Racial Jokes on Hawaii Radio Stations



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    Why are we talking about this hawaiian things. If you are in somebody place, please be respectful to the people of the place and also the place. Put yourself in that position and think about it. I have to let you think about it and come up with a good comment. Be smart and comment............I will laugh if you are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Food and words are good for thought!!!!!!!!
  • Which R You, pls check ONLY one.

    1-Pohnpeian ( )
    2-Chuukese ( )
    3-Yapese ( )
    4-Kosraean ( )
    5-Others (X) Hapa
  • Prince,

    That was a great suggestion.


    I'm 100.7% with you on the racist vs. hypocrit. I too, chose racism.


    you confuse me. you're like the most hateful Christian.

  • People do not let these kind of jokes let your guard down. After all it is joke lol
  • Everyone has had stereotypical thoughts in their life. So don't be all self-righteous JUST because the joke is on MICRONESIAN. And the only reason WHY other people(who aren't Micronesian) would BOYCOTT the radio station, is because they FEEL the SAME way, but feel sorry for them for being ridiculed. Its a vicious world, but its reality. And really, honestly people, its a joke on the radio. Let it go. You know you'll laugh if its about someone you despise, or someone you don't particularly like. Welcome to humanity. And don't fight me on this one, no one is perfect. Its in our nature.
  • Great insight Fury. There you go people, you heard it. Can we close this thread now?
  • masamas ninsei! lol how many shirt do you possess guy? sound like a white sport coat and a pink carnation. heheheheh
  • Dont knw what all this will fall into but the so far the radio stations here on Guam does joke with all the people here. They would joke around with anybody for entertainment and I think it depends on us if we want to take it seriously or play along.
    On Guam the I94 station have the on going chuukese accent saying "nauw u r nisening to i naintee for" and not just that many more from Malafuntion.. they would play some jokes with many other ethnicities including Guam itself.
  • Kratos

    You made a good choice. Glad to have you on board, even though we are on opposite ends.


    Well, in every race there are those who deserve the title and those that don't. You take it from there.
  • PICK UR FIGHTS WISELY! We are visitors to this land, we should not expect them to bow down to us and welcome us like we are families. Many of you do feel the same way about foreigners , esp. phillipinos in Micronesia. Let it go.... do something good for them to talk about. *hehhe,

  • well said CJ, hopefully everyone oblivious to that concept will eventually wake up and smell the roses, highly unlikely but we can always hope.

  • What do you call micronesian without a brain and who whines about the smallest of details?

    A weener!
  • Its good ocean girl bring this up, however we should not let such things put us down. I mean they can say anything they want, but we (Micronesians) have the same rights, privileges as the Hawaiians have also Guam. I agree with some its a wake up call in relation with any other comments against Micronesians. Although I find it a bit stereotype on the MIcroneisan part. I mean when for example, this is just an example if there was a incident that involved (only) Pohnpeians, they wouldn't not say its Pohnpieans or the FSM, but Micronesia, everyone is to be blamed, which is unfair. I mean they don't say " Those polynesians did this" they just going say "oh its the Samoans, or the Tongans, they won't refer the Polynesians only when there's a activities that involves all polynesians. Micronesia is a subregion of Oceania, comprising thousands of small islands in the western Pacific Ocean, that's Micronesia is and that's were our islands are located and because we live in small or tiny islands also know as micro. But anyways for me if I ever heard such jokes I won't give in they can say all they want, I know I have priviliges, I am a freeman, Thank God I'm from Micronesia...
  • Come on micronesian its only jokes! If you get mad do what i do when the situation gets the better of me...................................................................................................................................................................................................................SMOKE A JOINT OR 2.
  • This is very interesting. My say is same as others who have commented on this issue. In fact, lies and truth both attract a good attention. But, most of the times, lies is crabs who crawled out of their holes during low tides (business is not doing well). So, let it be for their fishing for supports for their radio stations. But, who knows, they could lure in customers to tune in their radio channel to keep them up and in the air. Otherwise, they the tide remain. Lol! My friend who raises the issue, we Pohnpeian call this kind of behaviour "kisinieng mwahl" something that rises and goes away or a wind that blows here and there that's it does. Just pretent that you didn't hear and I promise you it will go away without pumping the heart too fast which can lead into a more serious problem like high blood and heart attack. So, just let it go for it is like a mean looking tootless dog which parks but can't really hurt anyone. yes?
  • My two cents...

    it takes one to know one...The DJ must have gone through the same thing some point in his/her life.

  • why micronesian men use foodstamps at the massage parlors? cause they're flat broke after drinking all day :-)
  • well, a joke is always offensive to someone...but i think some of them are unecessaryimageimageimageimageimageimageimage
  • you right some jokes are uncalled for but like my filipino friends allways says.......JOKE,JOKE,JOKE.
  • Loosen up a little and take it as it was intended....no pun intended is what I'm trying to say. Unless youre one whose feathers are easily ruffled.
  • There were 3 good friends attending school at Xavier HS. The three guys were seniors and getting ready to graduate. One was from Pohnpei, one was from Yap and one was from Chuuk. They were talking about what they were going to do after graduation one day. The guy from Pohnpei said,"Let's go to college." The other two said they couldn't because they did not have the money. The guy from Chuuk said, "Let's just find a job and work." The other two said they did not want to work for minimum wage in the FSM (too little). Then the guy from Yap said, "Let's join the Army. We will learn a trade and have educational benefits when we get out for college." They all agreed this was the way to go.

