Someone please post their names and their background so we can argue on who will win because of this and that.


  • Dohper,
    I heard that Alexander Narhuun will run for Governor and Willy "W3" Williander his runningmate for Lt.Governor.
    Johnson Elimo is running too, don't know his runningmate.

    Nakama Sana is interested too, and still searching for a runningmate.
  • G.Doone and Joakim Peter would make a good team.
  • Alex is a good candidate, but his running mate is a JOKE! Alex should not run, no one is going to vote for him. His running mate is a cracker Jack. I heard my chuukese friends talking about him everyday. What is his background information. Does we know?
  • If the current Chuuk Gov'nor is running for Chuuk congress at there going to be a special election to elect his replacement or with the long remaining period should the Lt. Gov just serve in the capacity as the Chuuk Gov?
  • Kepwan, thanks for the info. I think they are all qualified to do the job so we're in good hands no matter who wins.
  • I heard Johnson Elimo , Redley Killion, Nakama Sana, Sander(Alexander) Narrhun.

    Their still searching for their runningmate.

    MArk Mailo declare to run for the FSM At-Large Seat for Chuuk if Peter Christian is not President.

    Got it!
  • Current Chuuk State Governor should run for Legislature after his term is up. He is best for the State at a state level. Moving up to National wouldn't be the best move for him right now taking into account that most of his projects are still in progress with deadline dating beyond his term. I think, taking legislature would still give him at-least the control over his projects, taking it that he makes Speaker to add to it. But then, its just my prediction out of Political strategic evaluation.

  • WhiteFang:

    You are entitled to your personal opinion on how you perceive others by their behavior and personalities. But let’s not be deceived by the “cover of the book” . We all must respect that, but I think you don't know the running mate that well, and you are not from Chuuk, which may be the reason for you to think of Willie as such. Also, maybe he is someone you do not like personally, but pretend that you do like him when you two meet. A gentleman you are.

    A brief background on the good man: Mr. Willie Williander went to college in Salem, Oregon and studied criminal justice. A field in which is most needed in Chuuk at this time. He had held some key posts in the government, including Deputy Director of Public Safety, later Deputy Director of Transportation and Public Works. Under his and the DPS Director's leadership, there was a significant drop in the crime rate, although he had no military background, unlike Mr. Emilio, the current DPS Director, if you ask me.

    I would like to add that Mr. Williander is an advocate of peace. You may want to know that where he comes from in Chuuk is where some, if not most, of the criminal activities are rooted. One of his main objectives is to work with the local state and municipal officials diligently to restore safety and security in the islands. Together with Alex bright and impressive ability in Financial Management, with a "touch" of Economic Development, I am very optimisitic that the team will produce positive results and the people will be pleased with them.

    The two have some very intelligent and wise friends and associates who pledge their support for an Alex/Willie Administration. These people have offered their services, but were always turned away.

    Anyway, I truly respect your opinion and observation of the individual.
  • Me and Johnson are running for governor and Lt. governor, good pair eh?
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