Drill Sergeants

Hi, I was one of the first Micronesian girls to be selected as a drill sergeant at Fort Dix, New Jersey back in the day. I was scared as hell because I was 5'1 inches tall and weighed less than 109 pounds and went through nine weeks of pure hell at Drill Sergeant School (I was selected not a volunteer) and graduated four women and 8 dropped out of 12 females and ended up in basic training for 2 years rather than 12 months when I should have gone to AIT but my CSM told me "hell no" I was going to stay in BT and not transfer to AIT after 1one year. Anyways, my question is any other ex drills here? I did my job but now am wondering 1987 to 1991 looking for ex troops? Fort Dix, B-3-21. I ended up 15 years in the military and ended up training OCS candidates.

I don't care, Drill Sergeant School was worse than having 10 children at one time. Lol? Would love to hear from ex DI's. My schedule at that time was 8 weeks 5 days off, reception, more males than females. Would love to hear from ex drills. BTW we had a competition with the MC and we beat the hell out of them. That was cool!!!


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