• DB,

    Some technical problems, couldn't watch the video clip. Could you give more info if you know more about it? Just so you know, there is another ship wreck near the island of Kuttu in the Mortlocks with tons of oil too...
  • Good for us. It least we can use that to offset the 45 million and hopefully bail us out from the red twilight zone.
  • I don't understand this post.. some mentioned that the oil is spilling in the Chuuk Lagoon making the marine life in danger, and this, potential Oil Worth Billion, are we talking on two seprate issues here, enlighent my darkness night.
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    U.S and Japan were responsible for this mess so they should be the one cleaning it up....and they should act now before it's too late!
  • Why can't we do this ourselves? All we need is a valve, drill, and pump, the rest we can improvise. I mean we already have local divers who are familiar with the wrecks. They can do the work. We can pump the oil onto one of our ships using fuel bladders to temporarily store the it. If no one wants the salvaged oil, we can dump it in international waters.
  • Good morning Dopher, now i understand my bad.. i thought somewhere out there someone did find oil beneath our Chuuk Lagoon. And yes, you guys are right, we should ask someone with experties in pumping up the gas/diesel out of them wrecks and have it save up in some tank somewhere to refine and reuse later.
  • Dohper Beniamin,

    Ika ke Ja, iwe kopwe Wej, fiti fengen me a'ea' oil seni Chuuk so, hilarious buddy!
  • Kairu,

    So funny, I thought the same thing, but came to find out Beniamin, is only referring to the sunken wrecks in our lagoon. So, hilariously
  • Mount-hood,

    hilarious as it may seem, but don't understand the "ike ke ja, iwe kopwe Wej." what is this? you are out of the loop my friend..
  • LOL@Kairu,

    Ina kopwe tonong non ena thread e-era Chuukese translation, iwe ina kopwe kuna an beniamin na sopwitun. Uchok pwan mwonenong non ei ew thread. Kan chok pwan ekis sense of humor seni ikei. Omusano ika esapw kan pwan kuri netipom. Iwe ina, have a good day ma friend.
  • Man, the lagoon of Chuuk is on the verge to disaster. Chuuk underwater is soooo pristine. But not for long if anyone wont take proper measure to deal with this issue.
  • WTH...there's nothing funny about this thread. if you don't have any pride or love for your island, then you must have came from a rock....what a shame!!!

    Please, close this thread....
  • it's more like a few million, not billions. and it will cost a few million to pump it out of the wrecks also.
  • Go for it chuuk. Drill and pump now while the supplies last. Take what you can mine out of the water now and live a happy life forever amin. No worry about jemco resolutions and all that inconvinience from the national government. Divide the money among each and every chuuk citizen including those still being concieved inside the womb. kalangan!!!!
  • i think we should be thinking about preventing the destruction of Chuuks coral reefs, mangrove forests, and marine life first, and then money from the oil second.
  • wow we are rich! (i'll buy one or two atolls)imageimageimage
  • It was a defining moment of World War II. In February 1944, the US Navy attacked Japan's naval forces in the western Pacific.
    After 48 hours, 200,000 tonnes of Japanese ships, aircraft, trucks and tanks were sunk, creating a haunting undersea graveyard.

    Today, the site is a marine wonderland, attracting scuba divers from across the world. But it has also become a ticking timebomb, threatening a fragile Pacific paradise.

    Within the rapidly deteriorating shipwrecks lurk tens of millions of litres of thick black oil which scientists say will be released in the next few years, destroying a pristine environment and the island's economy for generations to come.
  • i started another discussion before I saw this one was already about the oil spill in Chuuk, but check out this video also

    -I am also much more worried about the destruction of marine life and Chuukese life in general, the possible money gained from this operation should not be the primary motivation for cleaning up this mess. Saving chuuk from disaster should be motivation enough.
  • Jhunter,

    You are absolutely right. Any greedy Chuukese who wants profit from this inevitable environmental disaster should be tied up and whipped accordingly to the law of the Koran.
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