FSM United States Air Force Personnel

Does anybody know the names of all FSM enlisted in the USAF?


  • just trying to find some people to hang out with during TDYs or PCS
  • Where you heading to?
  • not now but sometimes in the future!
  • sinner:

    An attempt was made about two years ago to find out how many Pohnpeians are enlisted in the whole USA Arm Forces but wasn't successful. For Nation, it's not publicly known what Office is incharged of such information. For Pohnpei for a long time, such information was tasked to the Office of Public Affairs. When the attempt was made two years ago, we were directed to look to the Department of Education for such information. They may still be the agency that would be able to provide such information for Pohnpei. Thanks sinner for your inquiry, I will tag along to learn from other forumers.
  • I know of a female officer who is currently stationed in Kadena...once was an enlisted personnel but recently "turned."
  • 1KSA- Mountain Home, Idaho-dont know if he still there
    1 PN1- Heading to Andersen, Guam- Imanuel is the lastname
  • I don't know anybody but I was planning on going into it until i found out that you have to be a U.S citizen to be a pilot so here I am not in it. I'll let you know if I find someone .... gl wid that
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    that's not true! only when u are re-enlisting in the AF is when citizenship is required. also, Air force is not only for pilots cuz it operates just like the other branches.for example, police, cooks, medics, and the list goes on..depending on ur ASVAB score. that's one thing that alot of people misunderstood about the AF. it's common back home-micronesia, when people thought doctors are only spotted at hospital or clinics. nope! the title "doctor" is a term that defines an individual expertise(highest level) in a specific area.
  • this is not where the Navy seal team came from? what are their tactics and professionalism?
  • I do think you need american citizenshipimageimageimage
  • Normally, the info you are asking for will be confidential. I do not think you can get it imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage
  • you need american citizenship to re-enlist(second time) but not enlisting(first time). positions like pilots,navy seals,special forces, or any other commissioned slots required U.S citizenship. keep in mind due to job availability and etc. ehehheh,,my best option is to GOOGLE IT..if you can't read then sorry dude ur not even close to meeting the requirements..ehehehh
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