Could this be the reason why there is turmoil in Egypt?

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Egypt recalls Vatican ambassador over Pope's remarks

The Pope has previously voiced his solidarity with Egypt's minority Copts
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Egypt has recalled its ambassador to the Vatican for consultation after Pope Benedict XVI urged the country to do more to protect its Christian minority.

In an address to ambassadors at the Vatican on Monday, the Pope cited recent attacks on Christians in Egypt and Iraq.

An Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman said the remarks were "unacceptable".

A bomb attack on a Coptic Christian church in Alexandria on New Year's Eve killed 23 people.

"Egypt asked its ambassador in the Vatican to come to Cairo for consultation after the Vatican's new statements that touch on Egyptian affairs, and which Egypt considers an unacceptable interference in its internal affairs," foreign ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki said in a statement.

There was no immediate official response from the Vatican. However, a Vatican source told AFP news agency that the recall did not constitute "a break in diplomatic relations".

In his address on Monday, the Pope condemned anti-Christian attacks in Egypt and Iraq, saying they showed "the urgent need for governments of the region to adopt... effective measures for the protection of religious minorities".

He also called on Pakistan to repeal its blasphemy laws, which can carry a death sentence for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Egypt tightened security around Coptic churches following the bomb attack
It was not the first time the Pope had spoken out over the plight of Christian minorities in the Middle East.

In his traditional Christmas Day message - the Urbi et Orbi - he called for political leaders in the region to show solidarity with Christians.

And a day after the attack on the Coptic church in Alexandria, he appealed for the "concrete and constant engagement of leaders of nations" in what he called a "difficult mission".

On Sunday in an address in St Peter's Square, Rome, the Pope voiced solidarity with Egypt's Copts, saying: "I salute the Coptic faithful present here to whom I renew my expression of closeness."

Egypt's Coptic Christian minority makes up between 7% and 14% of Egypt's 80 million people.



  • I hope this story causes Catholics to go back to church. There is some higher power that is working behind the scenes that we cannot see. And look what happened to a whole country that defied the Pope? Mubarak's government that had been in power for 30 years collapsed almost immediately after Mubarak disrespected the Pope.
  • Let this be a message to all of us sinners. That there is a higher power that cannot be defied. Look at what happened in Egypt after the Egyptian government recalled its ambassador to the Vatican. Almost instantaneous collapse of the Egyptian government.
  • edited February 2011
    Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
    For most know so little about Islam, let us learn up a little on Muslim faith.
    Islam being the youngest of the three great revealed religions is the most aggressive in modern time for world domination.

    The descendants of Ishmael and Isaac, sons of Abraham are escalating their war against each other. From the line of Ishmael came Islam and the Imams, the last being Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi. Muslims believe that Jesus is just a prophet who will assist their eagerly awaited Imam al-Mahdi who will appear before the end of time. Muslims believe that the true Christians will follow Jesus in accepting Imam al-Mahdi as the leader at that time and become Muslims.

    Christians are looking forward to the second coming of Jesus THE Christ while the Jews are still awaiting their Messiah.

    Christians are now caught between this ancient feud that’s now escalating upon and around Israel. Christians indeed need to heed Genesis 12:3 for out of the land of Egypt so began the Israelites journey to their promise land. King David’s United Kingdom of Israel has now shrunk to a mere tiny land mass compared to her aggressive neighbors, yet she fights on. The Lord always grant favor to those that are meek, appear weak yet remain faithful. As Christians we have an obligation to forever stand by ISRAEL.
  • God bless you SOS! This divine act should serve as a dire warning to those who willingly choose to disobey the Creator and Master of all realms.
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