His real name in Mokilese is Karlap Akaiwa but when he became a Japanese citizen a couple years ago, he adopted the Japanese name "Hideaki" as his first name. Originally, from Mokil Atoll, he left Pohnpei a couple years ago as part of a Fishing training program and later settled in Ishinomaki port where the captain of the fishing vessel he trained on lives. This is the story about how he rescued his wife after the Fukushima mega-earthquake and tsunami.
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  • What an interesting story? I like it much --- a true rescuer in times of absolute need. I admire him.

    Interesting!!! A Micronesian Rambo in rescuing action. They should make a movie based on that story.

    Anomw Mwa
  • He sure doesn't look like Mokilese. And you can not become a Japanese citizen in couple years. It would take at least a couple + 1 year before you can become one of them.
  • Dohper Benjamin,

    Who are you?? You seem to know the Mwoakillese, and I am wondering if you might be Mwoakillese!

    Just want to know, if you'll be so kind as to reveal yourself...

    John Molens Ben-Obed
    Likinkel, Kolonia Town
    (Mwoakillese of Poidi-Loamehj)
  • Don't post jokes based on tragic events.
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