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Is having sex with SoooOOOoooOO many people bad? Like Im starting to read my bible and dont know anything about it yet. Help?? :(


  • woaini,

    I hope you're not trying to make us to believe you've never heard of the bible before. Why I said this, it is because as I know and for sure if you were borned in Micronesia, you must have a family that may know much or little of the word of God, but atleast I believe you were raised in a community with a church or churches that you may have visited ones or more when growing up. right? Well, if you say no you didn't have that opportunity, then can I ask which state is that so that we can ask our good friends lived near by that area to come and visit those people and share the gospel to them.

    And so, to answer your question, the answer is very simple and clear for it is written in the bible that one man should have one wife for that is why God only created one man and one women and jointed them to become the first couple. Then one may ask, could God made more wifes for Adam instead of just one? The answer is yes but He didn't because that was not in the plan of creation. So, how did this heterosexual or multiple wifes comes in to the view yesterday and today? Well, ever since begining of time, angels and created human beings have always broke His plan by doing things at their own choice and brought in multiple wifes or mates. In fact, in all the bible scriptures we can not find it anywhere God endorsed paligomy or multiple mates. Instead only one wife or one husband which Jesus Himself re-iterated in the New Testament through apostle Paul that one should have only one partner.

    But, one thing to highlight is that even if you have one wife it is still bad if you treated her bad in terms of abusive sexual relationships. One mate should treat other mate with love and tenderness and submissive to one another in a loving way that God has implanted in man's heart when he was first created. Hope this help! God bless!
  • it's not bad but the risk of getting diseases from other people is greater so practice safe sex.
  • solution: pick one partner and take five doses of him/her every night. that should keep you from thinking about others.
  • Okay, bIblically curious. See the thing is. I am way single and one night stand becomes an habit when your in the City. Especially your roomate's dad owns the KISS AND FLY club. VIP entry always gives you the hook upz and free everything. Believe me, when you put people's name on the VIP list, they get stuck with you like crazy. Its New York City. But the thing is, I kinna am feeling bad about doing it while reading the bible. Only it hit me when somebody mention about Jesus rediculing the jews and treated the prositution nicely or something of that sort. Forgot which forum was it.

    It is so nice of you to ask which state I am from and thanks for the information shared. I am from Kosrae. I grew up on the island of angel. Yeah, the so call ISLAND OF ANGEL. I didn't learn much about bible because I felt no belonging back then. Every Sunday, I go to the church with my siblings and some relatives. They would enter the church and be good as everybody else. But I on the other side, pretended to be sick and hide outside the whole time. But I find it so peaceful to hide a little far from the church.Whenever the youth endev or doorman told me to go in, I would just smile and do my usual.TIPTOE AND HIDE behind the huge boulders or nearest wall or go to the nearby foresty area where some folks do the same thing I do. Only most of them were older people who smoke and waiting on their family to drive them back home. Looking at my time and waiting for the right time to go back to the church and march back home with the others was my thing. My exuse was always " I was sitting at the back" when they question me..Honestly, dont expect me to know more about bible because I grew up in Kosrae. Some households have extended families. Mine happen to be one and keeping track of the what everybody learned at the church was a time to time thing. Most of the time the question goes like this " WHAT'S THE MAIN TOPIC FOR TODAY? WHAT BOOK? WHAT WAS IT ABOUT?"..My favorite cousin always saved me. Im always like "The topic for today was good. I learn so much today." Becuase he loves the bible studies and stand up and answer question some times whenever asked, he would go " the story. and goes in detail." Sometimes, I would pretend I forgot the Scripts and TOPIC and he would tel not knowing that I was under the tree sleeping the whole time. What about during time I was in High school and stuff?? Well, I moved to live with my aunt who happen to live closes to the school. Most church are far from that place so it's like. Just stay home and pray. That's why I am so BIBLESS. At least I learn to pray at night and morning because it's a family thing.

    I have done my studies in health Literacy. I've gotten my Certificate and Badge for HIV/AIDS - Awareness & Prevention training.Just recently went through a check up at the NYU hospital. Good news I dont have anything. I dont have much concern about the safe sex part but thanks for reminding me cus I know unexpected things happens all the time.

    thanks for the advise too..

    I just am not Bible-LY equipped but I am open to learning what I dont know.
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    first lets start out with our many nation father Abraham. Abraham has 4 wifes i believe, then Joseph had 6 wifes, then came down to King David has multiple i believed, then what about his son King Solomon, He was wise as well play around, dont u all think about our islands ancestors too?
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  • roverman,
    Elaborate? no pressure. Learning is fun.
  • lol.@ woaini. married between male and female simplicity of God joint relationship with Him alone..
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    I think I know who you are, but don't worry I wont blow your cover.

    Marriage is passee (outdated). And for the main bread winner - usually the husband - it can be a very expensive financial lesson............especially in California. There is something called D I V O R C E and with it comes financial failure. It's not financially logical to get "legally married" anymore, because of the bias of the divorce court system. I believe I read recently that in the US close to or over half of all cohabitual partners are not married. This seems to be the trend now.

    So as long as you are careful with your selection of bed partners, just have fun. Life is short, and at least to my way of thinking I don't believe that God meant for us to be celibate. He gave us our individual "plumbing" to be put to good use.

