This is just a test to guage public opinion to see if a petition can be successful in getting a Presidential Pardon for these gentlemen.


  • Dohper Benjamin, the public has no saying on who gets pardon and who don't. How can we talk about something that is beyond our reach? At this very moment, President Mori have already made up his mind; regardless of what the decision, he simply do not care about a petition from a stupid forum. But that decision is his..and his only..he will live and die with his let's talk about things that we can control/change, and accept the ones that can't. I voted for Manny because I know he is the right guy, and so far so good he has made all the right decisions for our nation's future.
  • I agree with serephine and dohper ben. It takes a crook to screw a crook. His Excellency will never do pardon those crooks, in fact, if there is any other way of getting them into the bin, His Excellency would do.
  • What kind of Government are we running? People, please grow up....
  • Hey Bugs Bunny... it was Congressman Singkoro Harper's proposed resolution(either my self interests or the delegations), but let's not just leave it there because the delegation contributed largely to President Mori's second chance, so the question is "what was the deal, if any, did the president used to secure 100% support from the delegation?"
  • .... well, i'm for pardoning them.
  • pun ina pwata ekei chuuk delegation repwe pwan ekekiek me mwen repwe wejeu mefier me non congress.............ufen pwan wisen anni sawan an emon freshmen Singkoro Harper epwe chok eta right at the first session wanong an na proposal......which was rejected or at least no body even cared to bother.......the other on lookers(nonchuukese) felt disgusted I at the other side of the room was like gosh this is all this guy can start with??

    It's a shame he has pretty good educational the way not that what he did was bad but he could've waited for at least their second regular session so it won't be to obvious what he really came here for.......I know this may have been an agreement that he made with president Mori before the caucus on the opening day(I heard)......he just seems a little too
  • The proposition has been trashed and noone has even bothered to take a good look at, not even the president of the nation. There are many important issues to ponder than the mere pardoning of some corrupted politicians from chuuk. I think they deserved to be behind the bars for life. On top of that, Singkoro himself is in the same class as the ones in question. He ran away from chuuk because he knew one way or the other, his corrupted actions in the chuuk legislature will eventually come to surface if one cares to pursue the long list of his wrong doings.
  • At least give us at least two out of your long list ROBINA? please enlighten the darkest mind..
  • Go straight to the temporary legislature shelter and ask the legislative council to walk you through all the illegal campaign contributions and other unauthorised actions that had gathered dust there unless all important documents had gone down in the burning of the old building. Wasn't that an advanced plan and work of an arsonist? You tell me who would that be and what social faction group maybe your homework and please do come back and tell us your finding. kilisou chapur.
  • Oh well, they are the smartest of all...they succeeded by burning down the legislature building together with all it's contents...nothing survive the fire. The old chapter of corruption is they have started the new one.
  • I meant started "a" new one.
  • That 's why they had opted out from chuuk to avoid the mess behind and take their virus to the national government where they think they are safe.
  • Why are we pardoning 'chuukese' people here. When they head the government something goes wrong. That's why people, I mean people of all, nation (FSM) please get educated and know what's happening in the government. Don't just vote people in for the sake of putting people there. People need to change the way they vote....Don't let the people running 'buy' or bribe you into voting for them. Research and do background's your right. C'mon, if we call ourselves people of the FSM, we need to 'SMART'...
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  • Maybe they should consider pardoning Sherry O'Sullivan to cover the story?
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    Everyone's opinion is valuable. Thanks to this forum, it may be that our leaders have heard our voices regarding this resolution and it just may have made a difference... If you haven't already, check out Bill Jaynes' Kaselehlie Press report "Pardon resolution introduced but not heard in FSM Congress"

    ...If only we can discuss all other important resolutions and bills here before they are passed...
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Mr. Fritz might be a victim of some political legal assult that even the justice system was not able spot. I personally feel that Mr. Fritz deserved it.
  • The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note and posted on the apple tray:
    'Take only ONE . God is watching.'
    Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies.
    A child had written a note, 'Take all you want. God is watching the apples.'
  • Let us pray for their salvation.
  • I will vote him out the next time election comes around.
  • who framed jack fritz?
  • i benieve he freim himsenf. datz wud i hurd.
  • He made the picture frame. The picture he put in the frame was meant to be of his friend, but over the night, his friend switched the picture and had JF's picture in.

    You right, Tro---
  • lol@sinbad,

    That is hilarious!
  • I support such resolution only as long as it does not discriminate against my ex-congressman and ex-Justice John Ruper Petewon and currently Civil Service Commision Administrator for Chuuk State and still is a wahnparon at Penia Protestant church in Weno.

    What is the difference between him and those collegues named in the resolution?
  • Watit has been stealing his neighbor's bettlenuts, may he be include in this petition too? hahahahaha
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