Soldiers, if someone wants to join the military, how do we go about it? I don't have any idea where to go to get information on this.
Especially since I'm in Chuuk, there's not much information going around. I remember there were recruiters when I was a senior in high school in '07,
but it's been awhile and I don't know if they still come, and if they do, I don't know where I can get in touch with them. Any ideas?


  • What branch do you want to join?

    Air Force ->
    Army ->
    Navy ->
    Marines ->
    National Guard ->
    Coast Guard ->

    You can go to those websites for more information and to contact a recruiter.
  • WoW! Thank you so much. Been surfing, and not really getting anything.

    Thank you MaiMai.
  • You're welcome. If you're wanting to join the army it looks like the closes recruiter is in Guam.
    141 macheche avenue
    macheche plaza, suite 201
    yigo, GU 96929
    671 - 472-0647

    Call or email them from that link.
  • All ASVAB scores are only good for 3 years. You will have to retake the ASVAB.
  • What is ASVAB, please help me on this..
  • Arm Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), the exam given to everyone who seeks to be in the US Arm Forces.
  • Both SASVAB/ASVAB are good for only 2 years. SASVAB-Administer to Seniors and Juniors in High School. ASVAB-everybody elses!! YOU can only take the test three times..After the 2nd test, cross all fingers and toes to at least get 31 AFQT. The AFQT is varies from services to services. With Force Reduction in progress, all branches might tighten up the ropes a little bit and enlistment screening process might get little tougher. Good luck.
  • To learn more about the ASVAB and to take free practice tests, go to Good luck!
  • Definitely practice!! You want a good score on your ASVAB, it's important. If you want a good job in the military you want a good score. It is worth the effort to study and to take practice tests. Especially when there's a war going on...
  • And when you join the Army, make sure you shoot and Kill everything in your sight, don't even think about the christian values your poor mom and pop reared you to be. Shout profanity from the depth of your lungs and mow your enemies with your piece and watch them bleed and call out for their mommies/wives/husbands/children...and the almighty!

    Yeah! join the freakin Army and die for the hand that feeds your Country! Hehe.
  • you might join for all the right reasons, but still die for all the wrong ones. the choice and inherent risks are yours alone.
  • Speaking from the inside, I kid you not, the only services that are actually have a decent recruiting chances are the Army, Air Force, and the Coasties. The Sailors and the Marines are overmanned. Meaning, promotion wise in these two is dragging, specially some MOS's in the Marines and some rate's in the Navy. So think about it first. Don't get discouraged though about joining. I alaways have this belief that joining the armed forces for us Micros is the best way to go. You learned self discipline, self control, self confidence, etc. before you actually learn your job. Just remember, stick to what job that interest you the most. Like the sailors always say, "pick your rate, pick your fate'.
  • i strongly recommend you join the Air Force but it demands a lot of requirements to be eligible. ur score will definitely dictate ur job preference as well as ur physical abilities.
  • ASVAB tutor here if you are ever in NY.;...:D
  • microp,

    i suggest you go to guam or pni to take the asvab test. due to low number of recruits, chuuk is no longer a target for recruiter. they spend lot of money traveling to chuuk, but only few pass the test, sometimes none. once you passd the test, everything will be done smoothly. you will also need to plan on becoming u.s citizen. most of the specialities in the military are requiring secret clearance. you must be a u.s citizen to grant clearance. good luck.
  • You better do it quick! Most if not all are not accepting anymore recruits unless if U bring something to the table... a bachelors degree or higher maybe then they might make an exception... As far as your background goes, you will have to have a squeaky clean background and if you want a secret clearence then you might need to look at your credit report as well. Study the ASVAB well because that also plays a critical role in picking what type of work they can offer you in the military.
  • Good info > make wise decisions when you join, by that I mean think about your future. Think about the trend in future job markets before you choose your profession(MOS). Most combat arms MOS will get you a Police or security guard after the service, if you do not take the advantage of the school opportunities when you serve. Plus when you hold a combat arms MOS your job may take you away from these opportunities..Led Zeb, not trying to downplay the shooters...but the battlefield today sees everyone as a target, even support personnel find themselves running gun trucks securing convoys, but their skills find better opportunities outside in the world market.
  • I don't know how it is in Guam right now but here in the states, it is very difficult to join any of the branches. Your best bet would be the Army. You have to get a 31 on the ASVAB. The Navy and the Air Force is 50. Not sure what the Marines is but I do know they are not hiring for active duty right now. All due to the current downsizing and budget cuts. In a span of 5 yrs, the Army will cut 57K troops from its ranks and have already started reviewing soldiers to be discharged. The Navy, Marines and Air Force have already begun cutting their forces. Last week the Marines approved early retirements (15yr retirementwith 40% instead of 20yrs) to their forces in order to alleviate their numbers. They are projected to cut 20K.

  • Join, the US Coast Guard...Though, they are not part of the Dept of Defense....they get the same benefits...You still need to pass the ASVAB and screening process though...


    Good luck!

  • Join Canada's Air Force! I heard they make pretty good buck! 
  • Join the Australian Army...they make real good money, and Australian chicks are hot.
  • Join Canada's Air Force! I heard they make pretty good buck! 
    Join the Australian Army...they make real good money, and Australian chicks are hot.
    REALLY!!! I think the both of you should re-read the COFA agreement...AGAIN.The COFA Agreement is between the ROP,FSM,RMI and the US of A,and not canada and australia.
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    What military R u in my friend?
  • Army of Sri Lanka, 69 Jack off Bn. Whack whack Co.  
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