(FSMers) Military Retiree...going back?

Team, I'm nowhere near retiring, but this may be helpful to those who are or close to the 20 year magic number. Please someone educate us on what military retiree benefits can be utilized or honored in FSM? There are quite a few militay retirees that would like to go back and work for either state/national govt or even the private sectors and make FSM a better place but they are contemplating because they're not sure if they can buy a house using a VA loan or go to the Hospital with little or no cost, etc...Anybody knows? With Vet Day being observed as a National Holiday, I would think Congress can do better. Educate us!


  • Watit can only guess, and that guess would be a big fat nothing. as far as watit knows there are no such benefits offered to military retirees in the FSM. However, we shouldn't be pointing fingers on this one. It is just that we have not had that many retirees to deal with in the FSM. Perhaps some of you currently enlisted can form a group and advocate for some kind of benefits to be avialable from the FSM government for retirees when they return home after serving. in a few more years there will be more and more retirees, now is the time to start doing things to make their transition back to civilian life as smooth as possible.
  • Hey watit,

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    Are u still mad after the election of Dual Citizenship?

    You just never know what FSM Military retirees are going to do if they will be coming back Home. Let us welcome back our brave Soldiers who will committed to back home. If there is no US militray, then Micronesian will be nothing and had no freedom in the first place. And stop insulting our own people and stop making assunptioms. Are you Micronesian or just non-Micornesian who just dont know what Micronesians are going to do with their future life. Stop being individalism. You cant stand that forever. and We know that your pseudoname is Watit. Who cares Watit!!! dont use that name because it is pointless. Just say "me" or "I" or "We the Micronesians".......hehehehehe....lol
  • BlackJack,

    As far as i know, yes.. you can use your VA for a home loan here in Micronesia. They will only approve the loan if your name is on the deed. But for the hospital visits, IDK if you can get free visits here. You can only get free visits here if they carry the insurance you had in the military. One guys here on PNI is getting his medications send from Guam Military hospital and Hawaii. If you want to some answers you can contact the U.S Embassy and ask, they will point you to the right direction.
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  • Ready, thanks a million...will desiminate the info.
  • I am a retiree myself,
  • and I don't have any problems on my benefits yet in micronesia. I still receive my VA benefits, but health wise, haven't seen by a micronesian doctor yet. I only go to Tripler in Hawaii for check ups. I don't know if Tricare works in micronesia, maybe it would but , they just don't have the doctor I need.
  • OIF/III, just out of curiosity, what kind of doctor do you need? Its good to know maybe our health department should encourage more students to strive for that "need".
  • Blackjack and all bros & sis,

    I have done my 20's so let me drop a nickle, hopefullly will help a bit. The way I see it, you better off staying close to either Guam or Hawaii.
  • Education and housing benefits progressing after years of meetings involving US ambassadors and other reps from the US GOV, and Vets.

    As for the medical issue....still needs to be addressed. Hope this helps Blackjack.
  • I'm sorry for the interruption. As I was saying, you be better off staying in Guam or Hawaii, that's if you still love that island politik because you still can hear both sides when there is a need for it. The only minor setback for that though is that your house will always be filled with your cousins on both your mom and dad side as well as those of your spouse side. Just do as I do. I am in hawaii, and I go Las Vagas on the long weekend, take Mac flight to aywhere in Japan or Asia when my house is full, or I take a space-A back and forth between Guam and Hawaii. Some other times I op on one of 'em C-130 to Chuuk for the hell of it. You can pretty much go anywhere in the Pacific region without spending so much.
  • wow, i still got 15 more yrs to reach my 20 year mark unless i aim for the 30 year. however, i've already started preparing if i don't step on my grave to early. well, CONGRAT ON UR RETIREMENT...
  • The GI bill has already and currently being used at COM...top of that, you get a monthly allowance (other than tuition) equivalent to an E-5 with dependents BAH rate...roughly $1,300.00 a month, plus a $1,000 a year for books...I heard that the VA home loan is in motion now in Pohnpei, a fellow retiree is building a home using that benefit. Medical benefit is best be sought either in Guam or Hawaii, because of proximity..Agree with my other fellow retiree OIF/III, doctors and facilities are limited in what they can provide on Pohnpei..
  • As far as some of the concerns above, employment information is available via FSM webpage, access and apply the jobs that meet your personal qualifications before exiting service.
  • Forgive watit for butting in, but watit was wondering if retirees can start somethings in the FSM like ROTC, a semblance of some kind of FSM military, things of that nature?
  • I, myself is far from retiring but I very much appreciate good feedback on those who takes this matter seriously.

    My main concerns after retirement is medical care and employment with the federal government in PNI but if its improbable or no increased advancements is taking into account then I will shy away from retiring from the place I knew most.
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