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I've been informed that we, Micronesians, got the privilege of getting our airline ticket(s) purchased thru Red Cross. ONLY FOR EMERGENCY REASONS!


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  • True and not true. The unit is responsible for your airline ticket. In another words, it comes out of your unit's fund. In an event that Red Cross has to pay for your ticket, Army Emergency Relief (AER) would pay back the red crosss. AER then charge the Soldier if AER provide a loan to Red Cross, not the grant that they are very stingy about. The stipulation is you must prove that MICRONESIA is your home of record...Your DD 4 Series, contract, would have that. In order to qualify, you must meet the criteria provided in AR 600-8-11.

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  • im aware of the loan processing but interested in grant. its just that i've been hearing words from SOME Army folks that are abusing this system. I looked up at the AR 600-8-11but its for the army. i am trying to get the main documents for all DoD branches cuz i am enlisted in the USAF. I need documents stating what's true or not before requesting higher ups assistance. Anyway, i appreciate your help and thanks for the info.

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  • i know it's totally off-topic but if i want to join/work with the Red Cross and i'm in the FSM. Where do sign up or who can I see to help me. Please if you have the tiniest bit of 411, share!
  • Sinner,

    I think each branch has their own regulations that covers EMLV. I would recommend you seek more info from you personnel service unit, not your commander and 1SG. Though, they may be familiar with the process, they may not answer all your questons.
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    Fill out both DD Form 1610 and AF Form 988. Your supervisor should be able to help you out from there. Yes its Unit Funded!
  • Think the EMLV is on AF Form 972, inquire thru your personnel section.
  • EASY, EASY DER FOLKS! The sysyem is made assist all GIs regardless of their state of origin. All requests must be verified... So, I do not see how someone could abuse such system.

    STATE OF ORIGIN GETS A BIT COMPLICATED, when you are a Micronesian who enlisted in the US Arm Forces in USA Some would argue that whatever state in US ur state of origin. You just have to know what to say and ...*wink
  • CJ,

    It's not a matter of home of record. It's the RED CROSS message that have been abused.
  • There is a unit fund set aside for that purpose...emergencies have to be verified by the red cross. It is for immediate family ... the term immediate family changes from time to time...immediate family was defined when I enlisted in the late 80's as follows: Parents and Parents-in-law, siblings of SM. After 911, they have added siblings-in-laws of the SM as well...One other thing to remember, for those that enlist in the US, if and when you re-enlist, change your Home of Record (HOR) to Micronesia. I believe that is the only time you are allowed to do such change. Refer to Army Regulation 600–8–10, Leave and Passes. For those of you that are raised by someone other than biological parents, you can extend your immediate family by to include the names of those that raised you by filling out a Loco Parentis form at your PAC and have them maintain it in your records...

    You may also want to look up JTARS regulation..I believe there is a paragraph that talks about service members entitlement to traveling to and from HOR by the expense of the government (once) in your total enlistment contract...don't remember the Reg...I believe it is an entitlement.
  • I was once very greatful to the Red Cross for helping me out during the past when I had a funeral in my family. However, if you don't have that worldwide number for Red Cross, you need to get it and give it to your relatives. If you are abroad and someone in your family (anyone of those names listed on your Pg 2 as dependents, mohter or father, in-laws, etc.) happen to passes, they should call that number and inform the RedCross. I know death certificate might be needed, but sometimes it only takes a credible being (someone from hospital or gov't) to do the call. Red cross will in turn alert your unit with a RedCross message number. And yes, your unit will take it from there to help you go home if you chooses to go. Now, some other avenues that you can also get assistance from. For us marines-navy, there is the Navy-Marine Releif Society, but I'm sure there's probably another version of that in the other branches. A year ago I had to go home for my in-law's funeral. NMRS and my unit collaborated together and flew me home with my 3 dependents, gave me money for the funeral (only what you say is your share of the funeral cost), and have me and my family on our way. I took 30 days leave, and of course with pay. Now, the money I got for my share for the funeral cost was a grant. Meaning I don't have to pay it back. So as the money for my round trip ticket. But, the money that was spend on my dependents tickets was a loan, and is now deducted monthly from my pay as a payment without any inerests. These are the sort of unspoken benefits that we get from Uncle Sam that most everybody overlooked. Do you know that the military is obligated to fly your spouse back home and back if her next of kin passes?(whether parents, sister, brother, etc. as long as their names is listed in your Page 2 as her next of kin). That's why I recommand all you soldiers, marines, sailors, guardsmen, coasties, and airman outhere to update your page 2 annually or whenever there's changes. It helps a lot and I am very thankful for that service. I don't feel helpless because I contributed to NMRS every year without them knowing thru the Combined Federal Campagin. Some units might be different from others or it might just be that each unit and branches has their own stipulation on how to help their own. Semer Fidelis
  • Kolonia,

    Good info! But .......HOME OR RECORD cannot be changed. Understand there's an exception to policy for everything. That being said, changing your home of record can be done through HRC and HRC only. The process is simple. Approval? Not so much. Your MPD (Military Personnel Division) can provide you the info. It's as simple as writing a letter to HRC justifying reasons for changing. You must have a very very good reason for them to change it..most requests are denied.


    In the Army, the unit is responsible for both the service member and his/her family members. We do not need Army Emergency Relief Fund (Army version of NMRC) to get the family's ticket. And again, each service has their own policy.....
  • Correct there is a very limited request and rarely approved...the request have to have a very good justification for the change...Link below provide information..
  • Just to add to what Kolonia100 is sharing, he did shared a lot of true information in reference to emergency leave, Red Cross and so forth. Let it be known to all Service Members (Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Reservist in all the Branches) that Emergency Leave travel for SM and family members is an entitlement that you must used when you are in this situation. Per DOD REG 4515.13-R, Chapter 2, pages 49-51
    all specified in there, so please pass it to all SM from FSM, Marshalls and Palau. Home of Record does applies if you are station in CONUS, however OCONUS stations to include deployment and the State of Hawaii(considered OCONUS) for this matter. Futhermore, to clarify what is considered Immediate Family, look up AR 600-8-10

    Hope this helps
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