    The three went down and took the exam (ASVAB) and passed. They then went for the physical and all passed. They then took off for boot camp. After arriving at boot camp and having their heads shaved, they went to get their uniforms. When they arrived at the warehouse, there was a long line of recruits waiting for uniform issue. As they moved along, they got to the place to be issued socks, then shirts, then pants, etc. Finally, they got to the person issuing underwear. The guy from Pohnpei was asked, "How may underwear do you want?" He said he wanted seven pairs of underpants. The person issuing asked him why he wanted 7 pairs. He said Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. That is seven. Then the Yapese came up. When asked how many pairs he wanted, he replied five. He was asked why he only wanted five when the guy from Pohnpei wanted seven. He said, "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, on Saturday and Sunday I wear my Thuw. He was given five pairs. Then the guy from Chuuk came up. He was asked how many underwears he wanted. The guy issuing the underwear explained how many his friends wanted, Pohnpei 7, Yap 5. The Chuukese looked kind of confused while he continued to think. Finally he replied, "I will take 12 pair!" The issuer looked at him and asked why he wanted 12 pairs. The guy from Chuuk said, "January, February, March....."
  • ihhihihee! good one rzrbck. hope the chuukese guy meant to wash and dry with dryer machine after use everyday uh? If not, then i would think it would be very uncomfortable having to wear the same for 15days. Lol!
  • 5 guys are drinking in a bar,a micronesian,a indian,a chinese dude,one irishman and one american.so they got drunk and started to boast about what their countries are famous for.so the micronesian ask the indian.so my friend what is india famous for,so the indian guy said the beautiful taj mahal.then the micronesian asked the chinese dude what is china famous for,the chinese dude said china is famous because of the great wall of china.the micronesian asked the irishmen what is ireland famous for,the irishmen said that ireland is famous because of the foul leaf glover,so he asked the american guy what is america famous for so the american guy got up and pointed at his shirt and said america is famous because of the great american flag.so all four of them are looking at this micronesian and said what is micronesia famous for so the micronesian drink his bottle of beer stood up and said at the top of his lung micronesia is famous because of me.so the indian,chinese,irishmen and the american all smile and said why?the micronesian said i will piss inside the taj mahal,jump over the great wall of china take a sh*t on the four leaf glovers and wipe my ass with the american flag.

    People have been paying attention, or perhaps it is just a coincidence ... CJ HAS RECIEVED INVITATION TO GO ON AIR AND TALK ABOUT MICRONEISAN ISSUES!!! *SHOCK!

    I am here to ask anyone who think he/she is ready to meet, it is an opportunity that is rare to find out there. IT IS AN OPPORTUNITY THAT DROPS IN MY LAP without me doing any aksing... if you are in Hawaii and if you think you got what it takes to go on AIR and get things str8t, email me. I will be more than happy to work with you, the invitation was personal and directed at me, but I would like to invite anyone who is interested to meet first...

    Let me know, this ain't a joke!

  • yo cj what r u gonna talk about? and what radio station u gonna be on?Im from the leward side of ohau and i want to tune in and listen brah.
  • *hehe, Well, I am not sure if I am gonna be the one to be on air, as I am still a bit "culturally fairoro.." lol, I am trying to figure out how to utilize this opportunty for the best...If there is others that I feel could do it better, I would be more than happy to walk them to the station and chill with the owner as they go on the air.... the invitation was really an accident, I said this cuz I still do not believe how it happened that I met 2 valuable people at the same time, at the same place.. out of the blue. One works at a t.v station and the other owner of a radio station... *shake head*

    I was approached as I was running my shamelessl mouth talking to owner of a store... we started talking about food and I asked about Micronesian food and etc. I probably was loud enough that I caught the attention of two customers who were also shopping local foods... they asked if I am Microneisan, and I proudly said, Yes, I am! hehe, without hesitation they both started to make comments about the negative news regarding micronesians and immediately asked if I would be willing to visit them at their stations... they would like to put me on the air to address some issues. I looked at them shocked! We chatted a bit and they exchanged busienss cards and was asked to meet them on Sunday... I immediately declined and told them that Sunday was too early for me, as I need to gather thoughts and organize topics before then... so that is the unbelievable part. Now my part is to figure out how to do it, and how to utilize it positively...

    This is the second time that I been asked by an owner of a radio station (different owners) to speak on Microensian matters on their stations, I refused the first time, but this second time, I think it is time to take up the opportunity and make it work... Your thoughts>>>>

    I will inform you on when, who and what station in the nearer future...


  • I think that you should do it. It's not often that opportunity comes knocking. In my personal opinion, don't make 'excuses' for the bad apples of Micronesia since there's bad apples in every race. Just be yourself, and that in itself will show that we are NOT all the same.
    Have a great time!!! :)
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