    I have never thought that the Church and organized religion should dictate our morality or general way of life. Organized religion has waaaaaay to many hypocrites to dictate to me, anyway.
  • in the interest of testing the waters.... as long as you have good intentions to engage into multiple partners. I'd say: " LUCKY GUY" and just leave it at that! lol
  • hOops, if you know me. Dont tell on me. lol..But hei, thanks for the INFOz. Sure does help.
  • Hi my friend hanky,

    You're about the men in the bible who practice polegamy or having multiple wifes. However, if you try to search in the whole Holy Bible especially where God endorses these behaviours, I promise that you'll never come across any. So, safe sex or whatever the alternative maybe, one wife and one husband is what God endorsed and for it is amplified in the NT through Jesus and Paul's messages regarding marriage acceptable in the sight of God who in fact created and join the first couple.
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    woaini; go here and learn something will u..when u done come back and tell me whats your problem.


    Once a man experience sexuality as God intended it, he is never for settle for anything less. Again it is an incredible journey that offers awesome rewards, You can read in first Thessalonian 4:3-8, God pleases....

    do read Leviticus 18; and tell me what is ur opinion, also Exodus 20:14 will u..
  • hanky,

    I found in all the scriptures that you've had asked me to look into and found them all in full support of one wife and one husband. do you also agree? if not, then kindly share your thought please. Thanks
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    no matter how big ur sin, how many wife u possess, how great ur disobedient, all in all according to the rugged crossed Jesus die upon " He PAID IT ALL",..

  • go and multiply (populate the earth). 1x1=1, 1x7=7. which one makes sense?
  • The bible says, when two people are joint together in matromony they become one. So, this confirm the 1+1=1 and not 1x1=1. The other equation (1x7=7) I don't see anywhere in the bible that support it. However, there are number of such equation recorded in the bible but all who have chooses this practice never had a good marriage. Example, Abraham when he took his wife's maid servant, was it God who told them to it? No, God does not change nor endorsed any action or plan that is not of His but only by the choosing of man. Again, King David, what happen when he lusted and married his number 1 (Army General) Uriah? I believe we all know the sequences which came and clouded upon King David that because of many wifes some of his sons try to over throw his kingdom. So, these recorded unlawfull man made decisions are clear portrays of what could impact ones life which are never endorsed by God.

    In Genesis, when God made the command to go and replenish the earth, I believe it was intended for the first couple and to have more wifes or husbands, don't see it fit in that category of one wife and one husband. wasn't it?
  • dear ssearcher1, do you literally believe they become one? last time I checked my wife of 43 yrs., she and I are still two.
  • No not literally but in one accord. Meaning everything the two separated bodies being joint in marriage will do in harmony and support one another in everything they do. Kuop, you mentioned you have been married for 43 years right? So, could recall what the pastor or priest who did your wedding said? Did he or she says, for God had join you and your wife to become two or one. which one? I don't think it mean to cloak two separate bodies together but spiritually in harmony with the lord leading your path from that special day onward isn't it?
  • he said one and i said i do 'cause that was and is what i set out to do. and i never left my parents for my wife. in fact i brought my wife, she and i lived with my parents until this dead thing starts seperating us one by one. did i disobey the Holy Word?
  • Thanks kuop for sharing the truth about what took place after your marriage. Well, to respond to your last line, all I know it is said, it is the only reason one should leave his parents is when two are joint by marriage. And to answer if what you did is considered disobedience to God's word, that can only answered by yourself. In fact, does the bible says anything wrong to live with your parents with your wife? I doubt that there is. what you think? please share. thanks
  • It all depends on what your beliefs are. If you are safe about it, then by all means go get you some more! If you are not, know that somewhere down the road, your actions will come to bite you in the rear. And when that happens, you'll lose sight of what it means to live a healthy life. But on an upside note, who is to say you can only do one partner? If you can have two or more, why not?
  • i believe this is another reason for free agency as long as you don't deviate from the norm to offend Him.
  • woaini,

    While you embrace your 500th partner tonight, just remember this---Like a public toilet bowl, you've also been sat on for 500 times by 500 different people who I trust only look at you as a plaything to satiate the itch between the legs. My out most and sincere solution I can offer your poor soul is for you to find the tallest building in NY and jump off it. Happy landing.
  • that's not a nice way to talk to a lady Led, remeber too that the more the merrier.
  • Led Zeppelin,

    Ouch. God bless you. You must honesty have the purest soul on planet Earth.

    how I wish I could see your face and your profile. Maybe its one of those toilet bowls that'z never been touched for it smells and eventually

    Gosh, please dispear if you can. I am trying to catch up with the bible here. Not catching up with bad influence like you.

    God bless and May devil miss.
  • King Solomon had over 200 wives, so there is your answer...
  • just imagine that a different girl for each night of the year,all 365 of them damn.i know about this one dude that was married to 3 women,this guy was a pimp and he had like 12 sons and one of them was named joseph right and his older brothers tried to kill him.even abraham had more then 1 wife,so i dont know why its wrong to have more then one partner or wife now days.thatll be the day man.365 different girls for whole master card will be max out on viagras.
  • Right from the beginning: One man, One woman = Gen. 2:24 and in the New Testament = Eph. 5:31. Because some had more than one did not make it right. Notice all the extra problems that it caused with them: Abraham, Jacob, etc. Interesting that Job only had one, right?
  • yeah thats the only dude in the bible who had one wife.but didnt jobs first wife died and god gave him another.
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