• Lol! Not sure about pekalong but I am certain that I am a male. Likewise, I do appreciate exhanging our thoughts on this forum. Please continue to keep us in the loop of any issues that you might want to see how others think and/or hold. God bless you too Mercy!
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    You two be brave while am gone because my husband is getting off from work,. Good day to you two plus that other man over there, pysop san i include you in my prayer tonite.. Have a Blessing one too..
  • So kind of you Mercy.
  • I can feel the true meaning of being christian when hearing all the comforting gestures from you guys. Thank you oh God full of Mercies and loving and please make us to come closer to your presence every day as we continue to share your words among us. I also echo what pekalong said that Mercy you're indeed a good and kind person. I pray that we will all see each other in the heavenly places when Jesus returns. Thanks
  • Nice of u Mercy. thanx for sharing all u can contribute and nice to get to kknow u in here. Pray for me not just tonite but always, and indeed, like ssearcher1 said, u r a good and kind person.
  • Exactly guys, nice admiration.
  • pekalong, have u seen a prophet of the lOrd yet? I meant, real called prophet of the Lord similar and exactly like those with divine qualifications that were written in the Bible. I used to watch tbn and there were alot of claims of prophet but all of them lied because some of their prophecy didn't come thru. Can a prophet of the Lord misprophecy sometimes? just wonder if they are truly prophets even if the judgement and examination on their fruits proved them wrong otherwise. Maybe they can make mistakes sometimes when theyre not well-prepared, or simply they are wholly false ones.
  • Good morning or evening friends. I would like to add something to what we've been discussing to this far. I believe there were prophtets came up after Jesus ascention to heave and there will be only one kind of true messanger or prophet of God in the last days. Why I say this, it is because the bible does say that there will be two kinds of prophets in the last days and we can be sure that one will represent God in their interpretation of the prophecies which had been told and prophesied in the bible about the world events leading up to the second coming of the Messiah second time. And the other kinds will be speaking things concerning what the bible teaches about the prophecies being told which are counterfeiting and contradict with the true message. So, like I said earlier, our only save guard during these times of confusions is to base our understanding and/or knowledge by the bible alone and of course with open mind to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and protect us from the false interpretation and counterfeits manipulated through evil spirits. In essence, I believe as long as one is based his or her understanding what the bibles says instead having second thought, will not be moved or falls into these last days deceptives messages from these false prophets. What you think friends?
  • ur right and thanx.
  • psyop, how to know that those prophets you've mentioned have lied. Did you pray and asked our Heavenly Father about it and he told you that those prophet are not true prophets? You see psyop, your ignorant will not take you to somewhere unless you will come up with something that is precise and accurate. Just from the way you speak make me to believe that your the kind of person who is full of hatred and ignorant. You see today most of the prophecies that were prophecy from those at the beginning of time are fulfilling today. You name it but those who has been chosen as prophets today are encouraging people today how to live the Lords way and how to prevent them from Satan's great work. If you want to do the Lords work than I suggest you do it the Lords way which is humbly and precisely executed.
  • Thank you ssearch1, you did it again my friend.
  • thanx pekalong and let me add somting u missed in ur closing sentence, "humbly and precisely executed in truth".
  • Thanks psyop for that addition.
  • ur welcome my friend, im always on the look out for that term "truth" because there are alot of false out there. We must be very careful we dont end up labeling false with truth and truth with falsehood. Its just that I care too much to see our community run and long after those that are bringing and preaching falsehood into our midst. Remember that enemy can show up at ur door post with whit long sleeve shirt and nice clean suit just to used for the extenting of the dominion of evil. Im not harboring hatred in our community, but the hatred of sin and false is my campaign. would u like joining me? I think God should be please seeing TRUTH prevail. What about u?
  • I don't know if I want to or what. It is better each of us go on our separate ways. The bible says that go ye therefore two by two and preached to all nations and to every creatures. Especially now a days when Satan is conquering the world, we need to send out many missionaries as possible two by two to spread the true gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone. Lets not just sit in front of our computers and gossip of criticized others who are doing what they believe in accordance to Jesus Christ's gospel. If we believe that we are right about the gospel of Jesus Christ? Than why don't we see to it that it'll be well delivered to those who may have needed of it. I don' know but if we said that we know the truth of Jesus Christ's gospel, don't you guys think that we should be executing the Jesus Christ may have want it to be executed?
  • I agree, He will execute that in our lives as we yield and surrender our false idealogy and belief system to His lordship as His will become our deisre and will in the quidance of the Holy Spirit and the true Word of God from the Bible. U see brother, the bible clearly states that without Christ, we are nothing, so we need and must embrace His truth as we abide in Him and His Word, not in someone's or some false guru and prophet dream, but in the light of the right and accurate interpretation of the Word. Its ok, we will be used by Him in different ways but same quidance from Him thru His Spirit abiding in His Word, not the Mormon book or books. Let His use u as slave and faithful servant not the way around. Dont use HIm in whatever way u may like and end up putting alot of curse on urself. THey that wait upon the Lord shall what? Be patient my friend.
