Billon dollars worth of Deep Sea Rare Earth Minerals Discovered in Micronesian Waters!!!

Folks! Looks like we're going to be one of the richest nation on planet Earth! According to a Japanese deep sea survey, our territorial oceans could potentially contain several billion dollars worth of Rare Earth Minerals which are used to manufacture electronic products.

We need to commission our own survey to find where these Rare Earth Minerals are located inside and outside our territorial waters. Once we find them, we could bring in outside help to assist us in extracting it.


  • There's nowhere in the article where I found anything about "MICRONESIA""".
  • Dopher Benjamin,

    Why do you riddle Micsem with your stupidity? One minute you are offering rational opinions, the next minute you turn into some weirdo idiot spreading lies.
  • Dopher, what are you trying to do here? You must be fond of underwater thingy..Your last post was for the gas in the famous Chuuk Lagoon.. now your posting something related to Earth Minerals.. Kindly enlighten us please or elaborate more on this Earthly Mineral issue.
  • i was getting excited up to the point where i dont see any word about MICRONESIA... but i do still think that they may be able to find some of those "EARTHLY MINERALS" in our ocean territory... yeah... MORI would know wat to do...
  • I was on the ship as an observer of the Japanese Univeristy Underwater Research program. The minerals are said to be worth Zillions of U.S. dollars and they are mostly concentrated in the area surrounding Ifelug Atoll and Sorol. There is an ongoing negotiation with the Government of Japan and I as to how we should mine the minerals and whether I'm getting 25% or 50% of the share since I was the one who directed them into the area. Let us pray and see.
  • Interesting theme ...imageimageimageimage
  • JJS

    You should get full credit for what you do. The best part is you are recorded in our history that are one of the founder of wealth in Micronesia.
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