A random Micronesian thought for your consideration

Wouldn't it be better if we elected rather than politically appoint the positions of FSM Attorney General and FSM Supreme court justices? Maybe the FSM National Police position as well. Perhaps this could be a Constitutional amendment.


  • Why? whats wrong with how its being done right now?
  • Taguslaw,

    I don't see anything wrong with it right now because I cannot see it. There is no way to see if anything is wrong with it. Usually, in these types of situations, the only time we the citizens see if anything is wrong is after it has already happened. So wouldn't it make more sense to elect rather than politically appoint these highest law offices of our country? Electing them gives them an additional layer of protective insulation from politics. Law and Politics should not be mixed as they are like oil and water. Oil and water can coexist in a cup but they will never mix. This would be an improvement over the current checks and balances within our government. Consider it a form of evolution in our young Micronesian nation. We the Micronesian animals need to evolve with our changing times and environment. If we don't evolve, we will be looked upon as being a caveman like society of lawless savages.
  • if the people were to have the power to elect someone into the seats you just mentioned then it would be very biased. it will not be a fair election. every time a Chuukese were to be a candidate, he or she will automatically win. When it comes to numbers, the Chuukese will always win.
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