Looking for Family of Achataro Smith I'm his daughter

so I'm 17 years old & my father Achataro Smith passed away 15 years ago, an I've been trying to find ways to find my family, but I've had no luck.
I really wanna meet my family & if anyone knows anyone related to my father Achataro Smith please comment on this.
I'm in desperate need to find my family. If anyone knows anything please help, please. 


  • anything helps, anything....
  • stacees, that name looks familiar; if i'm not mistaken, you have some uncles in portland oregon right now; let mefind some information and let u know...mahalo..
  • It would be helpful if we know where Achataro Smith is from.
  • my mom said my dad is from truck island or chuuk island im not sure what part. i didn't know anything about him.

    really ! that makes me feel really happy, i live in vancouver washington so it's pretty close, yes please let me know when you find out anything.
  • your dad is from chuuk, mortlock region; look for Gladwin smith and edwin herry on facebook; those r your cousins, they'll be the one connecting u to your hundreds of cousins;that's all i can say for now. mahalo...
  • Stacees, look for the nearest FSM Embassy and talk to them about your situation, I'm sure they will be happy to assist you. Good luck. 
  • & those are my real cousins?
    thank you so muuch !!!!!!!

  • what if they dont get on facebook anymore?
    or they havent been on for a long time?
    sorry i kinda worry about those kinda of things, i just really want to meet them.

  • well i havent found anything out, Gladwinhasnt wrote me back & neither had edwin. im trying to find phone numbers but uh its so hard. an i went to the fsm i tried calling but they are closed.
  • Try this number...808-777-9385. He should be able to help you.
  • let me try to contact them on facebook; and see if they're just busy. i know ur family very well...if they don't respond to u, i have some others that i could contact them...mahalo
  • well, please contact anyone you can. i want to meet them as soon as i can (:
    I'm also 13 weeks pregnant & i want them to be in my babies life as well as mine.
  • whose number is that exactly?
  • tera; did you know my father?
  • hello.here I am: Gladwin Smith.Here is my contact number-503-926-1712.
    Stacees,plse give me a call & u-r address needed to spot u-r location on mapquest to see how far r-u from my spot
  • so are you my cousin?
    or what? lol
    i tried calling you didnt answer but my mother left a voice mail.

  • My father is related to your father, he's actually my father's uncle. So, please do add me on fb so we can get to know each other better. https://www.facebook.com/mwoakillockese
  • Stacy,
    Good luck in finding your real roots. I know you will be very happy to meet them all. They are so friendly relatives of yours. There are few of them in Oregon and I knew of two in San Diego area.
  • Stacee: I received the voice mail & tried 3 times calling the number nobody was answer. Now I'm ready to go to work & come back 6am 
  • stacee, yes i am ur father's relative..but i am connecting u to those that r more closer to u in the mainland. i'm in honolulu but yes we can communicate on here and facebook , MAHALO
  • mwa met mwa uncle gladwin a kan lukun mwalejela emon jojon lon aj aterenges...greetings to you stacee we are your family. My real name is a Johanson saret and i came from that family of smith, my grandmother is from that family..if you want to know more, here is my email on fb lovejayzer@yahoo.com..add me...tiro wom uncle gladwin..
  • Could you please at least tell us more about him? his nationality, where he's home island and his legal name at least. Or is that his legal name  Achataro Smith? 
  • I just happened to get into this site and I am glad to know about you. Achtaro Smith is from Oneop Chuuk. And you have a lot of your relatives in Portland, Oregon and Hawaii. Well it is good you already found your cousin Gladwin.
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