Chuuk Election Results

Anna - 3, Setiro - 4, Manny - 4.5


  • Anna- 284
    Setiro- 320
    Manny- 550
  • I thought the election is on thte 8th of March 2011?
  • Seventy,

    Your calendar is behind by 1 week.
  • edited March 2011
    That's a poll based on different colors of clothing worn by people before the election.
  • Dopher Benjamin,

    I seem to agree with you on your prediction on Weno. Anna will lead the vote in Northern Namoneas. She is from Northern Namoneas. Whoever is from Weno that says Anna will not lead the votes does not know his/her politics. May be he/she wants to vote for Manny Mori. Truly, anna will lead.
  • I am not from namoneas, although I have quite a few peeps living in Mwaan village, on Weno. Manny seem like a decent person though, I wonder what Manny would say if I ask him for 100.00 dollars for my fify bill? You think he would wire it ?
    if not, would one of his campaign manager send me some money to pay my fify? mY fify remained unpaid which total to 304.00. Can Manny help me please? send it via western union Guam Tuamuning area
  • *sighhhh* what an idiotttt...
  • The ballots are being counted now. It will only be a few hours before we know who the winner is.
  • Dohper,
    Please put out the pohnpei election results, don't try to confuse chuukese voters when you are a voter from pohnpei, being a manny mori supporter without a vote to give him.
    For all chuukese voters, the prediction in chuuk is ANNA is gaining every day. But Setiro Paul has 38% of the vote, he carries votes in honolulu, guam, us mainland, faichuk, tonoas, mortlocks.
    Anna takes 32% of the vote. She is leading on Weno, the center. come in second place in the mortlocks and northwest.
    President Manny mori has 28%, he only lead on Fefan island, but do not carry the whole souther nomoneas. 2% of the vote is undecided.
    Vote for Anna, we still hve 4 days before election day.
  • Atepas,

    Do you know what the meaning of the Chuukese word "Michieda" is? Literally translated it is "Give me some rice, I give vote for the other guy".
  • Seventy

    I can guarantee you that you will not get $100.00 for your electricity from Manny. Anna or Setiro might give you but not Manny. He will tell you to go find a job or if you already have a job and still cannot afford your electricity, he'll tell you to cut down on the time you spend on the internet.
  • Sorrow, manny does that 'cause it's responsible progress. No nonesense attitude. Vote for Manny
  • we do not need to know who you're all retarded so you must Anna's supporters lol
  • i exercise my right not to vote....They're all my relatives...
    but if I had my choice: write-in vote: DOUGLAS PHILIP....

  • umesimes ami ouse nonom chuuk ikenai
  • Umweimwes lekolowemi mwa. Ou chok kinamwela wetiwet chok oupwap were lesor. Meita na ouwa achorong won mecha eh nge sifar chok chorongopaaa remi. Ousapw angipwan pwe ete rosetiei chok pwinaken rais na me apisuk an sepena nan Anna Wengu. Ousapw patikin mwo uti kare ese ngananikami anemi rice. Ou likitala epwe paisiik.

    Anomw Mwa.
  • richiemwera, why DOUGLAS PHILLIP? I would recommend him to become the director of public safety, not a CONGRESSMEN.
  • Philipinos in Chuuk are getting ready to celebrate. They have prepared dog meat caldereta, some sisik, diniguan, some lechon, pancit, adobo, and empanadas. Come join us tomorrow in the Bictory Celebrashon! Party will start at Bibe Bibty Bibe in the Ebening.
  • There is nothing more annoying than a racist jerk.
  • asaw ami ekena ou vote ren anna ami mi uwes ose sukun stupid bastards.......
  • Here are the preliminary results for the at-large seat!

    Anna - 0
    Setiro - 0
    Manny - 0
  • hey sudoku, he's my bro and his name just popped-up...not a bad "gesture" ah?

    My election results as of today: ( national and southern namoneas )
    1. Manny Mori ( i'm wearing his campaign t-shirt )
    2. Bonsiano Nethon ( 60% not too sure )
    3. Kikku
    4. Appy

  • Results from the CNMI:

    wonder who hired the election commish?
  • well, not really void but working hard to fax the missing lists
    from Chuuk...

    atongen chon Udot me ekkewe ekoch municipal ren angangawen
    nouch nouwis chon Chuuk...
  • If only Chuukese would vote based on judging action works chuuk would be a better place to live...Gud luck anyways.
  • As of
    11:30 P.M. ChuuK, Guam time (3-8-2011)
    3:30 A.M. Hawaii time

    Unofficial results so far
    Manny - 4,643
    Setiro - 2,705
    Anna - 2,481

    Some results from Chuuk and Hawaii combined.
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