  • I don't know psyop, you still didn't show anything that will make others believed in you yet. You preached about patient but are you being patient my friend? You have to go over all things that you claimed their wrong before posting it up in here. I just don't like the way you behaved. Why? Is because you didn't stand on your own of what you believe and extent it to others but mostly criticism and humiliate other religions which is not good before God also. You see, just so that you may know that you cannot win a soul with the bad behavior you having. Lords' work is not a criticism kind of work and you know that but I don't know why are you so irritated about and be so ignorant. I can believe only the biblical part of your insights but the criticism part? I just cannot abide with at all.
  • Good morning friends! How are you doing today? Let's being with giving praisinig almigty God for is gracious love that we're still breathing and alive well. I do udnerstand the differences you (pekalong and psyop) have with regard to this subject. However, the real question we should be askng ourselfs are we living and practicing what we know that those around us (neighbors) and those who we come to contact physically or through means of communicating the gospel to that the God we are worshiping is truely God of love and merciful? In fact, one thing I always resort to is to ensure that I don't make other person is distracted from coming to God and learn of His love and the truth about Him through our contact. So, please I know the urge of wanting someone to know or maybe accept what we say in here, but the fact is that is where we should pause and let the HS spirit to work in our hearts to show us the truth from the bible. I believe also that all we (Christians) should do is to proclaim or preach the good news about the about the gospel and this God we worship today. Isn't it friends?
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    Good afternoon my friendo! This is our uut meeting to meet Jesus Christ for those whom are accepting the gospel and indwelling with the HS quid en... So our mission is simple and clear... Sing out load to His Glorious and let all men from different walk to hear our joy and shout acclimation that we have a living God who dearly loves everyone echo from distance..
  • So what exactly is the divine message? Searcher, if someone asked you which religion is the true religion, what would your answer be?
  • Thank you yakumo. Well, all I can say that the true bible church or religion should be the one I believe that preach what is written and according to the bible only. In fact, naming of religion was a man made thing and the bible only speaks of one name is the Church of God. But, I don't believe name of religions is that matter as long as they teach the word of God as it is already written in the Bible without infiltrations of man made doctrines ans so forth. In fact, I am one that do not concern about the name of religion but as long as it is written in the bible is fine with me. Don't you think this what man should do? Thanks for asking and God bless.
  • Like my friend ssearch has said the answered to your question Yakumo, I would said the answer is that the true church will be the one who carried out exactly what God and his Son Jesus Christ has set for them to followed. Also remember that the true church will abide with what these verses is telling us. Act. 1:25, 6:6, 13:1, 14:23, 15:6. 1Cor. 12:27 and Eph. 2:20, 4:11. Also Phillip. 1:1 and Titus 1:5. Other that, I don't know.
  • So what you're basically saying is, as long as a person acts according to what is written in the bible, then you are okay with it, is that correct? Is it not prejudice on your part for thinking that way? Does it not go against your church's teachings to be prejudice? You know, the more I think about religion, the more I confuse myself of what it truly means to be a christian. But then again, that is what they always say, "best you leave religion and politics out of the conversation because neither one will get you where you want to go."
  • Thank you friends. I am very thankful for the truth you've shared. You see you're not the only one that gets confuse when hearing and thinking about what the bible says. In fact, I was one of them that almost gave up completely on religion few years back. But, I am very thankful to God that He sees and understands our wearies and always come to our rescue in and at the right time. I mean, I was about to turn my back on Him due to hearng and thinking of what I didn't understand about religion especially when trying to understanding who or and what His purpose of existence. But, one day, when lyinig on my bed I said, I will make one more request to God and this is it if I don't see His answer to my worry. So, I got down on my knees not really knowing how to ask what I wanted but decided to say which I can remember "Lord God if you're really up there or wherever you are, please show me what I want to know about you that I will not doubt and believe that you're reall and and listened to all those who comes and calls on your help that will turn my confusion about religion to something that is uplifting and with desires to believe and follow you any where any time. Amen" That was all I asked and I remember waking up the next morning and there is this desire to sit up and pray recalling last what I've said last night. Things begin to change slowly and in the long run when I looked back at my trail, I can see a lot ups and down in life but everytime I got up and walk, I could see tha my pasts life begining to fade away and the new life styles begins to pour in. Although, I still stumble on the way, but thank God for He had shown me every possible way to regain my courage through the Holy Spirit and stand up and walk again. In fact, my confusions regardling religions issues has been faded out completely because of Him but not by my might but His that I live in harmony with Him through earnestly reading the holy scripture. I think the reason behind blessing on those reading the bible and not just hearing is an opportunity to medidate on the scripture while the holy spirit is in lead and command. I will pray that you hang on to the bible truth by constantly reading it for the truth will set you free according to the bible. May God contiunue to use you and everyone in here to upload the truth from the bible no matter what the situations that we may encounter for He promises that those who endure in to the end will receive the crown of salvation. God bless!
  • This is probably one of the most genuine responses I've read in years on micsem. God bless you!
  • Wow, thank you ssearch1, that's a good testimony there also you have explained well what one should do.
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