in boot camp and learning all the defensive tactics being written in the bible to do when we fall in our walk with the Lord each day. I remember in the time of the Israelites after coming of Egypt, Aaron older brother of Moses was appointed as their Priest but we know that he did fell under pressure of the Israelites when Moses when up on Mt. Sinai to meet God and receive God's Moral Law.

    So, I believe anyone who will represent God as its messenger or priest or pastor, must bear in mind that he respect and protect the commission by ensuring every word that comes out of him is based on the bible and supported by the bible.

    By the way, pekalong you inserted something in your analogy that I don't understand. You said,"I mean one must gained worthy, PURE and perfect to become a priesthood' of God. Do you mean man can become PURE and PERFECT in this life? Please explain friend. Thanks
  • Thank you ssearch1. I think and believe that this is why we were put on this earth for to purify and perfect ourselves as possible so that we may go back and live with our Heavenly Father in his kingdom. I know that it will be hard for us to do such but this is what our Heavenly Father expected us to do before we enter into his kingdom. That's why there is trails for each and everyone of us to stand today. otherwise we need to follow what steps that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has set for us to follow and believe me we will be fine after all. Worthiness is those who committed their entire life to God and His Son Jesus Christ. One should have this priesthood in order for him to performed God and Jesus Christ's work thoroughly here on earth. In order for one to received a church callings, he need to first received or ordained as a priesthood.

    By the way my friend, you have explained priesthood well.
  • Thank you pekalong for I now understand why you inserted the two words in your analogy. And I fully agree that is what God wants His believers to do step into the impossibles without seizing in lifting up His name which shows in their daily walks with the Lord until He comes back and take all of those who believed, saved and continue to do what He had laid out in His Word.

    Thank you again my friend and God bless you and your family.
  • Your welcome my friend ssearch1. That's why I brought up these priesthood steps in here for us to put our insights to it cause some people thinks that Gods work is something that one can just do it anytime they would please to do. Jesus Christ when he was here on earth also ordained his disciples and told them to go out to every nation and preached to every creature and baptized them. That's is why us today if we said that we were to spread Jesus Christ's gospel, don't you think that we do need to have the same priesthood that Jesus Christ ordained his disciples with to carry on Christ's gospel? Remember that when we are spreading Jesus Christ's gospel, we will be facing some difficulties which some people might asked us for, such as blessing for the sick and so forth. That's the time that we will be using our priesthood authorities to performed such important ordinance.
  • Exactly and thanks again pekalong for sharing the proper way to do God's work. God bless!
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