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My Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ:

Tirow! I write to you with respect, love, and honor to ask for your help for your fellow brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, uncles and aunties, all your relatives back home in our beloved home islands of Pattiw and Namonweito. Failimoch alihi rhienemi soulengin fanuarh kewe pwe ra men osupwang me lon arh Diocese. As you continue to sail in far distant seas, I ask that you work together with each other to help our beloved home islands. Let me share with you a brief history of our region's reality and needs:

Our parishes have long suffered from a lack of access to the Sacraments. In the past, our islands were cared for by two dearly beloved Jesuit priests Father Angus Morrison, S.J.(Chilap) and Father John Kevin Fahey, S.J. (Faki) who have long retired and passed on. Ever since they left our groups of islands we have not been assigned a priest. For over 20 years now our islands have not had any consistent access to the holy Sacraments. Many of our relatives have passed away with a deep longing for the Sacraments.

Eventhough we belong to the Diocese of the Caroline Islands, our parishes do not have the necessary resources to support the needs of our ministry. While serving our islands, Fathers Morrison and Fahey were supported by their friends and benefactors from the United States. Ever since our beloved American Jesuit priests left our islands, we have been left to fend for ourselves. Now, our islands have long suffered from a lack of financial resources to support the basic needs of our parishes.

Every parish in our Diocese have the responsibilities of supporting their own ministry needs. While many parishes can do that, our people from the Pattiw and Namonweito regions do not have the money to purchase fuel for priests to visit our islands. Consequently, it's harder for priests like myself to go out to our region to administer the Sacraments or for any other needs such as youth ministry, leadership training, workshops, or deacon training. It's very difficult for our people to support these needs.

As you are well aware, our people depend on the land and the ocean for their lifelihood. We depend on our relatives on Weno and overseas to help purchase things that we might need. It is in that spirit that I want to ask for your help for our parishes in Pattiw and Namonweito. Our parishes more than ever need all the help they can get from the sons and daughters living abroad. You know the hardships, the sacrifices, the lack of financial resources, the distances of our islands from the commercial center, and the faith of our people. You know how far a simple donation of $10 helps out the youth in their desires to gather together to celebrate their faith.

I have asked Vid Raatior to lead Walu Mataw, a new global organization of people from Pattiw and Namonweito living overseas to help the projects and needs of our islands. I pray that each of you will hear the cry of our fathers and mothers, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, and all our relatives who struggle with ways to bring the Sacraments to the islands. May God bless you all for your generosity and your sacrifices. Though you left the islands for the U.S. mainland, Guam, FSM, Hawaii, Pohnpei, and other places in the world, I humbly ask that you remember your roots or the "ewe tongen lepopun."

Killisou chapur me tirow,

Fr. Floren M. Akkin
Vicar for the Outer Island Ministry

Thank you father Floren for your touching letter. Please provide more information on how and where to sent gifts. I believe that the word "Give" is the real prove of love that God himself had shown by"giving" his only son to this world. John explain in his letter at John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son."

I join you to humbly ask our brothers and sisters to show "ewe tongen lepopun" by GIVING at least something, 5, 10, 20, or whatever you think is necessary during this christmas season. Merry christmas to all.

Merry X Mass Fr. Floren


  • To Saddam:
    Perhaps for a plea like yours, you should've considered first your nic in here because that alone, psychologically turned people off, yet your postings so far been about the Christmas spirits and about "Giving". Im from a different denomination, but I would like to donate something, if only I know where to send it to or whom to give it to in Pohnpei. We would love to donate for a noble cause to have someone from the Diocese bring the Sacraments out to the outer islands.

    It is rather sad that while Chuuk is the homebase for the Bishop in this region, yet his own outer islands are suffering from lack of representative out there. Anyway, there is an open channel directly to the Almighty which one doesnt need a priest to mediate. A prayer is all you need and eventually He might lead you people out there to come up with a solution. Perhaps lack of money isn't your problem but lacks of faith. Remember, the Almighty rarely neglect his people and you should be happy and grateful for the breath of life He grants you. He might wants you to turn this issue around and use the wisdom He so granted you to find your solution, instead of pleading for mere cash.

    Remember, He acts in mysterious ways. So, Why not start with a prayer. Godspeed.
  • Good work, Saddam. For anyone moved to give to Fr. Floren's work in the outer islands, please send donations directly to him in Chuuk at the following address:

    Fr. Floren Akkin
    P.O. Box 202
    Chuuk, FM 96942

    Phone: (691) 330-2672; Fax: (691) 330-4394

    For more information or to volunteer as a Walumataw representative in your locale, please consult our website: or email me directly (click on my name for email address).

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