Postcards to FSM Soldiers

My Awesome Uncle has been recently deployed to Afghanistan and I love to write him weekly. But I don't want to stop there! I want to write to all the FSM in active war zones. I will write as many people as I have APO addresses for! If your interested check out my link. :)


  • I want to show my support for those putting their lives at risk everyday, by mailing a postcard or letter weekly. Writing letters has become a lost art, in today's world of cell phone, email and texting. A friendly letter can bring a smile in the dark & dreary days of warfare. So I am requesting APO address for any solider who would like to receive mail while on tour.
  • Please let us keep sending postcards to FSM soldiers anywhere they are, Irag, Afghan, Pakistan and remind them that they are important people. Their lives cannot be replaced by anything else. They are there protecting the US and the US government should respect FSM. Thanks
  • Sweet idea. :) . . . . image
  • YES! reverse, exactly..... Like I said, I want to and I am writing, but why stop there?!? I want to write to all! For more info click this link.

  • Thank You SUnshine!! That's a brilliant idea that you have and thank you for your willingness to do it. You're remarkable bright
    HOpe that you're able to get many, many more addresses.
  • Very nice of youimageimageimage
  • kawie - THANK YOU Kawie!!!! Reading your optimistic words has brighten my day! And you know what they say the more the merrier!!!! lol
  • I think this is a great thing to do. POSTCARDS ACTIVISTS! The people should somehow get Intrapenpals Globally. Keeps friends, mind off the harsh duties, and patriotism. Another way to show your support and standing behind your countrymen. They fight so you don't have to.
  • What an AWESOME idea!!!!!!!! ^_^
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